Amazon: Free Kindle Books – Chili: 100 Recipes, How to Love Your To-Do List & More (June 23)

free bookHere’s today’s list of free Kindle books. Be sure to remember that prices on Amazon are subject to change at any time so review your total at checkout.

Want more Kindle deals? Check out all the Kindle Daily Deals and this month’s batch of 100 books for $3.99 or less.

Don’t have a Kindle? Just download a free Kindle reading app! Amazon has a selection of Kindles here (prices start at just $69).

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Cents Of Style: Summer Sunglasses For $4.99 Shipped (Today Only!)

So last summer, Pete and I went to see a band and fireworks at the beach recently, but there was technical difficulties, so it was delayed. We ended up walking around, checking out the souvenir shops when we found a pair of sunglasses. Yes, we found them. It was collaborative. We both tried them on, both liked them, and bought them. And then we shared them.

And somehow, poof — they were lost. So sad, right?

We can replace them for cheap. Today’s Style Steal at Cents of Style are sunglasses! You can get a summer sunglasses for $4.99 shipped with the code NATIONALSUNGLASSES. There are a ton of different styles to choose from, including kids, unisex, and women’s.

What You Need For When Guests Visit #AvoidTheOops #spon

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Walmart.

what-you-need-for-guestsWhen we were having our house built, my grandma warned me about light colored carpets. See, my cousin had an almost one-year-old daughter, but she was pregnant with a boy. And my grandma was so concerned about the havoc this boy could bring to my light colored carpets. Luckily for everyone involved, the carpets we picked weren’t that light. But, even luckier, you can order everything you need to Avoid The Oops at Walmart.

You really can be prepared for any potential oops. And if you’re ready before any young guests come to visit, you won’t have to stress out in case there is an oops.

What You Need For When Guests Visit

Avoid The Oops … in the backyard
It rains a lot here in our part of North Carolina. I always say that’s great for our plants because they get watered for free, but it might not be as great for little kids who want to play outside. That’s fine. You can let them go outside, make mudpies, and jump in puddles without any worries. Why? At Walmart, you can stock up on Tide PODS Plus Febreze Botanical Rain HE Turbo Laundry Detergent Pacs. Just take the muddy clothes and throw them in the washing machine with one of the Tide PODS. You won’t even have to measure detergent . Instead, the clothes can be washed right away and the child can go back to playing (although maybe indoors in pajamas for the rest of the night).

Avoid The Oops … on the counter
Kids love to do things themselves. They might be used to doing this at home, so they’ll try at your house. And maybe that means overflowing a cereal bowl with milk that ends up all over the counter. Or maybe a jar of pasta sauce just happens to spill. Don’t worry. Your counters can take a beating as long as you have Mr. Clean MultiSurfaces Liquid Cleaner With Febreze Freshness Meadows And Rain Scent on hand. Just pull it out from under the sink (that’s where we keep all our kitchen cleaning products) and clean up the mess. You can get the counters … and anything that trickled down the cabinets too.what-you-need-for-guests-1

Avoid The Oops … on the floor
My grandma got us a Swiffer WetJet before we moved in and what a blessing that has been. You just add a couple batteries and it will spray cleaner on the floor for you. Then, you just sweep it up. It’s great. If you are like me and already have the Swiffer, just stock up on the Swiffer WetJet Pad Refills and Swiffer WetJet MultiPurpose Cleaner Solution Refills. You’ll have both of those for when you need to use the Swiffer. What you won’t have is any stress about how to clean the floor.

 I usually wipe the floor with a towel after because I’m impatient while it’s drying. And little kids might be too. So it’s a good reason to hav Bounty Basic Big Roll Select-a-Size Print Paper Towels on hand. Select-a-Size means that you don’t need to waste a huge sheet for a little spill or you can grab a bigger sheet if you’re drying the floor. I love that!

Avoid The Oops … in the bathroom
Young guests could mean an “oops” in the bathroom … or maybe on the way to the bathroom. Either way, be prepared. Stock up on Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper Double Rolls and Charmin Freshmates Flushable Wipes and have them in a spot that your guests can see. That way, they don’t have to ask you for them when they’re dealing with a bathroom situation.

what-you-need-for-guests-2Avoid The Oops … on little hands
We have white cabinets. Our kitchen is really trendy, but it’s not exactly kid-friendly. That’s why we have Bounty Quilted Napkins on hand. If a little hand is sticky, you can wipe them down quick before they start leaving fingerprints behind. Oh, they can leave them on my heart … just not on my white cabinets.

Avoid The Oops … in your pantry
The last thing you want to do, as the host, is run out of something. Imagine one of your guests in the bathroom, yelling that the toilet paper ran out, and asking if you can bring in another roll. You open your pantry and there aren’t any rolls. How embarrassing! 

Avoid that oops. Head over to and you can order online at Walmart’s website and have the items delivered to your home, just in time for company. Trust me, it was nice to have all those bulk items delivered straight to my door. I can’t imagine trying to figure out how to fit all those essentials into our small backseat. 

Have you ever experienced an oops in your pantry?

Redbox: Rent A DVD, Get A Second Free (Today Only!)

redboxIf you are subscribed to Redbox text messages, check your phone.

I just got one with a one-time use code to rent any DVD, get a second free. The code expires at 11:59pm CT tonight (June 23).

I actually think we are going to use our code this time. We recently got a huge projector and have been showing movies on our garage door (when it’s nice out) and the wall in our second living room when it’s a little chilly. It’ll be nice to rent a new movie and watch it that way.

Are you going to use your code? What are you planning on renting? $10 Certificate For Only $1.99 (Today Only!)

restaurant.comI haven’t seen a $10 certificate go on sale ever at very often. Usually it’s just the $25 ones. So this is great, especially if you want a cheap meal.

Today and tomorrow (June 23 and 24), you can get a $10 certificate for only $1.99. Just click that link, add your certificate to your cart, and enter the code JUMBO at checkout. The certificate never expires, but the code will.

If you’re local to me in Wilmington, NC, there are a few that I would suggest picking up: Slante in Carolina Beach and Jack Mackerels in Kure Beach. Keep them with you for a beach day when you want to stay late instead of heading home to cook. 

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