How To Exercise On Vacation

You don't have to stop your workouts just because you're on a trip. Get tips on how to exercise on vacation from we’re at home, Pete and I take a walk every day. That’s my exercise. It’s his warm up. After we walk, he works out. That’s amazing to me, but not something I can add into my schedule. It’s hard enough for me to find time for our daily walk. And if you’re on vacation, it’s so hard to find time to work out. Between buffet breakfasts, sight seeing, and nights out on the town, exercise just doesn’t take top priority. But if you’re like us, you don’t want to break your routine — especially when you’re enjoying that buffet breakfast! So we figured out how to exercise on vacation and figured I’d pass my tips on on to you.

How To Exercise On Vacation

Last summer, Pete and I went to Beaufort, NC. We had never been there before, so we wanted to see everything the cute river town had to offer. We parked our car and walked around the downtown area, stopping at historical spots and monuments. It was a great way to spend our morning. We got back to the car just before lunchtime and Pete’s Fitbit buzzed. We had walked 8,000 steps before noon.

Book a hotel with a fitness center.
Pete and I went to Hilton Head Island last week and there was a great fitness center in the resort. It was open 24 hours, which was great. But what was also great was you didn’t have an excuse to not use it. Pete asked me to go with him and I said I didn’t have sneakers. I had packed four pairs of footwear, but no sneakers. Our resort actually had a rental program where you could borrow any workout gear — including sneakers. I didn’t do it, and instead decided to get my exercise by walking on the beach, but the fitness center was great for Pete.

Rent bikes.
When we were in Washington, DC in April (geez, I’m starting to realize we’ve traveled a lot lately) our hotel actually had bikes for hotel guests to use freely. We only ever saw one, though, and that wouldn’t work since we would both need to borrow a bike. In Hilton Head, there were bike rentals everywhere. That island is super bike friendly. That’s a perfect way to get in some exercise and see the city.

Head to the beach.
Vacation is about relaxing, right? And what better place to relax than on a blanket on the beach? We live at the beach and I still find it so relaxing. When you’re relaxing, though, be sure to sneak in a little exercise. Go swimming and get in a low impact workout. Or take a long walk looking for seashells. Seriously, each step on the beach should be worth two on a pedometer. 

Go golfing.
I don’t golf, but when we have visitors, they love to go golfing because we live down the block from quite a few of them. It’s a great way for them to enjoy our North Carolina sunshine — but it’s also a way for them to get in some exercise. It can be quite strenuous to golf a round, so this is a great way to squeeze in some exercise and some quality time with three of your friends.

Hit the outlets.
It rained when we were in Hilton Head, which is such a bummer because I really wanted to go outlet shopping and find a Hilton Head Island shirt. The one I loved at the hotel was way out of my price range. We didn’t get to go, though, because I didn’t feel like trying to carry shopping bags, an umbrella, and my purse. If we had, though, it would have been a great way to sneak in some steps.

What are your favorite suggestions on how to exercise on vacation?

  1. Ashley

    July 12, 2017 at 12:41 am

    Great tips! I love when a hotel has taken some care with their fitness center. I’ve never seen one that has a rental program, that’s pretty awesome.

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