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How To Make Your Own Pickles (For The Cost Of A Cucumber)

picklesDid you pick up your coupon for free Vlasic pickles today? That coupon is great because on sale those pickles are $3.99 a jar. For people like us, who eat pickles so frequently, that can add up.

Thank goodness for Pinterest. I found a way to actually make your own pickles. It’s so simple, it’s a wonder I never thought of this before. I used the Farmer’s Garden by Vlasic pickle jar (because there was a free coupon at the end of May, and I did the photos for the post at the beginning of June, so that’s what was in the fridge).

How To Make Your Own Pickles

What You’ll Need:

  • Pickle juice (so just eat canned pickles and then save the jar and juice)
  • Cucumber

What You’ll Do:


Slice a cucumber lengthwise.


Slice it in half, then into quarters. You can also slice those in half, if you want thinner spears.


Place the spears in the pickle jar. We were only able to fit one cucumber in the jar, so yes, you are paying over $4 for one cucumber.


Close the top and wait four days.

That’s it.

After four days, we tasted the spears and they tasted exactly like the ones we bought from the store. I was so excited to tell my grandma about this (because she loves pickles), and she told me, “I was doing that 20 years ago.”

She was not impressed.

She did tell me that you can keep using the pickle juice, but after a few times, it gets a little weak. If that happens, she said just add a pinch of salt and it will wake the juice back up.

We bought some Dogfish head beer pickles the other day for $8.99 for a jar. Pete was feeling bad about the price, until I reminded him that he could make a second jar by buying a cucumber for under $1. So two jars for $10 is the same as one jar for $5, which is the average price of pickles. Plus, we can always do this a second time. I made those pickles last night, so we have to wait three more days to eat them. Oh, the temptation.

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Laura S.

Friday 28th of June 2013

WOW! I can't believe how much I am paying for one cucumber! I love my claussen pickles though...I need to try this out.