Site News: BIG Changes At Drugstore Divas

There’s a disparity in America. The rich are getting richer and the middle class is living on Ramen and shattered dreams. Money gets passed around to money, and we — the regular working

class — praise every God in every Heaven when we can enjoy our free steak any day of the week. That’s our victory. It’s not a million dollar paycheck, it’s the chance to eat a 6 oz. Outback steak on a Sunday afternoon.

When there’s the slight chance that us regular people are sneaking up, gaining sucess, down comes the fist of fury, and the

cackling words, “I’ve got you.” And down the middle class goes, down to our regular lives, regular income, regular popularity, no threat on the billionaires who eat my annual salary at a lunch meeting.

And just when I thought maybe this wasn’t the case with Drugstore Divas, oh, Facebook came and said, “Nope.”

See, here’s the thing: I have a pipe dream, and that’s to make Drugstore Divas one of the biggest blogs out there. We’re incredible. We’ve got the ideas and the content. You all know that. That’s why you come back every day — and multiple times a day as well. Where we’re lacking is the audience. We’re not writing for no one. We do have an audience, but just not one as big as we need to turn Drugstore Divas into a full-time job. That’s my honest to goodness goal. I want to blog full time, I want Drugstore Divas to be a household name, an

d I want this blog to generate enough income to pay for the Venitian hour at my wedding.
And that’s possible, absolutely possible. Maybe unrealistic right now, but if you don’t dream big, you’ll settle for mediocre. I just made that up. So now it’s copyrighted [[but feel free to use it as a senior quote or something]].

What was gaining Drugstore Divas a lot of steam was Facebook. We use an app called Networked Blogs that automatically posts content onto your news feed. People would click the link, jump over to Drugstore Divas, and bam, we’d have a page view. Those add up and we get famous. When I went to Mexico last week, we had 1150 fans on Drugstore Divas’ Facebook fan page [[kinda lame, I’m not gonna lie, but c’est la vie]]. When I came back, we had 1818. Sweet. We gained over 50%. So you’d think that would translate into more views from Networked Blogs since there are more people getting our updates, right?

It acutally turns out we’re getting less views because Facebook seems to have realized that Networked Blogs was making blogs, well, networked across its site. So people were clicking — and those clicks were getting them off Facebook and onto other websites. Oh no no no, says the greedy fist of fury owner. And so there were changes on Facebook. And now you can’t see any of our Networked Blogs updates unless you actually look for them. And if you’re actually looking for them, you’re already coming to Drugstore Divas on a regular basis.
So, what’s the fix? I don’t know. Our fix, though, is that we’re taking Networked Blogs down from both our fan page and our friend page. We’re going to manually post our updates on the fan page, but not the friend page for two reasons: one] it’s too hard to manage both manually and two] our friend page will cap at 5k friends [[which we’re close to]] and then Facebook will tell us we’re too popular and shut our page down.
What’s that mean for you? It means you have to come to our fan page and like us. And I really hope you do. First, it means a lot because I love and appreciate every single person who is a fan of Drugstore Divas. YOU are the reason this page has gone on for so long, despite not being super famous. I’m serious. Other than that, well, that should be the only change for you.
If you could be so kind as to tell your friend to come like us on the fan page, in case they miss this message, that would be much appreciated. We’re going to be having a contest with prizes given out to those of you who help us grow our fan page, so look for that soon.
And look for Drugstore Divas to take down the millionaires with our army of Divas-in-Training. It’s not just possible — it’s guaranteed to happen.