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5 Tips For Traveling With Contacts

If you wear contacts, you have to travel with them. I put together a few tips to make traveling with contacts easier. Check them out on I travel with my parents, they always leave at 6am. They prefer to get up early and get to their destination early. When I travel with Pete, I always leave for trips after breakfast because I don’t like waking up early. With my parents, I’m just a passenger so I don’t get a choice. So I roll out of bed, leave my glasses on, and throw my contacts in my purse. If you wear contacts, you know it’s sometimes a pain when you’re traveling with contacts.

There are times when I was so worried that I would either forget to toss my contacts in my purse or — worse — that I would tear a contact when I was away and I’d have to wear glasses for the rest of the trip.

Silly fears, of course, that can be eliminated with a little bit of extra planning. So, I’m here to help you do that.

5 Tips For Traveling With Contacts

1. Pack Daily Wear Contacts.
I’ve worn contacts since I was 16, but it wasn’t until recently that I tried daily wear contacts. You wear them once and you throw them away. They do feel sort of wasteful. but they’re great for traveling.

If you pack them, you don’t have to worry about packing contact solution or a contact case. And if you pack one pair per day, you won’t stress if you rip one.

2. Bring Extra Travel-Size Solution.
If you’re flying, you can only pack liquids that are 3.1oz or smaller. When we were going to Japan for weeks at a time, I was worried about running out of contact solution. It’s so easy to fix that, though. Just pack more than one bottle of travel-size solution. The limit is 3.1oz per container, not per type of liquid.

What you’ll need to do, though, is put all your liquids in a quart-sized bag with a zip top. So, in that sense you are limited to the number of solution containers you can bring. But, you’ll have enough to get through a normal length trip.

3. Pack An Extra Case.
I could never be a housekeeper at a hotel. I give them a lot of credit. It’s so hard for me to keep our house neat and tidy, so I can’t imagine having to do that for complete strangers. So I always do my best to clean our hotel room before a housekeeper comes in.

I know that one of these days, in my haste, I’m going to accidentally toss the top of my contact case. So I always pack a second case … just to be prepared.

4. Wear Your Glasses On A Plane.
If you’re flying, fly with your glasses on. The air up there can really dry out your contacts. And that’s bad for your eyes. And, if you’re like me and fall asleep on the plane, that’s bad for your contacts too.

So, when you’re on a plane, stick to glasses. Then, when you land, just run to the bathroom and pop your contacts into your eyes.

5. Pack Your Contacts In Your Carry On.
I’ve heard so many stories about luggage getting lost lately, and that’s such a headache. What if your contacts (or glasses, depending on what you’re wearing) were in your lost luggage. What would you do?

To be safe, pack your contacts and glasses in your carry on (or purse). That way, they’ll never be separated from you and you won’t have to worry.

What tips for traveling with contacts do you have?