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10+ Super Shark Gifts For Shark Week Fans

This 10+ Super Shark Gifts For Shark Week Fans is sponsored.

Shark Week fans will LOVE this gifts in this guide. There are shark clips, cups, teeth, and more.

If you’re a fan of Discovery’s Shark Week, you know that the most anticipated week in television — Shark Week 2021 — started Sunday, July 11.

If you’ve been glued to the screen all week, you’ll love this list and you’ll end up picking up every item for yourself.

If you are shopping for someone who is thrilled by Shark Week, this list will help you find the perfect gift.

10+ Super Shark Gifts For Shark Week Fans

As with the majority of our lists, this one is in no particular order.

Shark Jaw Barrette 2

1. Shark Jaw Barrette

I’m pretty much obsessed with this Shark Jaw Barrette. It’s the perfect clip for when you’re waiting on line at the airport or on line at an amusement park. Somewhere where people will be glancing at the back of your head and will be amused by your accessory.

What’s even better, though, is this purchase actually helps those sharks you love so much. A portion of each purchase is donated to Oceana, an organization that helps oceans become more biodiverse and abundant, which results in a better environment for and helps saves sharks.

Shark Week fans will LOVE this gifts in this guide. There are shark clips, cups, teeth, and more.

2. Fossilized Shark Tooth Necklace

If you love sharks, you’ll love wearing a piece of one around your neck. To do that, look no further than

While the site currently has the above necklace available, the inventory there is all unique and one of a kind. Of course. No two shark teeth are identical. New inventory is added almost daily, so you should peruse the fossil shark tooth category on the website often … and grab something you like as soon as you see it before someone beats you to it.

Personally, I love the shark tooth necklaces because you can wear them out in public, but if you want to amaze your house guests, something like a Fossil Megalodon Tooth, which the site sells, might be for you.

Update: We actually ordered a fossil shark tooth necklace above from FossilEra. It came with a card that told us it was 60 million years ago and from Morocco. On that card, there’s a QR code that you can scan with your phone to get more information about your exact piece, like the fact that this is from an extinct type of pygmy white shark.

The QR code is also on the box that the necklace came in, so if we lose the card, we can still easily access the information.

If you have a shark or fossil fan that you’re shopping for, this site is an outstanding place to shop for them.

3. Shark Week Cookie Dunk Mug

Simplify your milk and cookies routine with this Shark Week Cookie Dunk Mug. Fill the top with milk and stick your favorite cookies (we suggest our Happy Cookies, but you do you) in the bottom.

What’s great is that this mug actually really makes walking to and from the kitchen so much easier. Instead of needing one hand to carry your mug and one hand to carry your cookies, one hand carries everything and your other hand is free to hit pause on the television so you can write down all the Shark Week facts you missed while you were getting a snack.

4. Fluent In Sharkasm Wine Glass

I laughed way to hard at this Fluent In Sharkasm wine glass to leave it off the list.

What I really like about it is it actually says something completely different when you think about it. It doesn’t say sarcasm. And it’s not a play on words for sarcasm. So you’re not calling the recipient sarcastic (which I know some people can take offence to … although I don’t know why).

Rather, you’re saying they’re fluent in sharkasm. Which means they know a lot about sharks. Which is exactly what you would say to someone who loves Shark Week and loves these gift ideas. So it’s perfect.

5. Shark-Themed Lawn Darts

Your Shark Week fan is learning a lot during Shark Week, although maybe not getting that much sun and fresh air. A way to change that is with this Shark-themed Lawn Darts game.

The game comes with a dart board, which is set up like a traditional dart board besides the fact that it lays on the ground. You have three shark-shaped inflatable darts that you throw at the board. Wherever they land, that’s your score (or you can keep score like a traditional dart game).

On the opposite side of the board, there’s a (sort of underwater) scene with various point amounts scattered around. Land on one of those to accrue some points.

6. Shark Inflatable Drink Holders

If your shark lover has a pool or hot tub, these Shark Drink Holders are the perfect gift idea.
There is a cut out in the center of the drink holder, which is where your shark fan can put a can of soda, seltzer, beer (if they’re over 21 of course) … whatever fits. The three pack of holders are inflatable, which means they’re easy to deflate and store. And that means that they float, even with a drink in them.

So put a drink in the Shark Drink Holders, jump in the pool or hot tub, and then bring the drink into the pool or hot tub too. It’ll float around, won’t sink, and won’t spill your beverage all into the pool water.

7. Shark Spa Kit

Sometimes, shark lovers need a day of relaxation. I mean, who couldn’t use a spa day at home every now and again?

For a shark fan, though, a spa day with sharks is the way to go. Not swimming with sharks, of course, because there’s no way that’s a day of relaxation. But rather with this Shark Spa Kit.

It comes with everything for a night spa day: bath crackles and four bath bombs, plus a realistic shark toy that you can place in the tub too. The Shark Spa kit also comes with shark teeth, which I wouldn’t suggest bathing with, but it’s a nice bonus

8. Shark Beer Mug

We have so many glasses and beer mugs in our house. I think most people do. But you Shark Week fan needs one more if he or she doesn’t have this Shark Beer Mug yet.

At quick glance, it looks like a regular run of the mill beer mug. But, there’s actually a huge shark head attached to the bottom of the mug. As long as you pour in any light colored or viscous/see through liquid, there will be a shark head staring at you as you drink.

9. Shark Wine Glasses

Not into beer, don’t worry. Skip that Shark Beer Mug above and go with these Shark Wine Glasses instead.

There’s a shark body elevated in the mug itself. If you pour a reasonable glass of wine (if you’re over 21, of course), the shark will be sitting on top of the wine (like water). If you pour with a heavy hand, you’ll cover the shark and reveal it as you sip the wine.

10. Shark Can Covers

It’s impossible to have enough can covers (or coozies, as we call them) during the summer. They help to keep your drinks cold and your hands free of condensation. So these Shark Can Covers are a necessity.

What’s great is they come in a pack of 12, so your shark fan can ditch all their other can covers in favor of these.

I Like Sharks and Maybe 3 People Funny Shark Lover Gifts Men T-Shirt

11. I Like Sharks and Maybe 3 People Shirt

I don’t know when the “and maybe three people” phrase started, but it’s just so funny. Because there aren’t many people people. But, there are shark people. So this I Like Sharks And Maybe Three People shirt is so funny.

Personally, I think it’s the perfect shirt to wear to an aquarium. Hang around the shark tank, and it’s the perfect shirt to find some kindred spirits.

And who knows. After that, your shark fan might like maybe four people.

11. Shark Tails Blanket

I can’t stop laughing at this Shark Tails Blanket. It’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long, long time.

Your young shark fan will snuggle in the blanket, basically in the shark’s mouth, and the top of it looks like the kid is getting eaten by a shark. It’ll be your young fan’s favorite blanket, especially when he or she is sitting on the couch watching Shark Week on Discovery channel.

Shark Week Snack Ideas

What have you been snacking on while watching Shark Week? If you haven’t been having themed snacks, you’re missing out.

Our favorite Shark Week snack ideas are below:

Which of these 10+ Super Shark Gifts For Shark Week Fans is your favorite?


Thursday 22nd of July 2021

I love the coffee cup and the wine glasses.

Donna @ Modern on Monticello

Tuesday 20th of July 2021

This is such a great list. I definitely like the hair clip.


Saturday 17th of July 2021

So many cute ideas!