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Abbeville Hogs & Hens BBQ Festival 2022 Details & Full Schedule

One of Abbeville’s annual festivals, Hogs & Hens BBQ Festival, is taking place October 14 & 15, 2022 in Abbeville, SC.

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A sign on a pole saying Abbeville with the words "Hogs & Hens BBQ Festival (Details & Full Schedule)" digitally above it.

Abbeville is the quintessential small town in America. Like, think Gilmore Girls. I mean, there’s even a small quaint square in the center of town.

It’s the classic town you see as the backdrop a Hallmark movie where some big city lawyer is in town and can only get a reservation at the town’s haunted hotel. She checks in and bumps heads with the hotel’s innkeeper who was born and raised in the town.

The hotel loses power, she gets scared and haunted by the hotel’s ghost, and finds solace in the innkeeper. They bond, fall in love, kiss as the snow falls, and end up having three Hallmark sequels including one named Hogs & Hens after the town’s annual festival.

You think I’m waxing poetic, but aside from the big city lawyer, these are all real things. Abbeville is a classic, made-for-movie town. It has a haunted hotel with a bar, the hotel did lose power when we were there, there is a ghost named Abraham who haunts the hotel, and Abbeville is home to the annual Hogs & Hens BBQ festival.

Now, let’s chat about the festival before Hallmark’s calling for the movie rights.

A woman standing in the rain in Abbeville, SC with the words "Things To Do When It Rains In Abbeville, SC" digitally written on top.

If you’re heading to Abbeville, SC for the festival, be sure to check out the town as well.

We have a full post on Things To Do When It Rains In Abbeville, SC. They’re all indoor activities (because of the rain angle), but they would also be fun things to do even when it’s sunny.

Hogs & Hens BBQ Festival: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates for the Hogs & Hens BBQ Festival?

Hogs & Hens BBQ Festival is happening October 14 and 15, 2022. The festival will be 5 pm to 9 pm on Friday and 10 am to 9 pm on Saturday.

It’s always the third weekend of October, so if you can’t make it this time, you can mark it on your schedule for next year.

Who is playing the Hogs & Hens BBQ Festival?

On Friday, Silver Travis Band is playing.

On Saturday, CJ & Ah-noint’d, 5 Star Gospel Group, Mac Arnold, and Swingin’ Medallions will take the stage.

Where is the Hogs & Hens BBQ Festival held?

The festival takes place in Court Square, mostly.

Food vendors will be set up in Court Square (the grass area). Craft vendors will be set up on Court Square (the street), along Trinity Street (up to and in front of Livery Stable).

The main stage will be blocking South Main Street.

An info tent will be set up in front of the Opera House.

You can see the full festival map here.

Hogs & Hens BBQ Festival: Everything You Need To Know

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Where is Abbeville?

Abbeville is in Abbeville County in Western South Carolina located near the Georgia border.

It’s found in District 96 in South Carolina, which consists of Abbeville, Edgefield, Greenwood, Laurens, and McCormick Counties.

What is the main attraction of the Hogs & Hens BBQ Festival?

The food is definitely the main attraction of the Hogs & Hens BBQ Festival. Honestly, food at street vendors is the highlight of any festival.

The 2022 festival will feature sixteen food vendors in Court Square, including local favorite Smokin’ The City BBQ, (which we actually got to try at the SC Festival of Discovery), Broken Road BBQ, Sunset Slush, and more.

Brisket nachos.

Hogs & Hens BBQ Festival 2022 Full Schedule

Sixteen food vendors will be set up all festival long.

Friday, October 14

Silver Travis Band: 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm on the main stage

Saturday, October 15

Awards Ceremony: Award for the mullet pageant and the barbecue competition will be given out on the main stage from 2:15 pm to 3 pm.

Blood Drive: From noon to 4 pm, The Blood Connection will be taking blood donations at the 105 West Building on Washington Street. You’ll want to sign up here to secure your donation time.

Dance Dynasty: The dance group will perform on the main stage from 11:30 am to noon.

Mullet Pageant: A contest for the best mullet will happen from 10 am to 11 am. It’s $15 to enter (cash prizes will be awarded) and free to watch.

Music on the main stage: Bands will take the main stage from 1 pm to 8 pm. The schedule is as follows: CJ & Ah-noint’d (1 pm to 1:30 pm), 5 Star Gospel Group (1:30 pm to 2 pm), Mac Arnold (3:30 pm to 5:30 pm), and Swingin’ Medallions (6 pm to 8 pm).

Phoenix Performing Arts: Members of the after school of the arts (which focuses on dance, voice, acting, and piano) will perform on the main stage from noon to 12:30 pm.

Puzzle Walk: From 11 am to 2 pm, visitors can stop into local businesses for puzzle pieces, which will complete a souvenir puzzle.

Vino in the Ville: From 2 pm to 5 pm, visitors (21+ only) can stop and enjoy 15 wines at stops all around the festival. It’s $25 for a ticket and that includes the wine samples and a commemorative wine glass (which you’ll get at the last stop).

The outside of The Belmont Inn By OYO in Abbeville, SC.

Where To Stay In Abbeville, SC:

If you’re going to Abbeville, there are only a couple hotel options in town.

There’s The Belmont Inn by OYO (that’s a haunted hotel, so just be warned; you can read our full The Belmont Inn review before you book), the Westbrook Motel, and Sharon Manon (a B&B/event venue with three rooms).

Benjamin Mays Historical Site in Greenwood, SC.

Other Things To Do In The Area:

If you’re heading to Abbeville for the weekend, and you want some things to do either in the evening or on Sunday before you head home, check out nearby Greenwood, SC.

Our 24 Hours In Greenwood, South Carolina post will give you an overview of the town. Don’t forget to check out Lake Greenwood State Park when you’re in the area too.

Have you been to the Abbeville Hogs & Hens BBQ Festival before? Let us know in the comments.