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Happy July 4th

It’s July 4th, a day for freedom and love of country.

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July 4th balloons with the words "Happy July 4th" digitally written above them.

July 4th is about so much more than drinking beer and playing with explosives.

It’s about our country, our freedom, the men and women who fought for us, who fight for us, and who will fight for us.

This year, I get it. It feels like we’re all doing so much fighting. And not the good fighting that brought us our independence. That was an us versus them mentality. The fighting right now is an us versus us fighting.

But we’re all fighting for the same thing: a better America. And today, maybe we can pause and remember that. We’re fighting for the same bottom line. Maybe our vision of that bottom line is different, but the goal is the same.

So, from the top, middle, and very bottom of my heart, I want to wish a Happy Independence Day to everyone who fought for that independence and to everyone who is independent because of it.

Don’t spend this day just enjoying fireworks, happy you have a day off from work. Think about the reason you get to enjoy those simple pleasures. Think about the people who fought for you to have those simple pleasures. And think about what fighting you need to do to keep them.