Giveaway: P&G Prize Pack & $10 Dollar General Gift Card (Ends 9/3)

Giveaway: P&G Prize Pack & $10 Dollar General Gift Card (Ends 9/3)

P&GWho is your favorite educator?

Mine is my mom. Sure, you can argue that she teaches at a pre-school that I didn’t attend, but I’ll argue that she was my first and best teacher. Plus, she is an incredible person who I strive to be as great as. So she is still teaching me.

In September, Dollar General is teaming up with P&G to celebrate educators. The Everyday Heroes Campaign aims to honor educators who make a difference in their students lives. 

This month, Kimberly Shearer, an English teacher and library science teacher at Boone County High School in Florence, Ky., has been selected as the Every Day Hero.

To celebrate, we are giving away a prize pack from Dollar General and P&G. Speaking of P&G, you can get the new P&G Brandsaver on Sunday, September 1. Included in the pack is: $10 Dollar General Gift Card, CoverGirl Black Ink Eye Pencil, Tide PODS Spring Meadow, Febreze Fabric Refresher Gain Scent Spray, and Febreze Air Effects with Gain Fresh Scent.

This giveaway starts now and ends at 11:59pm EST on September 3. You must be a US resident who is 18 or older to enter. The winner will be contacted via the email address in the Rafflecopter and will have 24 hours to respond before another winner is selected.

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91 thoughts on “Giveaway: P&G Prize Pack & $10 Dollar General Gift Card (Ends 9/3)

  1. My favorite educator,of course, is my parents. I do have many teachers that I love, but nothing compare to my parents. They have worked hard to raised me. They were there and still there to teach and guide me through life lessons. I love my parents so much!

  2. Mine would have to be my father in law. He is a computer science teacher and he’s always very up beat and positive. I know his students always get a lot from him.

  3. My daughters teacher as she goes out of her way to help every child and she always makes sure to communicate with all of us parents as to how to be involved in our childern’s education!

  4. My favorite teacher was Mr. Zwilling who taught English and Speech while I was in high school. He always made learning fun!

  5. My favorite teacher was Mr. Gresko!!! He made learning fun!! He was like by the entire class, and the next class coming up!!

  6. My kindergarten teacher, because she taught me how to read even though it wasn’t part of the year’s curriculum. I just so very badly wanted to read more than sight words!

  7. I never had a favorite teacher until I went to college. I had a professor who was smart, strong,and elegant. I also had a fantastic professor in grad school.

  8. My son had a wonderful teacher in 5th Grade, Mrs. Sample. She saw him struggling and did special things just for him to help him focus. She even called him at home to see how he was doing and emailed me all the time to keep me updated. This was in her offtime and it was wonderful to see how much she loved her job and the kids.

  9. My daughter’s 4th grade teacher. She has really encouraged her to follow her dreams no matter how unreachable they might seem.

  10. My favorite teacher was Mary Edna Dorsey. She taught me in fifth grade and then when I was a senior. She is the reason I became a teacher.

  11. My parents share the honor of being my favorite educators. I cannot even recall one teacher that impacted me as much as they have.

  12. My favorite teacher is my daughter. She is a special ed middle school teacher & she works hard to make a difference in these kids lives. She’s also an excellent mom to her 6 yo daughter and has brought her up educating her as well. She’s raised her with God, loving others, self respect & manners too! She’s my hero!

  13. Parents!
    they are the first teachers and should imprint their kids with a love for learning
    they also must promote the concept of kids respecting teachers in school and applying themselves in class.

    then the teachers can actually do their job of teaching rather then dealing with control and behaviour issues of various students

  14. My English teacher always encouraged me to follow my talent, my passion. I appreciate that. And I also appreciate the teachers that take the time to know and nurture my daughter’s spirited behavior, the independence that many find daunting, the truly good teachers find refreshing and encourage.

  15. I would definitely say my Mom, she was my first and best teacher. She grounded me in ways that I never realized until I became an adult.

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