Amazon: Guns N Roses’ Greatest Hits For 25 Cents

All of a sudden, a ton of albums are coming up only 25 cents on Amazon. In the last week, we had Lady Antebellum and Coldplay. Then there was Drake this morning [[if you head to this link, you can still get the mp3-version of Drake’s album for 25 cents]].

Now, Lindsay left a comment letting us know that Guns N Roses’ Greatest Hits is only a quarter. Head over to this link to download it.
It included my fave November Rain, but also Sweet Child O’Mine, Patience, Paradise City, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, Don’t Cry, Live and Let Die and more … [[wow, GNR had a lot of hits]]

Since everyone has an mp3 player [[I’m obsessed with my iTouch]], it doesn’t matter that these are mp3 downloads. You’re gonna make the songs digital anyway.

One song is 99 cents, so an album for 25% that is such a good deal. These prices can — and have — changed quickly, so definitely snag this now.
I’m gonna look around Amazon to see if anything else comes up this low price. If you hear of anything, let us know.