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10 Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Get your home spring ready with these 10 Spring Home Maintenance Tips, like changing your filters, checking your lawn mower, and more.

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Get your home spring ready with these 10 Spring Home Maintenance Tips on

We made it, guys. We got through the long winter made it to spring. Which is exciting because who doesn’t love sunshine, warm weather, and being able to open the windows to let some fresh air in.

The calendar might be ready for spring, but is your home?

We put together this list spring home maintenance tips to make sure your house made it through the winter unharmed.

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While you’re doing spring maintenance, you might as well get your spring cleaning done. To make sure you don’t miss anything, check out The Ultimate Guide To Spring Cleaning Your Home for help.

10 Spring Home Maintenance Tips

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To make your life easier, we split these up tips for the inside of your home and tips for the outside of your home. The inside ones are good to check off on the colder spring days, when you’re still getting winter weather, and the outside ones are good to get done during the warmer weather.

Indoor Spring Home Maintenance Tips

An air filter on the ceiling of a home.

Change your filters

Change your filters. All your filters.

To start, change your refrigerator’s water filter. Our fridge has an indicator light that tells us when we need to change the filter, which is super helpful. Changing it every spring (or every six months if you drink a lot of water) is a good rule of thumb.

But those aren’t the only filters you should change.

Change your air filters too. You should actually do that quarterly. An air filter get filled with dust and allergens, which decreases its efficiency. Your HVAC system has to work harder when your air filters are older, and that increases your energy bills and costs you money.

So if you’re planning on using your air conditioner during the spring months (or even the heat, depending on where you live), you want to change these every spring (really, it’s a good idea to do it every season).

Socks on a dryer with a bottle of detergent behind it.

Clean the dryer vent

My aunt and uncle had a terrible fire in their home a couple years ago because of a clogged dryer vent. So please, if you do nothing else this spring, clean your washing machine’s dryer vent.

If your dryer exhaust hose is like ours and isn’t easily accessible, or if you don’t know how to remove and clean your dryer vent, call a professional. It’s the best money you’ll spend.

Also, this should go without saying but just in case, clean your dryer lint trap between every batch of clothes.

A smoke alarm attached to a ceiling in a home with the battery section open.

Change the smoke alarms batteries

Every six months, you should change the batteries in your smoke detectors. A good rule of thumb is to change all the batteries in all your smoke alarms at once, even if they’re not chirping. That way, you know you did them all.

If you make a habit of changing the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors every spring and fall, you’ll always know they’re not dead and the smoke alarms will work in case of an emergency.

It’s also a great time to just double check your fire extinguishers and make sure they’re not expired. Because yes, they do expire.

Look for leaks in the attic or crawl space

Roof damage can be caused by melting snow, which happens during the winter if you live up north (or, this year, if you live in Texas). The water from melting snow can get through cracks in the roof and leak into your attic or crawl space.

In the spring, take a look in your attic or crawl space and look for any signs of leaks and water damage that may have been caused by a leaky roof. Look for mold or wood rot caused by standing water too. If you find any damage, fix it immediately.

A ceiling fan hanging on a ceiling.

Change the direction of your ceiling fan

Seasons dictate which direction your ceiling fans should spin. In the warmer months, the fan should turn left and in the colder months, the ceiling fan should turn right. This is based on cold air going up or down, depending on if you want it to cool you or be away from you.

If you live somewhere with a warm spring, you want to take a minute now to change the direction of all your ceiling fans so that they turn left and bring the cool air down to you.

And don’t forget to give those blades a good cleaning too. You don’t want the dust that’s sitting on them to fall onto your head.

Outdoor Home Maintenance Tips

The irrigation system box opened on a house.

Turn on your irrigation

If your home has in-ground sprinkler systems, you probably turned it off and winterized your irrigation systems either by insulating the components that are above ground or actually removed the pipe and bringing it inside for the winter.

Remove the insulation or put the pipe back, then turn on your irrigation system. You’ll need to use that this spring to start using your sprinkler system, and it won’t work if it’s turned off.

​It’s also a good time to check the sprinkler heads to make sure that they’re clear and the ground around them is also clear so they can come out of the ground when you water the grass with ease.

The corner of a home where you can see the gutters.

Clean your gutters

If you have trees close to your home, there’s a good chance they spent the fall and winter dropping leaves, pine needles, acorns, or more into your gutters.

Climb onto a ladder and either remove any debris by hand or if you have a leaf blower, just blow out the gutters.

I haven’t tried them, but I’ve heard of gutter guards, which go either into or on top of your gutters and keep out all the debris. If you buy those, you can skip this maintenance every year.

McGowan-Barksdale-Bundy House in Abbeville, SC.

Check your roof

We live in an area that’s prone to hurricanes. And a couple years ago, when a hurricane was directly over our town for three days, it damaged so many roofs in our area. Ours was fine, thank goodness, but our next door neighbor lost shingles and had a leak into his attic.

Roof damage can be caused by hurricanes, which happen a lot during fall and winter. Or from winter storms with snow, which we mentioned when we talked about checking your attic or crawl space.

If you did find damage in those areas of your home, or honestly even if you didn’t, you might want to get up on your roof and look for any cracks, missing shingles, buckled wood, and other signs of damage. Checking now and making any necessary repairs on those small areas can prevent replacing your entire roof later on.

A ladder next to a house a with a bottle with power washing liquid in front of it.

Pressure wash your home and driveway

There’s so much dirt that accumulates on your home’s siding. Between rain, snow, leaves, birds, and mildew, you have no idea what’s all over your home. So you definitely want to pressure wash your home annually.

The best time to power wash is in the spring. Winter is cold, summer is hot, and fall makes a mess of your home so you’d be pressure washing it all the time. Take one spring day, break out your pressure washer, and have at it.

While you’re doing your home, be sure to pressure wash your driveway, porch, and any patio furniture. It makes such a big difference in your curb appeal.

An automower on a lawn.

Check the lawn mower

The first spring we lived in our home, we bought a gas lawn mower. We didn’t know anything about lawn mower maintenance. So when the second spring rolled around, our lawn mower didn’t work. We didn’t flush it or remove the gas from the previous season. It ended up being an easy fix, we just didn’t know what to do.

Now we do.

And now you should too. Every spring, check your lawn mowers. Check the spark plugs, blades, all the common lawn mower parts. Be sure your lawn mower has gas and oil too.

If you’re like us and have an Automower, you know that needs a little love and care at the beginning of every season. So be sure to check that exposed wires are covered, there aren’t any breaks in your loop, and that the Automower’s software is up to date.

Which of these 10 Spring Home Maintenance Tips is most helpful to you? Let us know in the comments.


Friday 26th of April 2024

All of these are such necessary tasks! Thank you for organizing them into one place.


Thursday 25th of April 2024

Those are some great tips! I'll be doing some of these even though it's Autumn here at the moment!


Monday 22nd of April 2024

Great tips! We've started most of these.


Thursday 18th of April 2024

Lots of great tips! Our house really needs a good pressure washing this spring... if it will ever stop raining.

Jennifer Wise

Tuesday 16th of April 2024

These are great tips! Several I already do regularly, but not others, so this is a good reminder.