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How To Keep Water From Boiling Out Of The Pot

I work at home, which is a lot busier than you think it would be. People think, oh, you  work at home. You can do laundry and make dinner while you work. And you can whistle too. Sure, it seems like that’s all possible, but it’s really a lot of multitasking. Unloading the dishwasher while coffee is brewing; boiling eggs while I take a shower.

Yes to that last part. Very much yes.

It’s actually the perfect amount of time. Put eggs in water on the stove. Take a shower. Come back, eggs are ready.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Don’t you worry about the water boiling over?” No. Why? Because I have a trick.

Don't fear water boiling out of the post. It won't with this life hack from Learn how to Keep Water From Boiling Out Of The Pot.

How To Keep Water From Boiling Out Of The Pot

This is easy and the best life hack I can give you.

When you put water in a pot on the stove, put a wooden spoon over the top. I use bamboo wooden spoons, but any sort of wood will work. Just place it on top and go about your day. The water will boil but when it hits the spoon, it will simmer back down. Seriously. All on its own. It’s kind of like magic.

Test it out today when you’re making pasta. Or eggs for egg salad. You’ll be amazed.

Do you have any other life hacks?