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Delicious & Easy Recipes Using Crescent Rolls

Use that pack of refrigerated crescent rolls in the fridge to make one of these Delicious & Easy Recipes Using Crescent Rolls.

For more ideas of what to cook, check out all of our recipes.

Four croissants with the words "Delicious & Easy Recipes Using Crescent Rolls" digitally written above them.

Refrigerated crescent rolls are a great product to have in your fridge. When you need the dough, you can just pop open the can (unless you’re scared of it like my mom, then have someone else open the can) and you have a vessel for a ton of recipes using crescent rolls.

Yes. Recipes. With an s.

You’re not restricted to just making crescent rolls with refrigerated crescent roll dough. You can make appetizers, meals, and desserts. You can transform the dough completely. Crescent roll dough is super versatile.

So of course I had to put a list of recipes using crescent rolls together.

The list is split into two parts: Crescent Rolls Meals — consisting of crescent roll appetizer recipes, crescent roll breakfast and dinner recipes, etc. — and Crescent Rolls Dessert Recipes.

Recipes Using Crescent Rolls

Savory Crescent Rolls Recipes

A crescent ring stuffed with Buffalo chicken with dip in the center and the words "Buffalo Chicken Crescent Ring" digitally written on top.

Buffalo Chicken Crescent Ring

Twelve pieces of egg and sausage filled pastry with the words "Sausage & Egg Breakfast Pinwheels" digitally written on top.

Sausage And Egg Breakfast Pinwheels

A deconstructed taco on a plate with the words "Taco Pie with Crescent Rolls" digitally written on top.

Taco Pie with Crescent Rolls Recipe

Pigs in a Blanket piled on a plate.

Pigs In A Blanket Recipe

Crescent Rolls Dessert Recipes

Two Ingredient Nutella Crescents

Two Ingredient Nutella Crescents

Two croffles on a plate with the words "Banana And Nutella Croffle (Croissant Waffle)" digitally written above them.

Banana And Nutella Croffle (Croissant Waffle)

Which of these recipes using crescent rolls will you try first? Let us know in the comments.


Thursday 14th of May 2020

Loving all these delicious ideas using crescent rolls! Thank you for including my recipe:-)