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5+ Unique S’mores Recipes

S’mores are a classic summer treat. But, you don’t have to make them in the classic way. Get inspired by this list of Unique S’mores Recipes.

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S'mores ingredients in a bag with the words "Unique S'mores Recipes" digitally written on top.

Campfire s’mores are the easiest recipe. Toast a marshmallow over an open flame, then squish it between chocolate and graham crackers. Simple. Delicious.

But that’s not the only s’mores recipe there is. You can come up with really fun twists on s’mores. So of course, I had to compile a list of unique s’mores recipes.

Because campfire s’mores are great, but you don’t always have a campfire handy. And sometimes, you want s’mores at home without having to go camping.

So if you want your s’mores fix without the flame, or if it’s winter and you don’t feel like setting up the firepit in the cold weather, just pick one of the recipes off the list below. These recipes will absolutely satisfy your s’mores craving without having to go outdoors and without having to make s’mores in the microwave (which people do!).

Unique S’mores Recipes

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A s'mores pretzel on a napkin with the words "Soft Pretzel S'mores" digitally written on top.

Soft Pretzel S’mores

These Soft Pretzel S’mores are a really fun twist on a classic s’mores recipe.

It has the elements of s’mores — chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker — but all on top of a soft pretzel instead of in a cracker sandwich form.

What makes these so easy is the fact that you don’t have to toast the marshmallow. It’s marshmallow creme, not melted marshmallow, so you don’t have to worry about a flame for them.

Puff Pastry S'mores Bites on a cutting board surrounded by chocolate chips and the words "Puff Pastry S'mores Bites" digitally written on top.

Puff Pastry S’mores Bites

Instead of using graham crackers, these Puff Pastry S’mores Bites use puff pastry as the base.

Puff pastry is so easy to work with, so don’t skip this recipe if you’ve never tried it. Making it from scratch isn’t that easy, but this recipe uses store bought puff pastry, so it’s simple.

Cut the puff pastry into pieces and bake it (that’s how it puffs). Add your s’mores toppings, heat them a tiny bit, and you’ve got a delicious dessert.

With this, you put them under broil for a minute, so you get the delicious char on the marshmallow that everyone loves.

A quesadilla on a plate with chocolate and marshmallows and the words "S'mores Quesadillas" digitally written on top.

S’mores Quesadillas

When people think of quesadillas, they usually think about savory quesadillas. But these S’mores Quesadillas will become your new favorite.

Flour tortillas replace the graham crackers in this s’mores twist. You fill them with chocolate and marshmallows, then cook like a regular quesadilla. The chocolate will melt, the marshmallow will get gooey, and the tortillas will hold it all together.

We make these when we’re having quesadilla night, already have the quesadilla maker out, and we need a dessert. Just be sure to clean the quesadilla maker in between dinner and dessert. You don’t want any of the savory fillings that dripped out the side to find their way into your dessert quesadilla.

S'mores ingredients on a plate with the words "S More S'mores, Please" digitally written on top.

Foil-Wrapped Grilled S’mores

At first, these Foil-Wrapped Grilled S’mores seem like more a twist on the cooking method than the recipe for s’mores. But, once you get into the post, you actually get a bunch of different recipes for the chocolate portion of the s’mores, using more than just a plain chocolate bar.

And then, of course, there’s the twist of grilling them instead of the traditional cooking method. It’s great for when you want to make a bunch of s’mores at once for a crowd. This way, they all cook at once — and are all ready at once. It’s a lot easier than trying to make one at a time.

Plus, the cleanup is basically non-existent. Since the s’mores are wrapped in foil, they won’t make a mess on your grill and you don’t have any sort of cleanup (beside, you know, turning off and closing the grill).

Pieces of s'mores fudge with the words "Homemade S'mores Fudge Wedding Favors" digitally written on top.

S’mores Fudge

Fudge is generally a two ingredient dessert. And the base of this S’mores Fudge is just that: two ingredient fudge.

But then, you add in marshmallows and graham crackers to go from plain chocolate fudge to s’mores fudge.

You do need to make this ahead of time and let it sit in the fridge before you can cut it, so this isn’t something you can make the moment you start craving s’mores. You have to anticipate your s’mores craving.

This recipe calls them wedding favors, but if you aren’t planning a wedding, you can still use these as party favors or just a dinner party dessert. Since you cut them into bite sized pieces, they’re really easy to serve to a crowd.

Packs of chocolate, graham cracker, and a ghost Peep with the words "Spooky S'mores Wedding Favors" digitally written below it.

Spooky S’mores Wedding Favors

Don’t skip this Spooky S’mores Wedding Favors idea if you’re not planning a wedding. These work perfectly as party favors too — especially Halloween parties.

So yes, at the core, these are basically just packaged s’mores. But, they’re really cute and packaged with Halloween Peeps, so the twist is using Peeps instead of plain marshmallows.

These are spooky because of the ghost Peep, but you can actually makes these for any holiday. Use traditional Peeps to make these for Easter, Christmas tree Peeps to make these as stocking stuffers … you get the idea.

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Which of these unique s’mores recipes will you try first? Let us know in the comments.

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I had no idea there were so many, many, many ways to make smores!!!!


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I knew they were popular, buy that's an amazing compilation of recipes. I remember loving them as a kid while camping with my parents. - Margy


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