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Free Personalized Bookmarks At Walgreens (3/7/22 only)

Find out how you can get free personalized bookmarks at Walgreens. You can upload your own images and text to make them your own.

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For the last couple years, we’ve been giving Pete’s nephews a book each as part of their Christmas gifts. I love giving them things to play with, but I also want to give them things to read. Anything without screens, right? Right now, we can get free bookmarks at Walgreens, so I’ll make those and add them to their gifts.

Free Personalized Bookmarks At Walgreens

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Today (March 7, 2022), you can get a set of 4 free personalized bookmarks at Walgreens. If you choose instore pickup, you get free shipping as well.

To make your bookmarks, head over to this link and choose your design. You can choose to upload your own photos to completely make your own set. If you choose that option, just make sure your design is 2×7 in order to fit on the bookmark.

If you don’t feel like putting that much effort into it, you can start with one of Walgreens’ bookmark templates, change any words, and add your own photos.

Add a set of four to your cart and enter the code SPRINGBOOK4 at checkout to bring your total down to $0.

Not all Walgreens locations are able to print these bookmarks, so be sure to doublecheck the list of stores when you’re choosing instore pickup. You may not be able to pick up your set at your local Walgreens.

Display of Dr. Seuss books in Walmart.

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What type of bookmarks did you choose to make with this Free Bookmarks At Walgreens offer?