DIY Halloween: Easy Halloween Milk Jug Ghost Craft

DIY Halloween: Easy Halloween Milk Jug Ghost Craft

milk jugI love craft time. I would have it every day if I had somewhere to store the crafts.

We finished a gallon of milk the other day and I told Pete he had to save it so I could turn it into a ghost for Halloween.

The entire project took me under five minutes, which is absolutely perfect if you are making this with a pre-schooler (or even someone younger). You want to sit them down and make something cute, but you need something that is short enough to hold their attention spans.

This is perfect. Plus, it uses two supplies, which you probably have lying around the house anyway (and one that would be garbage otherwise … so look at this as upcycling).

What You’ll Need:

milk jug1

Empty milk jug, rinsed, and a permanent ink marker.
milk jug 2

Peel any stickers off of the sides of the bottle. If you can’t get them off completely, that’s okay. You’re only going to decorate the side of the bottle that lacks stickers anyway.

milk jug 3

Use the permanent ink marker to draw a ghost face into your milk jug.

The end.

No, really. That’s the end. Like I said, this craft is super simple. And you can totally do it last minute if you have waited until now to do a Halloween craft.

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