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4 Fun St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day (March 17) by making one of the fun St. Patrick’s Day Crafts on this list. There are both paper crafts and edible crafts on the list.

For ways to make this the best holiday, check out all of our St. Patrick’s Day posts.

Green craft items, with a white shamrock cut out on top, with the words "Fun St. Patrick's Day Craft Ideas" digitally written on top.

I love holiday crafts. There’s just something about making holiday crafts that really gets me excited about the holiday. And St. Patrick’s Day crafts are so much fun. Anything with little leprechauns and rainbows with a pot of gold are perfect.

If you can’t think of any of your own crafts to make, don’t worry. I put together a list of easy St. Patrick’s Day Crafts to give you some inspiration. Also, yes, these are both paper crafts and edible crafts because it just felt right to combine them.

Fun St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

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DIY Leprechaun Hats.

DIY Leprechaun Hats

Toilet paper rolls are upcycled to make these adorable leprechaun hats. Sitting them on skewers is a great way to display them in flower pots, vases, or just around your house.

If you don’t have any toilet paper rolls to upcycle, you can use leftover paper towel rolls or wrapping paper rolls. And, in case you didn’t know, you can actually purchase craft rolls online.

DIY "Lucky In Love" Shamrock Shiplap Sign.

DIY “Lucky In Love” Shamrock Shiplap Sign

This Lucky In Love shiplap sign is so incredible inexpensive to make. It should cost you about $2 to make, and that’s if you don’t have foam board at home already. This looks like a sign you paid good money for in the store (and is actually based on one my friend bought), so no one will expect that you made it yourself.

You paint the canvas green, then cut a shamrock shape from a piece of foam board. Draw the shiplap on it, write a fun phrase on the canvas, and glue it together. That’s about all there is to this easy craft.

We wrote “lucky in love” on it, but you could add an Irish song lyric, another lucky play on words, or just write Happy St. Patrick’s Day on it.

A jar filled with Skittles to look like a rainbow, with gold coins, marshmallows, and Skittles around it with the words "DIY St. Patrick's Day Rainbow In A Jar" digitally written on top.

DIY St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Jar Craft

This St. Patrick’s Day rainbow jar craft is such a good fine motor skills activity for a little kid.  First, have your child help separate the candy into different color piles, so that’s good for fine motor skills and color recognition. Then, have them put the candy into the jar, which is another way to work those fine motor skills.

Don’t forget the gold chocolate coins at the bottom so you have some treasure at the end of the rainbow.

This candy jar will be the perfect addition to your work desk, to brighten up your office space — and to give you a sweet treat if you need some sugar to avoid the midday work slump.

Gold coins in a bucket with a rainbow candy handle and the words "St. Patrick's Day Pot O' Gold Treat Bucket" digitally written on top.

DIY St. Patrick’s Day Treat Bucket

This St. Patrick’s Day treat bucket is a really adorable craft idea that would be great for a class party.

Fill a plastic serving cup with paper shred. Add some chocolate gold coins. Add in a piece of an Airhead rainbow candy for the handle, and that’s all you need to make these adorable pots of gold.

We found these plastic serving cups at our local dollar stores. If you can’t find them, you can use anything else for the base. But, just keep in mind that if you do use something else, make sure it’s food grade so that it’s okay to eat the unwrapped candy.

Purchase St. Patrick’s Day Craft Kits Online:

If you don’t have the supplies at home to make these fun crafts, but you still want to make something festive for the holiday, you’re in luck. No pun intended.

You can purchase tons of crafts kits, like the Leprechaun Traps craft kit above, at the following stores online:

Be mindful of a store’s minimum cart total to qualify for free shipping. Also, consider instore or curbside pickup to avoid shipping charges.

Fried fish with mushy peas and tarter sauce on a plate with the words "Tasty Irish And Green Food For St. Patrick's Day" digitally written above it.

More St. Patrick’s Day ideas:

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And don’t forget your St. Patrick’s Day meals. Sure, for breakfast you can get away with a box of Lucky Charms. But for dinner, go with Shepherds Pie with Irish Soda Bread. Or Irish Potato Bread. Or both. We have a list filled with Irish Recipes For St. Patrick’s Day with some great traditional Irish foods along with some green and rainbow food too.

And, don’t forget your beverages. Our Green Drinks For St. Patrick’s Day list can help you with that. It has ideas for drinks like green beer for adults and green milk for kids (Spoiler alert: They’re both made by adding green food coloring to the drink).

Which of these St. Patrick’s Day crafts will you make first? Be sure to let us know in the comments.