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Kisses For You Jar Craft

Oriental Trading provided the items for this post. All thoughts and opinions belong to Drugstore Divas.

valentines day craft-5My mom is coming to visit on Valentine’s Day, so I wanted to make something special that I could put in the guest room for when she arrived. My mom is as obsessed with chocolate as I am, so I knew it had to have chocolate. Plus, I wanted something that was small enough to travel back to New York with her. And, really, I wanted something with chalkboard. It’s so trendy right now, so it would be perfect.

Oriental Trading has a Chalkboard Candy Jar that was perfect for this Kisses For You jar craft It already comes with the chalkboard label attached, which makes this so much easier. It’s such a simple and beautiful candy holder. It looks like you spent a ton of time of it … even though it really didn’t. So you get credit for an awesome gift and you hardly spent any time to make it. Gotta love that.

Kisses For You Jar Craft

What You’ll Need:

valentines day craft-1

What You’ll Do:

valentines day craft-2

Use the chalk to write your favorite saying on the jar. If you don’t like how it comes out, no worries. You can easily wipe this away with your thumb and start over.

valentines day craft-3

Fill with Hershey’s Kisses. Put the top back on and you’re done.

I’ve actually seen this done by servicemen and women for this kids. You write, “Kisses from Mommy” or “Kisses from Daddy” on it and children get one at night while their parent is deployed. It can count down to when daddy or mommy is coming home too, depending on the size of the jar. This one is only five inches high, so it would have to be a really short deployment, but you can always find a larger jar (or just refill after your kids have gone to bed so they don’t notice the difference).