Harris Teeter: eVIC Coupon Policy Confirmation

harris teeter tweetHarris Teeter rewrote its coupon policy recently and took out all mentions of the eVIC coupons.

These coupons, if you don’t know, are ones that you can load to your VIC card and they are deducted automatically at checkout (similar to Zavers, if you’re more familiar with that brand name).

These have traditionally been able to be combined with paper coupons to save even more at the register. When I didn’t see the eVIC coupons addressed in the new policy, I tweeted Harris Teeter to ask.

If you can’t read the photo the conversaion went like this:

Me: @HarrisTeeter your new coupon policy doesnt’ address eVIC coupons. Can you please tell me if they can still combine w/manu. coupons?

Them: @drugstoredivas As of right now you can still combine these.

So, there you have it folks. For now, you can still stack a manufacturer’s and an eVIC coupon. If that will change, well, it remains to be seen.

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