Shop Your Way: Possible Free Points For Entering The $150 Pick Your Spring Prize Instant Win Game

Shop Your Way: Possible Free Points For Entering The $150 Pick Your Spring Prize Instant Win Game

shop your wayIf you know me, you know I love free money. And if you’re a fan of Drugstore Divas, you must love free money too. Also, if you’ve been around here, you read our posts about how you could get Shop Your Way points for free. Right now, you may get points for free.

First you must be a Shop Your Way member and have signed up under a personal shopper (for free). You can sign up under me via that link.

Then, head to the sweepstakes section and search for the $150 Pick Your Spring Prize Instant Win Game. Right now, it’s a doorbuster, so everyone who enters while it is is getting 3,000 free points. It can stop being a doorbuster at any time, so hurry. It may take up to 24 hours to see the points in your account.

I usually use these free points to fill our pantry. Our local Kmart has a great grocery section, selling everything from pasta to chips to refrigerated items. I usually order packaged food online to use my points, but if you prefer to use yours in store, you can purchase those cold items. Just be sure to give your cashier the phone number associated with your Shop Your Way account at checkout and the register will apply any points and coupons you have available. 

This time of year, though, I usually save up all my points and then use them to pick up Christmas presents. Sears and Kmart have great gift items. You can purchase toys, clothes, home items, tools, and more. So you can find something for everyone on your holiday shopping list. But, if you’re looking for something specific that you can’t buy at Sears or Kmart, you can still use your free points on wrapping paper and tape — items that I blow through during the holidays.

What do you usually use your Shop Your Way points on?

Netflix’s The Little Prince Movie Review

Netflix’s The Little Prince Movie Review

The Little Prince movie review

I remember reading Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s The Little Prince because I was an overachiever. It was the summer after my first year of college, which I referred to as the longest summer of my life. It was the first time I’d be off from May until August. Public school summers were much shorter, and the next year I would have been accustomed to long summers. But that year, that would be the longest.

Being the overachiever I was, I decided I would learn Japanese.

While doing that, I found out my friend had a required reading assignment of The Little Prince. She was also required to write a paper on it. So me, with a summer of free time, decided to read it and write a paper.

Years later, when I saw Netflix was releasing a theatrical version, Pete and I put it on a long list of things to stream. 

We finally got to it last night, and thank goodness we did.

The written version of Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s The Little Prince is sandwiched between a new tale of an overextended 8-going-on-40-year-old girl who moves with her workaholic mother into a suburb with an elite elementary school. Missing from the picture is the daughter’s overworked father who is in a skyscraper office building in some unseen town.

As the little girl is set to begin a summer filled with schedules and life plans, an airplane piece flies through the wall of the new home, eventually introducing her to an incredibly eccentric aviator. Or, former aviator. He’s aged, now, and shouldn’t be starting the plane he keeps in his backyard.

She, being a studious little girl with no time for anything except her schedule, is shockingly distracted when the aviator flies a piece of a story into her bedroom window. It tells the story of a little prince, who was wandering through Africa, finds an aviator, and asks him to draw a sheep. So he does. And it’s wrong. Again. Wrong. Third time. Wrong. So he draws a box with air holes and says the sheep is inside.

“This is exactly the way I wanted it!” The little prince exclaims … just as I mumble over him, “I remember that sheep.” And that’s when the tears started forming. I couldn’t remember the story,  but I could remember the feeling of it. And it hit me in the gut.

Each important quote that was buried in my memory hit me harder than the one before. Until “What I see here is nothing but a shell. What is most important is invisible … ” and then the exchange: “I can’t take this body with me. It’s too heavy. … But it’ll be like an old abandoned shell. There’s nothing sad about an old shell.”

The flood gates opened and there was not enough material in my sleeves to wipe all my tears.

When you’re an overachieving college sophomore-to-be, these thoughts don’t hit you as they  do when you’ve gone through a bit of life, when you miss someone so deeply, both heart and shell.

Just as the tears stop and you regain control of your breath, you flash back to the bread portion of the sandwich, with the little girl and the aviator. And that doesn’t give you any reprieve from the tears or the message. It just comes in lines you haven’t memorizes, so your heart doesn’t see it coming.

When you’re younger, and you watch this, you’ll take from it that you don’t have to grow up and become dull and boring. You can keep your excitement and wonder. And when you’re older, and you watch this, you understand when someone says, “It is lonely when you’re among people, too.”

No matter how old you are, you have to watch this. Right now. Right this very second. Drop everything and stream it on Netflix. Or pick it up on Amazon here and watch it as soon as it arrives. Just watch it with tissues. And maybe with the lights out.

The animation is amazing and visually beautiful. The story of The Little Prince is beautiful. And the story around the story is just as beautiful and heartwarming. You will love every second of this, even the parts that stab you in the gut, even the parts that cause you tears.

How To Get Grease Out Of Your Jeans

How To Get Grease Out Of Your Jeans

Did you drip grease on your favorite pants? Find out how to get grease out of your jeans from

Experience is an educator, especially if experience comes in the form of dripping grease onto your favorite jeans when you’re out to lunch with your mom. Bad experience? Well, it depends how you look at it. Lunch with your mom is always a great thing; potentially ruining your jeans is not. Luckily for me, my mom had a trick for getting grease out of jeans.

I’ll let you in on it because I’m chock full of life hacks lately. (Speaking of those, have you seen my way to get wrinkles out of clothes without ironing? Okay, sorry, I’m burying the lede here.)

So, to get grease out of your jeans, as soon as you are able, use a toothbrush to scrub dish soap into the grease spot, then throw your jeans into the wash.

When they come out, inspect them. If the spot is out, feel free to dry your jeans. If the spot is still there, use the toothbrush to go back over it with dish soap. Then wash. Repeat that until the spot is gone. Then throw the jeans in the dryer. Make sure you don’t dry your jeans until you are sure the spot is out or it will set in forever.

That’s all.

It works too. After lunch, I followed these instructions and it worked to get the spot out.

The moral of the story: listen to your mom (and don’t freak out if you get grease on your jeans).

Do you have any life hacks?

Freebie: St. Patrick’s Day Coloring Pages From Frecklebox

Freebie: St. Patrick’s Day Coloring Pages From Frecklebox

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with free coloring pages from Frecklebox. You can personalize them with your child's name to make them special.Happy St. Patrick’s Day. How are you celebrating? We celebrated yesterday (you may have seen that on our Instagram). If you’re celebrating today, you can celebrate with free St. Patrick’s Day coloring pages from Frecklebox.

You can choose either a pot of gold or a four-leaf clover. Personalize them with your child’s name and print them for free.

There are a ton of other choices too, like ones for birthdays, Father’s Day, and more. Even better, via Frecklebox, you can order personalized kids items like lunch boxes, coloring books, and coin banks too. The stuff is actually really adorable. We got a chance to check out the site a while back too. You can check out our Frecklebox review.

Has anyone ordered from here before?

How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Clothes Without Ironing

How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Clothes Without Ironing

Did you forget to take your clothes out of the dryer and now they're wrinkled? No worries. Find out how to get wrinkles out of clothes without ironing here.

We’ve all done it. You wash a load of laundry, put it in the dryer … and then something happens. A friend calls to see if you can run an errand with her. Or you run to the grocery store for the thing you forgot for dinner, come home, start cooking, and completely forget about the laundry. Next thing you know, it’s bedtime so you lay down, and then remember the laundry that has been sitting in the dryer for hours. You don’t want to get up to fold it and, even if you do, it’ll be wrinkled.

And then that leaves the dreaded iron. You have to pull out the ironing board, find the iron, fill it with water (or empty it, depending on what the tags say), and spend more time ironing than you would rewashing it all. 

But you don’t really want to rewash and start over. So where does that leave you? It leaves you at this post. I have a secret. Come closer. Closer.  Closer. I know how to get wrinkles out of clothes without ironing.

Toss a few ice cubes into the dryer with your dry clothes. Run the dryer on a normal cycle. You’ll hear a little clunking of the ice against the dryer walls, but that’s nothing to worry about. The heat in the dryer will melt the ice, creating a steam that will de-wrinkle the clothes. When the cycle is over, take out the clothes and fold them (unless you forget again).

Want more laundry hacks?

How To Keep Your Laundry Room From Smelling Like A Locker Room

How To Keep Your Laundry Room From Smelling Like A Locker Room

Organizing Your Laundry Room Done Easy

Organizing Your Laundry Room

Kidfresh: Earn $1 With Purchase At Select Stores

Kidfresh: Earn $1 With Purchase At Select Stores

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #KidfreshMealOffers #CollectiveBias


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Kidfresh’s frozen kids meals are a twist on kids’ favorites. They are best in kids nutrition, without any artificial ingredients, plus every meal includes hidden veggies. They come in some of kids’ favorite foods and are made with simple ingredients so it’s something you can trust and your child will love to eat. These meals are so convenient for those busy back-to-school weeknights and are ready to eat in just minutes!

Celebrate March’s Frozen Food Month with Kidfresh by taking a trip to your frozen food aisle at Target, Walmart, Shoprite and Wegmans and earn $1 on the Ibotta app and Checkout 51 app. Hurry! This offer is available for a limited time only.