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Avocado Potato Salad

Drugstore Divas received the Good Cook tools and Bertolli olive oil for this review. All other ingredients were purchased by us, not the brands. All thoughts, opinions, and recipe belong to Drugstore Divas.


We eat avocados all the time. They’re full of “good fat” … but they also just taste amazing. My mom and grandma love to eat avocado slices with soy sauce (that’s what we get for being Japanese). Personally, I can’t do them with soy sauce, but Pete and I will eat them everywhere we can.

If you remember, we made avocado mayo for our BLT recently.

With Labor Day BBQs around the corner, I wanted to post Pete’s recipe for Avocado Potato Salad. It’s so good. Plus, it’s a great BBQ salad. It’s one you can make beforehand and keep in the fridge until it’s time to travel to your BBQ (or just bring it out, if you’re hosting it). Plus, our version is so healthy. We don’t use any mayo in it, so it’s a lot healthier than the traditional version where your potatoes are swimming in calories.

We were sent three new kitchen tools from Good Cook, which was perfect for our recipe.


We got a a citrus reamer, citrus zester, and an avocado slicer. Each tool is under $8 on the Good Cook website, which is great.

We used the citrus reamer and the avocado slicer for this recipe. We didn’t need any zest, so the zester is still waiting in the draw to be used. What’s cool about it is you can use it to zest or you can use it to make garnish. You just run the zester around the citrus item (think lime, lemon, anything with a similar skin) and you can make these cute ringlets. You can add them to sangria or maybe just as garnish on a plate. It looks really cool and I actually wish we had it not too long ago when we made sangria for our tiki party.

Guess we’ll just have to have another.

But, onto the avocado potato salad.

Avocado Potato Salad

What You’ll Need:


  • Pinch of salt
  • 8 small potatoes
  • 1 lime
  • 2 avocados
  • 1/2 bunch of cilantro
  • Pinch of pepper
  • Drizzle of olive oil

What You’ll Do:

Rinse the potatoes and cube them (in case that knife looks familiar, it’s from our Good Cook knife review).


Boil the cubed potatoes for 12 minutes (they should be a little firmer than ours … we overboiled them but used all of our potatoes for the recipe, so we dealt).


While the potatoes are boiling, rough chop the cilantro.


Chop the avocado in half and use the avocado slicer. We learned via trial and error on how to really use it to our advantage. We wanted to cube the avocado, so we sliced the avocado horizontally first, then used the slicer vertically and made perfect cubes. You can actually just drag it across the avocado to make slices if you’d prefer.

It works really well and scraped the bottom of the avocado better than I do when I’m just doing this with a spoon. Plus, it saves a little bit of time because to cube it, I usually cut vertically then horizontally, then scoop, so this saved a step.

What I did also photograph, but can’t find a photo of for whatever reason, is that the back of the slicer has a small horn. You can use this to pop out the pit. It’s so incredibly easy.

By the time you’re done, the potatoes should be ready. Add them to a bowl.

avocado5 avocado5a avocado5b

Next is the lime.

What we do with our lemons and limes is we microwave them for ten seconds. They are hot, so be careful, but they are so much easier to work with … plus you get double the amount of juice out of them as opposed to using them cold.

After you microwave it, slice it in half and use the citrus reamer to get out the juice. Just push and twist. Very, very easy. Personally, Pete said he prefers our lime squeezer for limes, but since the squeezer we have is exactly the right size for limes, it’s not compatible with lemons. So he likes this tool for lemons.

Drizzle with olive oil. We used Bertolli Classico olive oil mild taste. We were sent this bottle for review and decided to use it in the potato salad because of the mild taste. The other flavors, like the cilantro, are so strong so I didn’t want to use an oil with a strong taste that would conflict.

The oil was great. It coated the potatoes well, which is why we didn’t have to use any mayo for moisture and we were able to cut down on calories that way. Plus, like the avocados, olive oil is such a good fat that it makes this recipe even better for you.

Bertolli has an extra virgin olive oil that has a rich taste (and you can see the difference between them by the colors of the oil. That one — which we use pretty exclusively in our cooking — has a really rich, dark color; the mild taste has a really light, yellow color. Both are good, just depends on what you’re making).


Add a pinch of salt and pepper, plus the cilantro and stir. Carefully.


When you’re ready, serve. We served ours with a baked chicken (marinated in jerk seasoning, salt, pepper, and lime, topped with onions).

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Monday 13th of April 2015

What a great side to any meal! Delish, delish!


Tuesday 20th of August 2013

Yum! Yum! Gotta try this recipe. Love avocados.


Monday 19th of August 2013

How come I didn't think of this lol. We eat Avocados all the time too. I've been adding them to my veggie/fruit smoothies lately.