Christmas: Have You Started Decorating? [[& Our Towels From Kohl’s Are On Sale For $4]]

santa towelsWe’ve been talking for a few days about putting up our Christmas tree, but we haven’t gotten to do it yet. We were supposed to one day … and we did thank you cards instead. We were supposed to yesterday … and we went grocery shopping instead.

So last night, I was tired of not having any Christmas up, so I hung out new Santa hand towel in the guest bathroom and changed the towel from blue to red.

Maybe we’ll be decorated by the time the month ends.

My Santa towels were part of an engagement gift that we got over the weekend. They’re St. Nicholas Square, though, so I knew they were from Kohl’s. I just went to look them up, and they’re on sale. They’re regularly $9.99 but right now, the St. Nicholas Square hand towels are on sale for $4.99. But, even better, now through December 3, if you enter the codeĀ WREATH, you will save 20%. So now these adorable towels are only $4.

Have you started decorating yet? How far have you gotten? Is the tree up? If it is, I want to see a picture of it.