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Top 20+ Gifts For Gamers

If you have a gamer on your shopping list, you’ll love this gifts for gamers list. There’s gifts for Nintendo fans, Sega lovers, and more.

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A few summers ago, Pete’s dad sent him his old Game Boy from 1989, and it has brought back so many memories. That was sandwiched between Netflix releasing two gamer-related documentaries: The Speed Cubers (about the Rubix Cube and friendship and had me crying the whole 40 minutes) and High Score (about video games, which had us nostalgic). So games had been on our mind that summer, and so had this Gifts for Gamers gift guide.

The list is filled with items you can get for the people in your life who like playing video games. There are t-shirts and socks and drinkware, things of that nature.

None of these items are things to improve their gaming, like game chairs or headphone, because honestly, gamers know exactly which chair is the most aerodynamic for RPG’s.

We don’t know that. Our Game Boy doesn’t require much more than a couple batteries to be playable at its optimum.

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Top 20+ Gifts For Gamers

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Engraved Nintendo GameBoy Design Flip Lighter.

Engraved Nintendo Game Boy Flip Lighter

If you know a gamer who smokes (or just lights fireworks or candles, whatever), this Engraved Nintendo Game Boy Flip Lighter is the perfect gift idea. It’ll be such a fun talking piece when he pulls it out of his pocket. Plus, it looks cooler sitting out on a table than a plain lighter does.

Super Mario Bros Lamp.

Super Mario Bros. Lamp

I love this Super Mario Bros. lamp because the lamp itself is really cool. But the best part about it is that the lamp is attached to an NES controller. That’s just adds to the retro fun of this lamp.

Playstation Controller Alarm Clock.

Playstation Controller Alarm Clock

If your gamer is a Playstation player, he’ll love this Playstation Controller Alarm Clock. It looks exactly like a Playstation controller. And it’s the perfect clock for the game room.

Dungeon & Dragons Decorative Wood Coasters.

D&D Decorative Wood Coasters

Gaming doesn’t just mean video games. Dungeon & Dragons players are gamers too. So of course, these D&D Decorative Wood Coasters are perfect for D&D players. And that 20-sided die coaster is amazing (and honestly, the reason I added them to this list).

Donkey Kong Wall Clock.

Donkey Kong Wall Clock

This Donkey Kong Wall Clock is so eye-catching. It’ll be so bold on the wall in your gamer’s room. The full Donkey Kong Wall Clock is a 12-inch circle, so you’ll be able to tell time even from the other side of the room.

Nintendo Mario Kart No Idea What I'm Doing Graphic T-Shirt.

Mario Kart I Have No Idea What I’m Doing Shirt

I’m crying over this Mario Kart I Have No Idea What I’m Doing Shirt. Mostly because I really have no idea what I’m doing when I play Mario Kart. I’m always driving off the road, flipping on my own bananas, coming in last place. So really, this shirt is me. It also has a double meaning, which is funny too.

80s Video Game Vintage Retro Arcade T-Shirt.

Space Invaders T-Shirt

For old school gamers, this Space Invaders T-Shirt is absolutely perfect. It features four of the space invaders in their original byte form. You can choose men’s, women’s, or youth sizes and 10 different colors.

Super Mario Color Changing Mug.

Super Mario Color Changing Mug

This Super Mario Coloring Changing is the perfect glass for your gamer. When it’s cold, it looks like a scene where Super Mario had gone down a tunnel. When it’s warm, you get an above ground scene from the game. That’s awesome.

Kirby Tote Bag.

Kirby Tote Bag

I never played Kirby, so really, all I know about him is he’s a cute, pink puff ball. And he looks super cute on this Kirby Tote Bag. I have no idea what it says above the Kirby figures on the tote bag and I don’t even care.

Nintendo NES Controller Classically Trained Graphic T-Shirt.

Classically Trained T-Shirt

If you’re around my age, one of your first forays into video games was NES. So this Classically Trained T-Shirt really hits you in the feels. It comes in men’s, women’s, and youth sizes and five different colors.

Nintendo Cartridge Coasters.

Nintendo Cartridge Coasters

I actually bought these Nintendo Cartridge Coasters for my brother for Christmas last year. The package comes with four coasters with Nintendo Cartridge images printed on both sides. There’s all the Marios, Zelda, and more.

Super Mario Warp Can Cooler.

Super Mario Warp Can Cooler

We have a lot of can coolers in this house, but I would throw almost all of them away and pick up a dozen of these Super Mario Warp Can Coolers. I love the boldness of the colors, but the low-fi graphics. It can hold cans or bottles, so no matter what your gamer drinks, this can cooler can hold it.

Eat Sleep Game - Gift for Gamer Gaming Men's Hoodie.

Eat Sleep Game Sweatshirt

This Eat Sleep Game sweatshirt speaks to gamers. All they really want to do is eat sleep game. Okay no. All they want to do is game. They eat and sleep because they have to.

Pokemon Pokeball Mug and doughnut.

Pokemon Pokeball Mug

I’m still a big fan of Pokemon Go, so I love this Pokemon Pokeball Mug. The mug holds 12 ounces of liquid, which is the perfect amount for coffee. Or chocolate milk. Whatever your gamer likes.

I Went Outside Once Adult Humor Graphic Novelty Sarcastic Funny T Shirt.

I Went Outside Once The Graphics Weren’t That Great T-Shirt

When I was looking for gifts for gamers, this quote kept coming up. Over and over and over. But it wasn’t until I saw this specific I Went Outside Once The Graphics Weren’t That Great t-shirt that I decided to include it on this gifts for gamers list. It’s the 8-byte house and cloud that really did it for me.

Playstation Drink Coasters.

Playstation Drink Coasters

If your gamer is a Playstation fan, he’ll love this set of Playstation Drink Coasters. The Playstation Drink Coasters are metal, which makes them a really good gift.

Retro NES Controller Throw Blanket.

Retro NES Controller Throw Blanket

It’s gonna get cold in the game room, and there’s no better way to warm your gamer up than this Retro NES Controller Throw Blanket. It’s 4-feet by 5-feet, so that’s a really nice size blanket.

The Game Room Sign.

The Game Room Sign

So many shirts had the words “I don’t grow up, I level up” on them and I didn’t like them. But when I found this The Game Room Sign and it had the same words, suddenly, it found like the slog was somewhere it made sense.

Pac Man Ghost Shot Glasses.

Pac Man Ghost Shot Glasses

I’m obsessed with these Pac Man Ghost Shot Glasses and I don’t even do shots. I just want to put them in our curio because they’re so eye catching. And someone can use them for shots. Just not this girl.

Mike Tyson Punch Out Socks.

Mike Tyson Punch Out Socks

I buy Pete a pair of socks every year for Christmas. And this year’s socks will (most likely) be these Mike Tyson Punch Out Socks. We spent so much time playing Punch Out last year and got completely stuck at Mr. Sandman.

Sonic The Hedgehog Funko Pop.

Sonic The Hedgehog Funko Pop

The game room needs at least one Funko Pop, and our gifts for gamers list needed at least one Funko Pop too. So I had to include this Sonic The Hedgehog Funko Pop. Plus, he looks like he would throw that gem at me if I didn’t.

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