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Happy New Year (& Superstitious Advice From My Grandma)

Happy New Year. Start it off with superstitions advice from my Japanese grandma that will help you start 2024 right.

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Two women with Happy New Year hats and the words "Happy New Year & Superstitious Advice From My Grandma" digitally written on top.

My grandma had a superstition: Whatever you do on New Year’s, you’ll do all year.

If you spend money, you’ll be spending (not saving) all year. So you’re not allowed to shop.

If you fight with someone, you’ll be fighting all year. So you’re not allowed to fight.

If you work, you’ll be working all year. So that’s why I always take New Year’s Day off.

It’s my favorite Japanese superstition because it just flips your mindset. You make sure to be nicer to everyone so that you don’t end up fighting all year. You take off work and relax so that your year isn’t stressful. And you don’t do any laundry or cleaning because no one wants to do that all year (even though, let’s face it, you will be cleaning all year long).

When we used to go to New York for Christmas, I always told Pete we had to leave on January 2. If we left on the 1st, we’d be leaving people we love all year long.

So today, relax so you won’t stress in 2024. Call your friends and family so that you be connecting with friends and family all year.

Try and spend a little less time with the people in your phone and a little more time with the people who are in front of you.

Drugstore Divas had plans be back tomorrow … because my grandma never had any superstitions about January 2nd.

Today I’m taking the day off from the computer. Superstitions, ya know?

All of us at Drugstore Divas (you know, that means me and Pete … it’s a small operation over here) want to wish all of you a very happy and safe new year.

Thank you for being a part of Drugstore Divas for all these years. Can’t wait to find out what 2024 has in store.

Also, this is the 14th time I’ve wished a Happy New Year to you and yours. How amazing is that?

So to all of you who have been around this site for over an entire decade and have seen it evolve from a hobby blog about couponing to the amazing frugal lifestyle site that it is now, thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting my dream, my passion, and my family.


Friday 21st of January 2022

My wife's maiden last name is "Maruyama" I had her laughing with grandma's superstitions