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75+ Simple Summer Cocktail Recipes

Looking for some summer cocktails? You'll love these 75 Boozy Drinks For Summer from officially starts this weekend, which means you’re probably preparing for a ton of upcoming BBQ’s, pot lucks, and dinners outside. Us too. We host a lot of BBQ’s … almost every weekend. Well, when the world is open anyway. Right now, it’s just six-feet-apart driveway drinking (Side note: There are driveway drinker t-shirts now because of course there are). I try to vary what we cook and what our side dishes are when we do host company in the summer, which takes a lot of planning. And of course, we have to plan drinks. Because it’s not a backyard BBQ at this house without some simple summer cocktail recipes.

Simple is key.

In the summer, you just want to make a batch of something easy. And that’s it. You don’t want to slave over something complicated, and you certainly don’t want anything warm.

To make your life easier, we put together a list of 75+ Simple Summer Cocktail Recipes. You can try  these easy summer drinks out now so that you have a few recipes ready for when we’re allowed to be social again.

We wanted to keep these really feeling summer-y, so almost all these cocktails have fruit, fruit juice, or fruit flavorings/syrups in them. Or cucumbers. I know, cucumber isn’t a fruit, but it just feels so summer-like, doesn’t it?

Maybe it’s something about relaxing with cucumbers on your eyes and that shiny, horrible for you, piece of foil that catches the sun and tans your chin.

I don’t know what that’s called, but I know you know exactly what I’m talking about.


No. Okay. Onto the list then for you while I head on to Google to find out the name of that thing.

(I found out it’s called a deep tan sun reflector after a deep dive into Google.)

75+ Simple Summer Cocktail Recipes

I’m breaking this into a few categories, so you can get to your favorite drink easily. There’s frozen cocktails, spiked sweet teas, lemonades, margaritas, martinis, mimosas, mojitos, sangrias, and then a long “others” category with everything else fruity and fun that didn’t fit into any of those other categories.

At the top of each category (with the exceptions of the frozen cocktails and the “other” category), you’ll get the basic recipe for that drink. Then click through the links before for variants of the recipe.

And, finally, I put the recipes in each category in alphabetical order because that just felt easier.


Frozen Summer Cocktails

Anything frozen, frothy, milkshake-y, or slushy falls into this category. Plus, isn’t that the perfect way to cool down on a hot day?

1. Frozen Bananas Foster Cocktail

2. Frozen Coconut Margaritas

3. Frozen Cranberry Margarita

4. Frozen Mango Daiquiri

5. Frozen Mango Margarita

6. Frozen Mermaid Margarita

7. Frozen Strawberry Basil Margaritas

8. Frozen Watermelon Margarita

9. Peanut Butter Whiskey Milkshake

10. Pineapple Rum Slush

11. Pink Flamingo Vodka Slush

12. Slushy Pineapple Rum Drink

13. Strawberry Creamsicle Cocktail

14. Strawberry Frose

15. Strawberry Prosecco Slushie

summer iced tea

Spiked Sweet Teas

To make a spiked sweet tea, start with brewing tea, cooling it with ice, then add your favorite alcohol.

Sweet tea mixed with lemonade is an Arnold Palmer. If you add vodka to an Arnold Palmer, it’s called a John Daly.

True story.

16. Irish Whiskey Sweet Iced Tea

17. Strawberry Whiskey Sweet Tea

18. Sweet Tea Vodka Lemonade Mojitos

Minty Raspberry-Lemonade Cocktail Recipe |

Summer Lemonades

You can juice your own lemons or use lemon juice to make lemonade. Then, add your liquors to make spiked lemonade.

19. Minty Raspberry-Lemonade Cocktail

20. Pama Lemonade Cocktail

21. Pimm’s No. 1 & Lemonade

22. Vodka and Mint Lemonade Cocktail

Blood Orange Margarita

Summer Margaritas

Combine tequila, lime juice, and cointreau (or Grand Marnier) to make a margarita. Add fruit or fruit juice to make a summer margarita.

23. Blood Orange Margaritas

24. Cadillac Margarita

25. Classic Margaritas

26. Cucumber Lime Margaritas

27. Fresh Strawberry Margarita

28. Mango Key Lime Margaritas

29. Mango Margarita

30. Watermelon Margarita

Blood Orange Martini

Summer Martinis

Martinis are gin and vermouth. They usually have an olive or lemon twist as a garnish. These summer martini recipes add a bit of summer fruit and flavors.

31. Blood Orange Martini

33. Pomegranate Agave Martini

34. Pomegranate Martini

35. Strawberry Lemon Drop Martini


Summer Mimosas

Mimosas are champagne and a citrus juice, traditionally orange juice. So they’re summery by nature. These ones add a little twist on the orange juice portion.

36. Island Breeze Mimosas

37. Orange Juice Mimosas

38. Strawberry Mimosa

Coconut Mojito Image

Summer Mojitos

A mojito recipe is usually white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water, and mint. Add a little twist to it with one of these summer mojito recipes.

39. Coconut Mojito

40. Cucumber Mojito

41. Mango Mojito

42. Raspberry Mojito

43. Watermelon Basil Mojitos

Blackberry Sangria Recipe | SnappyGourmet

Summer Sangrias

Sangria is usually fruit mixed in wine, so it’s already summery. So definitely try one of these summer sangria recipes at your next party.

44. Blackberry Vodka Sangria

45. Blood Orange Sangria

46. Mango Sangria

47. Mint Melon Sangria

48. Pineapple Raspberry Sangria

49. Sparkling Citrus Sangria

50. Strawberry Basil Sangria

51. Sweet Sangria

Other Summer Cocktails

Smash cocktails (which are basically a mint julep with whiskey), coladas, daiquiris, and more.

52. Basil Smash Cocktail

53. Blue Bomb Drink

54. Boozy Strawberry Watermelon Drink

55. Caipirinha Recipe

57. Cucumber Melon Vodka Cocktail

58. Cucumber Watermelon Spatini

59. Gilligan’s Island Cocktail

60. Green Hawaiian Cocktail

61. Hawaiian Mai Tai

62. Loquat Vodka Cocktail

63. Malibu Bay Breeze

64. Mermaid Water Cocktail

65. Orange Julius Cocktail

66. Peach and Blackberry Vodka Cocktail

67. Peach Bourbon Smash Cocktail

68. Pineapple Coconut Spritzer

69. Refreshing Berry Vodka Spritzer

70. Strawberry Caipiroska

71. Strawberry Pina Colada

72. Summer Breeze Cocktail

73. Sunset Passion Colada

74. Watermelon Daiquiris

75. Watermelon Moscow Mules

Which of these refreshing summer cocktail recipes is your favorite? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

If you’re looking for more drink ideas, you can always find new recipes everywhere from Pinterest to cocktail books for your Kindle. What’s great about those options is they can be pulled up on a smart phone while you’re already in the kitchen.

Be sure to also pick up a cell phone holder so you don’t have to worry about holding a phone while you’re mixing — and you won’t worry about dropping your phone into your cocktail.

And if you’re looking for homemade summer drinks that are non-alcoholic, can I suggest our Watermelon Lemonade?