Blurb: Gift Center (Photo Book Gift Ideas)

I love photo books. Absolutely love them. There’s not much that I think is a better gift to give during the holiday season.

It’s just so meaningful, so nice, and just really special and personal.

Cutting and pasting and making scrapbooks is out, and the Blurb Gift Center is in.

You add your photos and create your book using Blurb’s free tools. It’s so easy and there are a ton of different book choices to choose from.

There’s the Blurb Family History Book for anyone who wants to trace their family free. Know someone who is pregnant? There’s the Blurb Baby Book. Have a home cook on your list? There’s the Blurb Food Book.

You can find someone for everyone. The only hard thing to find is the time to collect your photos and put this together.