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SeaWorld All Day Dining: Everything You Need To Know (2023 Update)

This SeaWorld All Day Dining: Everything You Need To Know post is sponsored and based on SeaWorld Orlando and is updated for 2023.

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A plate of barbecue from Voyager's Smokehouse in SeaWorld with the words "Everything You Need To Know About SeaWorld Orlando All Day Dining" digitally written on top.

My parents go to SeaWorld every year for New Year’s Eve. They say the best part is adding on the All Day Dining. For a flat-rate ($49.99 for adults, $24.99 for kids in 2023), you can eat once every 90 minutes you’re at the park.

It sounded like a lot of fun.

So when we went to Florida in 2019, we went to SeaWorld. So I had to try out the All Day Dining. It was awesome.

The SeaWorld sign in SeaWorld Orlando.

SeaWorld All Day Dining: Everything You Need To Know

This is specifically based on our trip to SeaWorld Orlando. Prices and offers are subject to change, so be sure to check the SeaWorld location you’re going to for the most up to date info.

How much is All Day Dining at SeaWorld?

It’s $49.99 for adults and $24.99 for kids (ages 3 to 9). That’s in addition to your SeaWorld ticket.

Purchase SeaWorld admission tickets here.

Is there a SeaWorld All Day Dining deal coupon?


SeaWorld was offering a limited-time deal where you could get $5 off All Day Dining. In December 2020, at SeaWorld Orlando there was a buy three, get one free deal, which made the All Day Dining pass only $29.99 a person.

You can sometimes save a little money when you bundle the park ticket and All Day Dining together. Before you go to the park, check out SeaWorld’s website to see if there are any deals going on.

Do you need to purchase an All Day Dining Pass ahead of time?

No, you don’t have to order an All Day Dining Pass before you go to the park. You can order it online at if that’s easier for you or you purchase it after you enter the park either via the SeaWorld app or at a kiosk at the park.

If you want to add it on in the middle of the day, you can do that too. You can add it at a specific kiosk in the park or at any participating restaurant.

A woman wearing an All Day Dining bracelet at SeaWorld Orlando.

What do you get with SeaWorld’s All Day Dining?

I’m talking physically what do you get here.

When you purchase your All Day Dining pass online, you get a voucher. At the first restaurant you go to, you will turn in that voucher at the restaurant’s register and you’ll get a bracelet with a barcode. Each time you redeem your All Day Dining, that barcode will be scanned.

If you have a child who also has a pass, and if your child doesn’t want to wear the wristband or if your child has sensory sensitivity and cannot wear it, you can wear the wristband for them.

Just be sure to keep track of which wristband is your child’s because different meals are available for kids, so you want to make sure the correct wristband is scanned.

Also, speaking of sensory sensitivity, here’s a small aside: SeaWorld is a Certified Autism Center and staff are trained accordingly in topics such as sensory awareness, autism overview, and more.

In fact, the SeaWorld Orlando has a quiet room located in Sesame Street Land, and another near the Information and Reservations Counter, filled with sensory boards, cozy seating, and more. Groups are only allowed in one per time, so you’ll have a personal setting for your child(ren).

SeaWorld Orlando also has a Ride Accessibility Program to allow special access to rides for guests who cannot wait in line due to his or her needs.

How often can you eat with SeaWorld All Day Dining?

You can eat once every 90 minutes at SeaWorld Orlando and SeaWorld San Diego. At SeaWorld San Antonio, you can eat once every 90 minutes.

It’s done every 90 minutes from when you used the barcode last. So if you get a meal at 2 pm, you have to wait until 3:30 pm to eat again.

What is included in SeaWorld All Day Dining?

With SeaWorld All Day Dining, you can get a regular sized non-alcoholic fountain drink (bottled water is excluded in 2023, although it was available previously) and an entrée, plus a side or dessert every 90 minutes.

Each restaurant has a sign delineating the SeaWorld All Day Dining menu. You don’t get to choose off the full menu, but you do get to choose from the majority of it.

A man holding a beer and food in SeaWorld Orlando.

Is beer included in SeaWorld’s All Day Dining pass?

Alcohol is not included in the general All Day Dining pass. You used to be able to add on an All Day Drinking pass, but that is not available as of 2022.

But, in case it comes back, here are what the details were:

Beer at SeaWorld Orlando is $10.99 for a regular beer and $11.99 for a craft beer. An All Day Drinking pass was $15.

You could purchase an All Day Drinking pass without purchasing an All Day Dining pass.

A SeaWorld All Day Drinking pass allowed you to get one beer, every hour at SeaWorld Orlando.

Is All Day Drinking at SeaWorld worth it?

I don’t drink. So for me, it wouldn’t be worth it to add on the All Day Drinking pass. But, if you do drink, and you have at least two beers during your time at the park, it’s absolutely worth it.

Two beers would cost you about $22, and the All Day Drinking pass is only $15, so you’re already saving $7.

A slice of cheesecake in SeaWorld Orlando.

Do you need to eat everything at once?

No. You can redeem just your entrée at one restaurant and then get a side at another. Or just stop in for dessert. You don’t need to get a meal every redemption. We did, but you don’t have to.

If you want to, you can just redeem your drink. That’s what my parents usually do because it gets hot in Orlando and it’s nice to get a drink every redemption to stay hydrated.

When I went in 2018, we ate a meal every redemption and there were still things I wanted to try that we ran out of time to eat.

A muffin, fruit, and coffee in SeaWorld Orlando.

Can you get breakfast?

Yes. At SeaWorld Orlando, Seafire Grill has a continental breakfast from when the park opens until 11 am. You can get muffins, a fruit cup, and coffee (milk or fountain drinks are also included).

Can you eat at all the SeaWorld restaurants?

You can’t. The Up Close Dining with Shamu is one of the restaurants that isn’t included in SeaWorld Orlando’s All Day Dining. On the SeaWorld app, you can go under “Dining”, click on a restaurant, and there will be an “All-Day Dining Deal” icon in the upper right corner so you can tell exactly what restaurants are currently participating.

There are eight total participating SeaWorld All Day Dining restaurants in 2023: Altitude Burger, Captain Pete’s Island Hot Dogs, Expedition Café, Lakeside Grill*, Lakeside Panini Bistro*, Seafire Grill, Voyager’s Smokehouse, and Waterway Grill.

Note: Lakeside Grill and Lakeside Panini Bistro are included in the fine print on the app, as is Mama’s Pretzel Kitchen. The “All-Day Dining Deal” icon does not appear the app for these locations.

We confirmed that Mama’s Pretzel Kitchen is not participating.

Restaurants which used to participate in SeaWorld All Day Dining, but don’t in 2023, are: Flamecraft Bar and Mama’s Pretzel Kitchen.

The Food Trucks in Sesame Street Land do not say that are participating in the app, but appear to be participating at the park.

A girl eating barbecue at Voyager's Smokehouse in SeaWorld Orlando.

What’s the best food at SeaWorld Orlando?

Our favorite of restaurants at SeaWorld Orlando was Voyager’s Smokehouse. The brisket sampler (which came with brisket, sausage, 1/4 chicken, and fries — just as the entrée!) was amazing.

We had it for dinner, but if I knew how good it was, I would have eaten it every redemption.

A boy eating a pretzel in SeaWorld Orlando.

We also really loved the pretzel dog at Mama’s Pretzel Kitchen. It’s a Nathan’s Hot Dog, which is actually my favorite kind, so that was delicious. My aunt said she had always dreamed of eating a pretzel dog, so this meal was literally a dream come true for her.

This was actually the only place where I saw Powerade as a fountain drink, so it’s a bummer that the restaurant doesn’t participate anymore. Mama’s Pretzel Kitchen is under new ownership, so that’s why there was a change.

Chinese food on a table.

What is the worst restaurant at SeaWorld Orlando?

This is my blog, so I’m allowed to be honest.

If I was going back to SeaWorld again, I would skip the Expedition Café. We liked that it was in Antarctica and near Antarctica: Emperor Of The Penguin, which was the favorite ride of the day for my cousin’s kids.

But the food at the cafe was just okay. I wasn’t crazy about my Chicken Teriyaki, my cousin didn’t love her pizza, and my mom’s orange chicken wasn’t that great.

With so many options and a limited number of options, I wouldn’t go back for this.

A salad in a bowl.

Are there healthy options on the SeaWorld dining plan?

Well, there used to be. At Mango Joe’s, there was a serve your own salad option with four to choose from: caprese salad, Caesar salad, summer salad, and a kale salad.

But Mango Joe’s is now Altitude Burgers and there are no more salads on the menu. There is fresh fruit as an option of a side, which was the option at most restaurants, so at least there’s that. Waterway Grill does have an Amazon Salad.

Does SeaWorld All Day Dining have vegan options?

In 2019, SeaWorld announced that a few of the restaurants serve the Impossible Burger. That’s a plant-based burger that’s so good. We’ve had them before, and I loved it. (You can see more here.)

I can’t find the Impossible Burger on any of the menus online anymore, so it seems the partnership is over.

The only vegetarian entrées I can find on all day dining are the Seared Tuna entrée at Waterway Grill, a cheese pizza at Altitude Burgers, and Vegetable Stir Fry at Expedition Café.

A food truck in SeaWorld Orlando.

Are the SeaWorld All Day Dining kids meals different than the adult meals?

They are. Each restaurant has a separate kids menu and kids can only order off of that. You’ll see it posted in each restaurant.

For an example: At the food trucks in Sesame Street Land, the kids meal is a half grilled cheese while the adults meal is a full grilled cheese. My mom got a tasty Veggie Grilled Cheese sandwich at the Yummy Yummy Nom Noms truck there.

Just for a little more clarity: The kids plan is the same as the adult plan as far as how often you can eat. So kids can get one drink and one entree PLUS either a side or a dessert every 90 minutes. Each child will get his/her own wristband. When the wristband is scanned at checkout, the register will know it is a child’s band and will, therefore, only allow you to get a kids meal.

Can you share SeaWorld All Day Dining?

No, you can’t. So if you’re traveling with another adult, or with a child ages 3 to 9, you need to purchase a separate dining plan for that person.

The Spice Mill restaurant in SeaWorld Orlando.

Can you take any of the food to go?

You don’t have to sit inside the restaurant to eat. The Spice Mill (which is now the Lakeside Grill) had a lot of seats inside, but we took our turkey sandwiches to the small tables outside to eat. It was a beautiful day when we were there, and we wanted to enjoy the sunshine outdoors.

Captain Pete's Hot Dogs and the Stingray Lagoon in SeaWorld Orlando.

If you mean to go after you leave the park, it’s not that easy. None of the cups have lids or straws for the safety of the animals. And most of the meals are served on plates, not in to go containers.

No one is going to stop you if you try to leave the park with cookies, but you can’t really walk out of SeaWorld with a hot dog from Captain Pete’s Hot Dogs. Instead, just feed yourself a hot dog then walk over to feed the stingrays. They’re right next to each other, so that’s perfect.

Are holiday treats included?

Someone asked this in a comment, so I had to include this.

The holiday treats, like the flavored hot chocolate stand, aren’t included in the All Day Dining plan. It’s the same restaurants/menu for the Christmas/holiday season as it is during the rest of the year.

Is All Day Dining at SeaWorld worth it?

All Day Dining at SeaWorld is worth every penny. I probably drank my cost just in bottled water.

When we ate at Voyager’s Smokehouse, my total would have been just over $24. When you think about that, an extra $16 got me meals for the rest of the day. That’s an amazing deal.

So if you’re planning on having more than one meal during your day at SeaWorld, the All Day Dining pass will pay for itself.

SeaWorld All Day Dining: Frequently Asked Questions

SeaWorld Orlando Address:

7007 Sea World Dr.

SeaWorld Orlando Phone Number:

(407) 545-5550

SeaWorld All Day Dining Hours:

SeaWorld All Day Dining is available during the park’s opening hours.

Currently, in January 2023, hours are:
Monday to Friday: 10 am to 6 pm (varies on 1/2, 1/6, 1/16, and 1/27)
Saturday: 9 am to 7 pm (varies on 1/7 and 1/28)
Sunday: opens 9 am, closing time varies (opens 10 am on 1/29)
Monday: 9 am to 7 pm

Operating hours vary by season.

What restaurants participate in SeaWorld Orlando All Day Dining?

There are eight total participating SeaWorld All Day Dining restaurants in 2023:

Altitude Burger
Captain Pete’s Island Hot Dogs
Expedition Café
Lakeside Grill*
Lakeside Panini Bistro*
Seafire Grill
Voyager’s Smokehouse
Waterway Grill

Note: Lakeside Grill and Lakeside Panini Bistro are included in the fine print on the app, as is Mama’s Pretzel Kitchen. The “All-Day Dining Deal” icon does not appear the app for these locations.

We confirmed Mama’s Pretzel Kitchen is not participating. The food truck in Sesame Street Land may be participating. Double check with those locations before ordering your food.

How much is SeaWorld All Day Dining?

For 2023, SeaWorld All Day Dining is $49.99 for adults and $24.99 for kids ages 3 to 9. This is in addition to the SeaWorld ticket price.

Purchase SeaWorld admission tickets here.

If you order SeaWorld tickets online, you can add all day dining on when you get to the park. You can also order all day dining online. You’ll receive a voucher to redeem at the park when you get there.

The Welcome to Florida sign with the words "10 Things To Do In Orlando Besides Theme Parks" digitally written on top.

Things To Do In Orlando, Florida:

If you’re on vacation in Orlando, here are a few things to do in or around town:

Have you purchased  the SeaWorld Orlando All Day Dining deal? What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments.

Normarie Santiago

Sunday 21st of May 2023

Hi! I will be visiting Sea World Orlando in June 2023. Do you know if we can pre-order food via the app if you have the all day dining plan? (Just trying to avoid spending extra time as I’ve heard the lines can be long). Also, are you allowed to order food for others while others queu in line for attractions? For example, we are a party of 3 and we will be buying 3 dining plans. However, if the wristband is removable, can I order food for my husband while he rides a rollercoaster with our daughter? Or does each person have to be physically there to get the food?

Hope this makes sense!

drugstore diva lisa

Monday 22nd of May 2023

When we were there last, mobile ordering wasn't available so I'm not sure if you can pre-order food via the app. I'll have to look into that and see if I can find the answer. For your other question, you cannot order food for another adult. The wristband must be scanned at checkout, which means your husband has to be there to have his wristband scanned. It's not removable. They did allow my cousin to wear a wristband for her son (who has sensory sensitivity and wasn't able to wear the wristband himself).

Laura Davenport

Saturday 30th of July 2022

We are coming from the UK in Sept and want to do the all day dining. Do we have to wait until we are there to purchase it or could I buy it now and use it when we come. We are trying to plan and would prefer to get it so we know that's one less thing to worry about

Many thanks


drugstore diva lisa

Saturday 30th of July 2022

You can purchase it ahead of time. You'll get a printout with your All Day Dining Pass on it. Redeem it at the first restaurant where you dine and they'll give you your wristband. You can also purchase your admission tickets online ahead of time as well.


Wednesday 28th of July 2021

I bought all day dining tickets for sea world san antonio. However, I want to upgrade to all day dining for both sea world and aquatica now. Do you know how can I do that? Thank you!

drugstore diva lisa

Thursday 29th of July 2021

When you get to one of the parks, there should be a kiosk where you can upgrade your ticket to a dining pass for both. I would call SeaWorld San Antonio to make sure (because I've only been to the Orlando park, but I remember seeing a kiosk there).

Stephanie Dragotta

Thursday 24th of September 2020

Thanks for the article! I will be there in a few days and i have to young kids so my thoughts are to purchase one dining plan and let them share the meals. I may do the same for me and my husband. Purchase one adult plan. let one adult use the meal plan and the other adult can order what they want but then we can share snacks and drinks and extra meals throughout the day.

Mallory Panchelli

Thursday 2nd of January 2020

We did the all day dining pass and it was great. If we didn't have it, we wouldn't of ate like we did! We were allowed to get bottled soda (we didn't realize this until the end of the day) but that was great to be able to close up & put in the stroller. I think next time we will do it again!