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Tasty Thursdays: Cracker Smack

cracker1I don’t buy snacks when I go to the grocery store, mostly because I’ll eat them and I try not to have extra calories.

But every once in a while, we’ll stumble over something that is just completely worth the calories. Like the Cracker Smack we got from Old World Gourmet. The Cracker Smack is sold for $5 and is enough mix for a full box (four sleeves) of crackers. And if you’re like us and only eat a few at a time, it’s enough to last for many, many weeks of snacking.

The box comes with the mix and a plastic mixing bag, so all you need is the crackers and oil.

What You’ll Do:


Put the mix in the bag.


Measure the oil and add it directly to the bag.


Squish it around until it is fully incorporated.


Add a box (four sleeves) of crackers. We picked whole wheat saltines, but you can pick anything.


Mix gently until the crackers are fully coated. Every 15 minutes or so for an hour or so, gently shake the bag to make sure all the crackers are getting coated and none of them are over-coated.



Now, I’m gonna be honest. You better listen to the name of this. From the looks of the color of the mix, I thought this was going to be some sort of cheese coating. Oh no. It’s a spice mixture that will smack your senses. I mean, there are hot peppers on the box, which I completely overlooked. The crackers are good, but I can only enjoy a few at a time (unless I’m having them with guacamole, then I can eat a ton). Pete, however, is obsessed with heat and he just absolutely loves these. Every time he eats one he comments on how great them are. These are not for those of you with a faint pallet; if you can’t stand the heat, get away from these crackers.

Drugstore Divas was provided this mix for this review.

Maria Schluentz

Monday 21st of September 2015

i love the Cracker Smack, but cannot locate the website for Old World Gourmet. It says there is not a website. I have also called the company and cannot get an answer. Do you have any idea how to contact this company to place an order? Please help, I am desperate!

drugstore diva lisa

Wednesday 23rd of September 2015

The company has gone out of business and it seems that no one is selling the Cracker Smack anymore =[