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10 Great Subscription Boxes To Gift

A subscription box makes a great last minute gift idea. So, if you’re looking for something easy, pick something off this list of 10 Great Subscription Boxes To Gift.

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We’re at the point where you don’t have any time left to go shopping for Christmas gifts. But, you do have time to order a subscription box as a gift.

Order the subscription, print out a photo of an example box, and stick that in a gift envelope. Then, the gift will arrive … at some point. But hey, better a late gift than no gift.

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10+ Great Subscription Boxes To Gift

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Three bags of coffee from the brand Hole In The Wall.

Hole In The Wall Coffee

Coffee is amazing and doesn’t really need me to say any words to sell it. It sold itself already and the world is better for it. So if you’re shopping for an adult, there’s a good chance that a coffee subscription is a good idea.

And that’s exactly what Hole In The Wall Coffee is. Each month, three bags of coffee are sent to your recipient. You can choose from six roasts, including a cold brew roast.

If you’re not exactly sure what roast your recipient prefers, you can choose the starter kit, which is a three-pack variety. That’s what we got. We were sent two medium and one dark, espresso roast. We got whole beans, but Filter, Espresso, and French Press are also listed as options.

There are weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly subscriptions, depending on how much you love your coffee lover.

A loaf of Wildgrain Everything Sourdough Bread.


We had an incredible bakery in my town in New York. When I say incredible, it’s not me being facetious because I grew up with it. It’s actually viral in the internet incredible. So, when we moved to a part of North Carolina where good bread isn’t a thing, our stomachs were in agony.

Until we found Wildgrain.

Wildgrain is a bread and pasta subscription box. Each month, sourdough breads, croissants (which are incredible), pastas, and more are sent directly to your door. The bread is all sent frozen and (almost) ready to eat. You pop them in the oven (so your home smells like a bakery) and then serve.

The bread is so good. And the pasta (especially the tonnarelli) is delicious.

We showcased the bread in our Smoked Garlic Butter recipe and the pasta in our Fettuccini Alfredo.

A marshmallow shooter made from an Annie's Kit Club subscription.

Annie’s Kit Clubs

I have nothing but the highest praise for Annie’s Kit Clubs. So if you’re looking for a gift for anyone who likes hands on activities, this is it. Annie’s has a subscription for basically anyone in your life.

There are woodworking kits for kids, quilting kits for adults, artwork for kids, STEM boxes, paper crafts, jewelry making … I could go on. Seriously, there’s something for everyone.

The kits are sent monthly, regardless of which subscription you choose, so you can take your time assembling the project. It won’t take you all month (most take an afternoon).

Everyone who we’ve given a kit to has loved them. And I’ve loved the ones I’ve done too. So this is a great gift idea.

Two boys playing with items from a KiwiCo box.


Michelle’s kids have subscribed to KiwiCo for a while. Which is absolutely possible because it’s age-based STEM subscription box. So as your kids get older, you can change the box.

There are ones for 0 to 24 months, 2 to 4, 5 to 8, 6 to 11 (this is geography), and 6 to 14 (that’s cooking), 9 to 12, 9 to 16 (this one’s crafting), 12 to 100 (engineering and design), and 14 to 100 (art and design). So, you can choose based on age and interest, as the kids get older.

Each month, all the supplies you need are in the box. With the younger boxes, there’s also a book that comes every month and Michelle’s kids are obsessed with the book each time.

Bags of food from HelloFresh.

Hello Fresh

We cook every meal at home, and it’s a lot of work to plan a meal, buy the ingredients, and then cook it. I enjoy it, but most people don’t. A lot of people order take out because it’s just easier. If you know those people, Hello Fresh is a great subscription for them.

With Hello Fresh, you can choose your meals and how many meals you want delivered. So, if you need a more frugal gift, send a one week, three meal subscription to your recipient.

I really liked the meals that Hello Fresh offered. When we subscribed for a week, I made sure to order meals that I wouldn’t have cooked otherwise. When the boxes arrived, there was a lot of waste (everything was packaged separately) so that was my main gripe with it.

For more, check out our full Hello Fresh review.

SipScout by The Crafty Cask.

SipScout by The Crafty Cask

This is a subscription for those who are 21+. If you’re not buying for someone that age, continue onto the next option.

SipScout is a rotating subscription of craft cocktails. Each month, a craft tasting (of beer, wine, cider, or spirits) or mixology kit is sent directly to the recipient. It comes with information about the products, the makers, and the styles, so it’s educational as well.

What’s actually very cool about this subscription box is that it includes a monthly virtual SipScout Party. So, your recipient doesn’t have to figure out about the tipple alone. They’ll be able to taste the box’s contents along with an expert on that alcoholic product, which sounds like a very cool experience if you ask me.

Purple and pink succulents.

Succulent Studios

Full disclosure: The succulents above are just random ones I took a photo of because, although my friend did subscribe to Succulent Studios for a while, she doesn’t have any photos of the plants she got. Alas, here we are.

Succulent Studios, as you can guess, is a succulent subscription box. Each month, two new, unique succulents will ship directly to the recipient in biodegradable pots. Your recipient will replant them into something more suitable and care for them.

This definitely feels like something that will run its course after a month or two, but it’ll be fun while it last.

And, for more ideas, check out our list of Gifts For Succulent Lovers.

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Munch Addict

I’m such a fan of snacks. We don’t have snack time every night, but if we could, we would. I try to buy fun snacks every month because why not. You gotta enjoy life, ya know? Well, Munch Addict has made our monthly snack time so much easier.

It’s a monthly subscription box of snacks (in 5, 10, 15, or 60 plus you can add on a drink). You can order once or set up year’s worth of boxes. The snacks are curated from all over the globe. Our box had snacks from Trinidad, Lithuania, Korea, and more.

There’s a good chance you haven’t had most of these snacks, unless you’re a world traveler, so it’s definitely a fun way to experience new foods.

Little Passports.

Little Passports

When Michelle’s oldest son was young (around 7), she signed him up for Little Passports. At that time, the subscription box focused on visiting different countries monthly. He loved to get mail in his name, so when these boxes arrived for him, he felt like a big kid.

She said he would read something about the country, get a sticker for the map and passport, and some other learning activities.

Now the company has expanded into animals, science, space, and cooking subscription boxes as well. You choose one topic and a different box, on that topic, will be sent each month. It’s a really fun way to learn.

Lovevery toys on the shelf at Target.


Lovevery is huge on TikTok right now. It’s a Montessori-inspired subscription box with toys for babies and toddlers. So if you want to give developmentally appropriate toys for a gift instead of just plain toys, this box is great.

The subscription boxes come in ages 0 to 12 months, 1 year, 2 year, and 3 year and are delivered every two months. Unlike other subscription boxes which change every month, these boxes are the same based on what age your child is. So every child who is 0 to 12 weeks will get The Looker Playkit, regardless of when he or she is signed up.

What’s nice, too, is that if you don’t want to subscribe but want to give these toys as gifts, you can actually shop Lovevery at Target. It’s not exactly the same as what’s in the subscription boxes, but the concepts are the same.

More Subscription Gift Ideas:

As we come across more fun subscription boxes, we’ll be sure to add them to this list. So save/bookmark this post and come back to it every once in a while.

Which of these 10 Great Subscription Boxes To Gift will you choose to gift? Let us know in the comments.