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15 Green & Irish Drinks For St. Patrick’s Day

Part of the fun on St. Patrick’s Day is having a green drink. This list is filled with great green and Irish Drinks For St. Patrick’s Day.

Make this the best holiday with help from our other St. Patrick’s Day posts.

Three green beers on a bar with the words "Greens & Irish Drinks For St. Patrick's Day" digitally written on top.

We spent the weekend at our local St. Patrick’s Day parade. Before the parade started, we stopped into the local Irish pub to grab a drink. We got our seats before the crowd formed, so we were able to watch the bartenders work on pouring an array of Irish drinks — some that I had never heard of.

So of course, I thought it would be a fun excuse to put together a list of green and Irish drinks for St. Patrick’s Day. Any of the following St. Patrick’s Day cocktails or shots that contain alcohol are intended for those who are of drinking age only.

Fried fish with mushy peas and tarter sauce on a plate with the words "Tasty Irish And Green Food For St. Patrick's Day" digitally written above it.

Don’t forget to eat while you’re drinking. Get inspired by our list of Tasty Irish & Green Food For St. Patrick’s Day.

15 Green & Irish Drinks For St. Patrick’s Day

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For St. Patrick’s Day drinks with liquor, you can use any brand you prefer. The most popular Irish Whiskey is Jameson Irish Whiskey and the most popular Irish Cream liqueur is Baileys Irish Cream.

So, if you’re going to the store to purchase alcohol for your St. Patrick’s Day celebration, look for those. Then, look to see what’s close to it because those will be similar bottles but different brands and may be cheaper than those brands.

Black And Tan (called a Half and Half in Ireland)

Fill a pint glass halfway with a pale ale. Top with a stout (usually Guinness).

Quick tip: Hold an upside-down tablespoon over the glass after you’ve poured the pale ale and pour the stout over it. That helps it to create the layers.

Grasshopper Cocktail

Add ice to a shaker. Add in 3/4 oz. crème de menthe, 3/4 oz. white crème de cacao, and 1/4 oz. heavy cream. Shake until cold. Pour into a new glass.

Green Beer

Making Green Beer is so easy to make. Put a drop of green food coloring in the bottom of a glass. Slowly pour a light beer on top. The food coloring will give the beer a green color.

Green Bloody Mary’s

Combine Green Bloody Mary mix with vodka. Sounds easy, right? But, Green Bloody Mary mix is hard to find. Instead, you can follow this Green Bloody Mary mix recipe or purchase some here.

A glass of green milk with marshmallow eyes to make Monster Milk.

Green Milk (aka Monster Milk)

Add a few drops of green food coloring to a glass of milk. Top with mini marshmallows (you can use the ones from Lucky Charms cereal).

We actually make this Monster Milk recipe for Halloween, but it works for St. Patrick’s Day too.

Green Mimosas

In a champagne flute, combine 3 oz. orange juice, 2 oz. blue curaçao (which is curaçao that’s dyed blue), and 3 oz. champagne. Give them a light stir and the orange juice and blue curaçao will combine to make a green drink, no extra food coloring needed.

Irish Breakfast Shot

In a shot glass, combine 1 oz. Irish Whiskey and a 1/2 oz, Butterscotch Schnapps. In a second glass, add a shot of orange juice. Drink the alcoholic shot with the orange juice as a chaser.

Irish Coffee

Add brown sugar to a glass. Pour in 1 oz. of Irish Cream and 1.5 oz. Irish Whiskey. Fill the Irish coffee glass almost to the top with black coffee. Top with whipped cream.

Irish Car Bomb (aka Irish Slammer)

Fill a pint glass halfway with Guinness. In a shot glass, combine 1/2 oz. Irish Whiskey and 1/2 oz. Irish Cream. Drop the shot into the beer and drink … quickly.

Irish Maid

Muddle cucumber slices in the bottom of a shaker. Fill it with ice. Pour 2 oz. Irish Whiskey, 1/2 oz. elderflower liqueur, 3/4 oz. fresh lemon juice, and 3/4 oz. simple syrup over the ice and muddled cucumber. Shake well. Pour into a glass with fresh ice.

Irish Margarita

Salt the rim of a glass. Add one drop green food coloring to the bottom of the glass. In a cocktail shaker, combine 1 oz. agave or simple syrup, 1 oz. fresh lime juice, 2 oz. Irish Whiskey, and 1/2 oz. orange flavored liqueur. Shake. Pour into the glass.

The green food coloring will turn these into green margaritas, making them festive looking.

Irish Mule

Fill a copper mug with ice. Add 2 oz. Irish Whiskey, 1 oz. fresh lime juice, and 3 oz. of ginger beer over the ice. Garnish with a lime wedge and a mint sprig.

Lucky Charms Shots

Delish came up with a fun shot using Lucky Charms cereal. Add a 1/2 cup of Lucky Charms cereal into a cup of milk to make cereal milk. Strain and add just the cereal milk into a pitcher. Add 1 cup Irish cream. Stir. Pour into shot glasses.

Luck Of The Irish Cocktail

Add 3 oz. Irish Whiskey, 2 oz. peach Schnapps, 2 oz. pineapple juice, and a splash of blue curacao into a shaker. Shake well. Strain into a glass. Top with 2 oz. of lemon-lime soda or ginger ale. Garnish with maraschino cherries and a mint sprig.

Pot Of Gold Jell-O Shots

Boil a cup of water. Stir in a package of lemon Jell-O. Remove from heat and add an additional cup of water and 1/2 cup Irish Whiskey. Pour into plastic shot glasses and refrigerate two hours. Top with whipped cream and a piece of rainbow Airheads candy.

Shamrock Sour

Add 2 tablespoons lime juice, 1/2 tablespoon lemon juice, 1/4 cup simple syrup, 2 oz. Irish Whiskey, and a drop of green food coloring into a shaker. Pour over ice and garnish with a lime wedge.

A drive through sign advertising a Shamrock Shake at McDonald's.

Irish & Green Drinks At Fast Food Restaurants:

If you’d rather just pick up a green drink while you’re out, a few fast food restaurants offer green drinks this time of year. McDonald’s Shamrock Shake is the most popular followed by Arby’s Mint Chocolate Shake.

Dunkin’ is offering an Irish Cream Flavored Coffee, available iced or frozen, for Dunkin’ Rewards members via the app. Starbucks has an Irish Cream Cold Brew, which is basically a cold brew with Irish cream syrup.

Order St. Patrick’s Day Drinks Online:

If you don’t feel like cooking tonight, you can just order St. Patrick’s Day drinks online with the following delivery services:

Also, don’t forget about SipScout by The Crafty Cask. The subscription box’s theme for March is a tasting of Irish beers.

Which of these green and Irish drinks for St. Patrick’s Day is going to make your menu? Let us know in the comments.


Friday 22nd of March 2019

This is an extremely good list of drinks! I love everything being green for st Patrick’s day! I need to do this next year!


Saturday 9th of March 2019

I am a big fan of the mint shakes but I also like anything with midori in it!


Saturday 9th of March 2019

Thanks for sharing recipe for green drinks. I will definitely going to try few of them

Cindy Ingalls

Friday 8th of March 2019

St. Patty's day provides me with the perfect excuse for getting my green drink on. I do love a good green smoothies and tasty cocktail.

Brittany Vantrease

Friday 8th of March 2019

You just gave me so many ideas to do for our next game night. I'm going to have to try some!