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Happy Father’s Day [[Pampers Party Recap]]

Happy Father’s Day.

What better way to celebrate Father’s Day than to tell you about the Pampers Father’s Day BBQ Drugstore Divas was invited too. Pampers, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, has been organizing a ton of activities that Drugstore Divas has been lucky to be a part of. There was Mother’s Day Mission #1, which was to surprise expectant mother’s with gifts. Drugstore Divas was given a $50 gift card [[which I used to get a $60 magazine subscription — ah, don’t you love deals and a huge gift bag of beauty items]].

Thanks to Mission #1, Drugstore Divas was able to give a $50 gift card to a lucky reader to celebrate another mom.

Then there was Mission #2, where Pampers set the goal of giving 1,000 moms a dream baby shower. And Drugstore Divas was selected again. This time we got to give away a $300 gift card to a lucky reader.

And finally, Pampers wanted to do something for the dads. So Drugstore Divas was invited to a cook out in New York City. Also invited: Shonn Green [[the RB for the New York Jets]], Ali Landry [[the Doritos girl]], James Van Der Beek [[from Dawson’s Creek fame]], Drew Lachey [[from 98 Degrees]] and their significant others and children.

Local families were there too — and their kids. And Pampers made the event very kid friendly. There was a lot of BBQ finger food [[sliders, corn on the cob, chicken, etc.]], bubbles, a sandbox for the kiddies, coloring stations, photo stations, and animal crackers. There was even valet parking for strollers! The only child oversight was the fact that there were no kid-friendly beverages. Oh sure, there was complimentary Sam Adams and wine, but the only drink for an under-21 year old [[which was half the guest list]] was water. Other than that [[and the not-worth-the-calories cornbread]] the event was an incredibly success and a great way to thank the dads in the Pampers family.

And use that as a small reminder to thank your dad, today, for being in your family.

Happy Father’s Day!

Full Disclosure: Drugstore Divas was invited to the event as a guest of Pampers and I ate all the available food — including cupcakes. No money exchanged hands and no thank you gifts were given in exchange for a positive review. All opinions are my own.