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Spring Style Guide: Old Navy T-Shirts Review

old navy1I have a lot of clothes. I’m not going to say it’s more than the average woman because I don’t think I have too much more than average, but I do have more than Pete, that’s for sure.

What I don’t have a lot of, believe it or not, are t-shirts. I worry about a farmer’s tan all summer long, so I generally don’t buy anything with sleeves. I’d rather have strapless or spaghetti straps so the tanlines are either non-existent or minimal.

But there are days when I don’t feel like shaving, and I wouldn’t find a few t-shirts in my wardrobe.

old navy2

So when I got the Crowdtap opportunity to check out Old Navy t-shirts, I was excited. These were exactly what my summer style needed.

The coupon was for two free Best Tee for me and for a friend. I mailed the second coupon to my mom in New York and I went to Old Navy to see what I could find. What I found was nothing was labeled a Best Tee. I asked a staffer, who asked the manager, who decided Best Tees were either vintage (in the table photo) or perfect tees (in the shelf photo).

old navy3

I went to check out the perfect tees first and when I was picking up the blue and striped one to check a size, I decided that I don’t do horizontal stripes. That’s a big fashion no no. Horizontal stripes pull you out and make you look wider. I put it on the shelf and picked up a white tee instead. When I moved further down the shelves to pick out another color, I notice that a blue striped tee fell to the ground. I picked it up to put it back and it was my size. “Okay, fine,” I said (because yes, I talk to my clothes), “If you really want to come in the fitting room with me that bad that you will jump to get my attention, I’ll try you on.”

I picked up two other perfect tees and went over to the vintage tees to see what I could find there.

old navy4

It wasn’t until I was actually in the fitting room that I realized I had an armful of blue shirts. There were a bunch of other color options, but I must have been feeling blue that day — but not sad. It was Easter Sunday and I knew I was coming home to an Easter fest after shopping. Since it was Easter, I went to Old Navy immediately after church, so I was there in a dress. I picked up a pair of pants so I could try on the tops and not have the photos be X-rated. I was feeling fat, so I picked up pants that were a size too big, thinking I’d gained weight and that was the size that would fit. They were actually too big (thank goodness!) so that’s why they look very wrinkled in the photos.

old navy6

I tried on a v-neck vintage tee in my proper size (the light blue) and a size larger (the darker blue). As I said, I was feeling fat, so I picked one size up. The dark blue shirt was too big, so the v fell so low, making me feel like my boobs were popping out. I’m so not a deep v person. I’d be sitting there in the shirt. looking down, wondering if I was flashing anyone. When I tried on the light blue one, the v was higher and the proper placement made my boobs look fantastic. That shirt was for sure coming home with me.

old navy7

I tried the striped shirt next, completely sure that I was only trying it on in vein. I had no intention of buying it. Once I put it on and took a photo, I was in awe. I stood in the mirror just staring at myself. I looked so skinny and it gave me such an incredible hourglass figure. In all my fantasies of the perfect body, this is exactly what I envision. Of course this shirt was coming home with me. And all my feelings of feeling fat went completely out the window.

old navy8

The shirts are thin, which is great for summer, but not so great if you choose a white shirt. I tried on a white henley and it was so see through. I was wearing a white bra with pink hearts on it — which you can tell just by a quick glance at that photo. You don’t actually have to even strain to see it.

Layering is in against the season, so I could layer this over a tank top, but the point of my shopping trip was to pick up tees since I hardly have any, not to pick up an accessory for my tank tops.

old navy9

I tried the henley in another color and it fit well, but then I realized that henlies have not been in style for years and I’m not leading the comeback. So back on the shelf this one went.

My mom’s trip was a little less successful. She didn’t try on her shirts until she was home from the store and one of the shirts had a lump on the shoulder so she had to exchange it.

old navy5

She did like the pocket tee she got but she texted me and said, “Good thing they’re free.” Then added, “Dad took a close up. It is so long and such a thin material that you can see my pants through it.”

She then asked if mine were okay and I texted, “Yes but I tried them on. Good thing too because look at this one” and I attached the photo of the see-through white shirt above.

“Looks better than you,” she wrote.

“Is that a typo?” I asked.

Hours later she replied: “Oops. Looks better ON you. That was a funny typo.”