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Everything You Need To Know About Tampa Airport’s TPA All Access

airplane in airportWhen I fly, I usually have a layover. The flights out of my local airport are fewer than a major airport, meaning I usually have to head to a major hub to connect to my final destination. When I am in those large airports, it’s usually only for a handful of minutes to get from one gate to another before my connecting flight takes off. I see all the shops and restaurants in a blur as I race to my next flight. The Tampa Airport is looking to change that with its new TPA All Access program.

It’s similar to Pittsburgh’s My PIT Pass program, if you’re at all familiar with it.

TPA All Access — and My PIT Pass — allow non-flyers access to the airport’s restaurants and shopping. Although My PIT Pass was first, and the first airport program of this kind, we’re going to focus this post on Tampa’s TPA All Access since it was just announced yesterday.

Everything You Need To Know About Tampa Airport’s TPA All Access

What is TPA All Access?
TPA All Access is a program that allows non-flyers access to Tampa Airport’s over 70 stores and restaurants.

Do you need an airline ticket?
No, but you do need a pass. You must sign up for the pass at least 24 hours prior to your visit.

How much is the pass?
The TPA All Access pass is free!

Can everyone get a pass?
Everyone is eligible, but passes are limited to the first 25 people per airside.

What’s an airside?
It’s a wing of the airport. Tampa Airport has four airsides (A, C, E, and F). You are only allowed access to one airside, so choose wisely. Check out a few questions lower to see what is available on each airside.

Keep in mind, you are only restricted to one airside if and only if you have a TPA All Access pass. Passengers with valid boarding passes are able to visit another airside, if they would like.

When are the passes valid?
TPA All Access passes are valid on Saturdays from 8am to 8pm.

Keep in mind that specific store and restaurant hours may vary, so you may not have access to certain stores and restaurants depending on what time you use your pass.

How do you get a TPA All Access pass?
Head to the TPA website and schedule your trip. When you arrive at the airport, go to the Information Kiosk (on Level 3) of the main terminal with a valid ID. You’ll get your pass there.

Do you have to go through security if you’re using the pass?
You do. And you’re required to abide by the same rules as flying passengers, including (but not limited to) not carrying liquids larger than 3.1oz or bringing in any other items that are prohibited on a flight.

If it could go in your carry on, it can go with you. If it can’t, leave it home.

How about TSA PreCheck?
No. You have to go through traditional security. PreCheck is only for passengers who are flying. Global Entry is also reserved for flyers as well.

Can you go to any of the shops?
Yes. You are allowed access to the shops, restaurants, amenities, and the Duty Free shop. Patrons with the TPA All Access pass are prohibited from purchasing tobacco and/or alcohol at the Duty Free shop, though.

Are minors allowed access?
Yes, they are, but they must be with an adult and must register for a pass as well.

Do you have to pay for parking?
You do. There are short term, long term, and economy parking options available. You will have to pay for that. You can’t shop or dine and have a parking ticket validated.

Which airside is best?
That’s up to you and your taste buds. But, I can tell you what you have access to on each airside:

Airside A:
Auntie Anne’s Pretzels; Bay Coffee & Tea Company; Burger 21, Chick-fil-A, CNBC Smart Shop; Ducky’s Sports Lounge; Duomo Gelato; Dylan’s Candy Bar; InMotion (electronics store); New York New York Pizza; Pei Wei; Ron Jon Surf Shop; Shades of Time (watch shop); Starbucks; Stellar Bay News + Market; and Terminal Gateway Spa (chair massage services).

Airside C:
Bavaro’s (pizza); Burger 21; Cafe Con Leche; Cigar City Brewing (Tampa-based beer handcrafted on site); Goody Goody (burgers); Louis Pappas (Greek food); News Channel 8 WFLA (newsstand); NewsLink (newsstand); PDQ (chicken and more); RumFish Grill; Spanx; Starbucks; Stellar Bay News; Tech on the Go (electronics); Terminal Gateway Spa (chair massage services); The Body Shop; Time Zone and Shades (eyewear and watches); and Ulele (oysters and drinks).

Airside E:
Air Essentials (newsstand); Booklink (bookstore); Columbia Cafe (Spanish/Cuban food); Corsa Collections (jewelry and handbags); Four Green Fields (Irish pub); illy Cafe; In Tune Electronics; Panda Express; Potbelly Sandwich Shop; Starbucks; Tampa Bay Times; Terminal Gateway Spa (chair massage services); and World Duty-Free of Tampa.

Airside F:
Bay To Bay News (newsstand); Bella’s Cafe (pizza and Italian food); Buddy Brew; Cigar City Taproom; illy Espressamente; Liquid Provisions (cocktails and small plates); MIXX (women’s apparel); Starbucks; Square 1 (burgers and beer); Stellar Bay News; Swarovski; Terminal Gateway Spa (chair massage services); Tumi (luggage); Tech on the Go (electronics); The Cafe by Mise en Place (American dining and cocktails); The Gasparilla Bar (pirate ship bar); World Duty-Free of Tampa; and Yogurtology.

What do you think about TPA All Access? Let us know in the comments!

Enriqueta E Lemoine

Monday 6th of May 2019

Love, love, love Tampa and it's only four hours away from home, so usually just drive. Thanks for all the info!


Sunday 5th of May 2019

What a great idea! Airports are such a challenge especially when you are there for a long time. I try to book flights that are non stop but sometimes it's unavoidable. I hope this works and they expand to other airports!

David Elliott

Saturday 4th of May 2019

That's so great they have something like this for the airports. It was a pain in the butt not to be able to go past a certain point and not see loved ones or shop or anything. This would be so good.

Laura G

Friday 3rd of May 2019

That's fascinating!! Never heard of it... very very interesting!!


Friday 3rd of May 2019

This is such an informative post. I dont think the pass is free in Chicago but I will follow up. Thanks for sharing.

drugstore diva lisa

Monday 6th of May 2019

Right now, only Tampa and Pittsburgh have this program. Hopefully it will come to Chicago one day.