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20 Cute Kitchen Timers

Fun Kitchen Timers can add a little whimsy to your kitchen. Check out this list of 20 Cute Kitchen Timers to get inspired.

I love cute things. Anything that can add a little personality into a space is on the top of my list. So of course, I was in love when we got an adorable owl-shaped kitchen timer as a Christmas gift a few years ago. Plus, novelty kitchen timers are the perfect size for stocking stuffers. So I decided to sit down and put together a list of 20 Cute Kitchen Timers.

The majority of these are animal kitchen timers, but not all of them are. They are all really fun kitchen timers, though. That’s for sure.

20 Cute Kitchen Timers

Owlet Kitchen Timer

It makes sense to kick this list off with the one of the kitchen timers we own.

We have this super cute Owlet Kitchen Timer in blue, although it’s currently only available in red. The red one sort of reminds me of an apple, which actually makes perfect sense in the kitchen.

Green Bird Timer

I absolutely love this Green Bird Timer. It’s so whimsical and cute, and would actually just make a good piece of kitchen décor. So it’s great that it’s a kitchen timer and actually has a function.

The green bird is my favorite, but it also comes in blue, yellow, and pink, in case you need to match someone’s kitchen where green would clash.

Monkey Kitchen Timer

I love how simple this Monkey Kitchen Timer is. He just sits up tall and watches over your food while it cooks. Always with a smile (even if you’re not cooking banana bread).

Tomato Kitchen Timer

Maybe it’s just me, but I think the Tomato Kitchen Timer is the most classic kitchen timer. It’s the one that you need in your kitchen, if you don’t like any of the other ones.

Chicken Kitchen Timer

This Chicken Kitchen Timer is adorable. I personally like the yellow one more than the black, but you can’t go wrong with either.

Chef Kitchen Timer

I love this Chef Kitchen Timer. She’s so cute and roly-poly and fun. I feel like the chef should rock back and forth as she’s counting down the time, rather than spinning in a circle, but clearly, no one consulted me on the design.

Alarm Clock Kitchen Timer

There’s something so tongue and cheek about this Alarm Clock Kitchen Timer. If only it gave an annoying, non-stop ding when timer was done. Hey, maybe it does.

Purple Cow Kitchen Timer

I don’t know why this cow is purple. No idea. But it’s purple. And only purple. You can’t buy this in white, which would make sense. But purple it is.

Panda Kitchen Timer

You can’t help but smile at this Panda Kitchen Timer. And that’s good because sometimes you need to smile when you’re in the kitchen because sometimes your dinner is on fire.

Mechanical timer without battery charge cartoon Fish cute kitchen timer, magnet design, 1-60 minute timer, mini size/2.7in

Fish Kitchen Timer

If you know someone getting married soon, you need to add this Fish Kitchen Timer to their wedding gift. It’s so cute for a new couple and perfect for their first kitchen.

Sailor Moon Luna Kitchen Timer

Sailor Moon fans, I got you. You can get this cute Sailor Moon Luna Kitchen Timer. Non-moonies will think it’s just a cute cat … but you and I will know the truth.

Mechanical Rotating Egg Timer for Kitchen,0~60 Minutes Timer for Mulitpurpose(Purple)

Owl Kitchen Timer

Owls are my favorite, so of course, a second owl had to make this list. This Owl Kitchen Timer is a little smaller than the one that kicked off this list, so it may be better for you if you have a tiny nook to fill. It comes in blue, purple, red, and orange.

Pineapple Kitchen Timer

Pineapples were so popular a couple years ago. If your kitchen still has some tropical-themed accessories because of it, you need to add this Pineapple Kitchen Timer to the mix.

White Cat Kitchen Timer

Like cats but not into Sailor Moon so you don’t want that cat kitchen timer that’s above? No worries. You can go with this White Cat Kitchen Timer instead. It is staring at and swooping at a cute mouse on the side. So, as it spins, it’s like the cat is constantly chasing the mouse, so that’s adorable.

15. Little Monster Kitchen Timer

How stinking cute is this Little Monster Kitchen Timer? It gets better though because it comes it blue, where the monster has an ice cream cone, and pink, where the monster has a tea.

Kikkerland Hedgehog 60-Minute Kitchen Timer, Brown

Hedgehog Kitchen Timer

Hedgehogs are cute and becoming the next sloths (which are the new unicorns), and if you followed that, you need this Hedgehog Kitchen Timer because you know where this is going.

Penguin Kitchen Timer

My brother loves penguins, so this Penguin Kitchen Timer is perfect for him. Is it perfect for someone you know too?

Stand Mixer Kitchen Timer

I’m in love with this Stand Mixer Kitchen Timer. The bowl spins as the timer counts down the time, which is really adorable. It sort of looks like the stand mixer is actually working.

Percolator Kitchen Timer

If you know a coffee fan, they’re sure to own a percolator. It’s a great way to make coffee on the stove. I actually bought Pete one for our six month anniversary over a decade ago. So your coffee fan will love this Percolator Kitchen Timer. It’ll compliment their coffee décor well.

Pig Timer

What better way is there to make sure you don’t overcook your bacon than with a Pig Timer? This one is so cute. Just set him high above your stove and don’t let him look down on your pork chops.

Where to buy kitchen timers:

This list is what we consider to be the best kitchen timers. But what if you want to peruse food timers yourself and see what catches your eye. There are a bunch of online stores to buy kitchen timers at.

You can purchase kitchen timers at the following stores:

Don’t forget. If you order online, you can save on shipping charges by either hitting each store’s minimum purchase price or choosing curbside or instore pickup.

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Looking for more kitchen accessories/kitchen gifts?

If you’re looking for more kitchen accessories to add to a gift with one of these kitchen timers, you’re in luck. We have a few other posts that will help you put that kitchen gift together.

Which of these fun kitchen timers is your favorite? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

Cindy Ingalls

Tuesday 17th of September 2019

These timers are so fun. I especially love ones with the Star Wars Theme. I wouldn't mind having R2D2 tell me my time is up.

Mommy Sigrid

Sunday 15th of September 2019

Wow! I don't have a kitchen timer and then I get to see this. Now, I NEED one. haha I dunno if these are available in our locality. I haven't seen these in our local stores. :(


Saturday 14th of September 2019

What a lovely round-up of timers. I am confused now which one to pick. Penguin one got my vote.

Silvia Martinez

Friday 13th of September 2019

How much fun!! I loved the dead star timer and the tomato timer. I need one of each!


Friday 13th of September 2019

These are all so fun, and the animal ones are extra cute! My favourites are the panda and pineapple.