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8 Reasons My 8-Year-Old BFF Needs A Fidget Spinner

This 8 Reasons My 8-Year-Old BFF Needs A Fidget Spinner post is sponsored by Fanatics.

Wondering why kids need fidget spinners? Find out 8 reasons why my 8-year-old BFF needs a fidget spinner on
Pete and I live in a kid-free zone, so although I know fidget spinners are all the rage still, I really don’t know why. I had a friend’s kid show me one a few weeks ago, but I still didn’t get it. I guess that’s how my mom felt when I had to have a zillion trolls or slap bracelets, or why people needed to rock a yellow LIVESTRONG bracelet. These are just things that get popular overnight and the need becomes real.

So I did what any childless person would do. I asked my 8-year-old BFF Alex why he needs a fidget spinner.

8 Reasons My 8-Year-Old BFF Needs A Fidget Spinner

  1. They are fun.
  2. You can spin them.
  3. Different colors (glow in the dark)
  4. Battle with them.
  5. Spins really fast.
  6. Spin tricks on the thumb.
  7. So cool!
  8. Everyone in school has them for when you are bored.

Fun things that you can spin, battle with, and use when you’re bored sound exactly like something could use.

Alex’s mom, Michelle, told me that Alex actually has about six of these. They’re kind of like Pokemon, I guess, where you gotta catch ’em all. 

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Friday 7th of July 2017

We need the Mets one!