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Top 20 Funny Cat Shirts For Cat Lovers

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If you have a cat lover on your shopping list, you’re in luck because I put together a list of the top 20 funny cat shirts for cat lovers.

And to be purr-fectly honest, all of these cat lover t shirt ideas are adorable.

Try not to buy all 20. Or buy them. Wear a new cat shirt every weekday of the month. Do you, boo.

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This Funny Cat Shirts list is just one of the gift guides we have on Drugstore Divas in hopes of making your shopping life so much easier.

Be sure to check out Drugstore Divas’ Holiday Gift Guide for all of our shopping guides.

Top 20 Funny Cat Shirts For Cat Lovers

Go All Out Womens Not Today Funny Cat T-Shirt

Not Today Cat Shirt

This list is not in any order, with the exception of this Not Today Cat Shirt because it’s my favorite. I found it before we went to a cat café and have absolutely been in love with it ever since. It comes in a variety of colors and, honestly, I need them all.

Paws Cat and Mouse Top, Cute Funny Cat Lover Parody Top T-Shirt

PAWS Cat And Mouse Top

How cute is this PAWS Cat And Mouse Top? I love the play on JAWS, I love that the little mouse is the shark fin, and I love how the cat is so fixated on the mouse. It’s adorable and the perfect top to wear to movie night.

Meh Cat Shirt

Remember a few years ago, when McKayla Maroney because a meme because of her “not impressed” face. That’s cats. They’re not impressed. They’re so meh about everything, so this Meh Cat Shirt captures cats perfectly (and maybe you, if you have to wake up early on a weekend).

HISS Funny Cat Shirt Hiss Shirt Cat Lover T-Shirt Hiss Cat

HISS band tee

The first shirt on this list is definitely my all time favorite, but this HISS band tee is really coming for that top spot. I mean, look at those super cute cats dressed up as the members of KISS. And then changing KISS to HISS. Genius.

Kit-Tea tee shirt

I love plays on words, so of course, I love this Kit-Tea tee shirt. Get it. Kitty. Kit-tea. Okay, I know. You get it. It’s adorable. Get the shirt.

Hold My Drink I Have To Pet This Cat Cat Mama Fur Mom image 0

Hold My Drink I Have To Pet This Cat Shirt

Do you stop to pet every cat? Don’t put your drink down. Put it in a friend’s hand … especially if you’re wearing this Hold My Drink I Have To Pet This Cat shirt.

It’s fantastic and makes me laugh so so hard.

Mens Avogato Funny T Shirt Avocado Cat Tee Cute Cat Face Graphic Novelty Humor

Avogato Shirt

Quick Spanish lesson for everyone who took French in high school: gato is cat in Spanish. Cue the “ooohs” as to why this Avogato shirt is a really funny one, especially with the cat saying “Hola”. Definitely worth grabbing and making your Cinco de Mayo shirt.

Womens Best Cat Mom Ever T Shirt Funny Mothers Day for Kitty Lover

Best. Cat Mom. Ever. shirt

Cat moms are moms too. Let me state that for the record because I 100% stand by that. I don’t know if that’s the hill I would die on, but I support it. So of course I support every cat mom getting this Best. Cat Mom. Ever. shirt and wearing it proudly on Mother’s Day.

Vintage Catzilla Japanese Sunset Style Cat Kitten Lover T-Shirt

Catzilla Shirt

I’m being serious when I tell you that I want all these shirts, and this Catzilla shirt is no exception. You’ve seen cats, right? Nothing stands a chance if it’s in a cat’s way. Whatever the object is, it will end up on the floor. I don’t know who causes more destruction, cats or Godzilla, but my money’s on this hybrid.

Cats and Tats t-shirt cat tattoo lover tee shirt Cats & Tats

Cats & Tats shirt

I don’t know what it is about this Cats & Tats shirt, but I love it. Maybe it’s that the cat looks kind of drunk, or the shirt looks like someone made it in about 45 seconds to try and make a quick buck. Or maybe it’s the fact that the website says it’s sold by Caterpillar, the workwear company, and I can’t see that being true. But whatever it is, this shirt is amazing and necessary for this list.

DIDK Women's Cute Cartoon Print Tee and Shorts Pajama Set

Cartoon Cat Print tee and sleep shorts set

Okay. You caught me. This isn’t solely a cat t-shirt. But come on. The top in this Cartoon Cat Print tee and sleep shorts set is adorable. And you can wear it out of the house, in public, and no one will know it’s pajamas. The shorts are cute, but as pajamas. Don’t wear them in public. Or do. Whatever floats your boat.

futurino Women's Color Block Cat Print Sweatshirt Long Sleeve T Shirt Casual Top Blouse

Color Block Cat Baseball Tee

I’m a sucker for a good baseball tee. So I’m like one second away from adding this Color Block Cat Baseball Tee to my cart for myself. The only thing stopping me is you can order in long or short sleeves, and I’m trying to decide which I would get more use out of (because North Carolina is hot, but I’m always cold).

Vintage Japanese Cat Kawaii Cat Lover Meowing Tshirt

Japanese Cat Kawaii Shirt

I can only read a few words in Japanese, and the ones above this cat are not any I can read. But, this shirt is so cute, and the cat is so sweet, does it even matter what it says? Not to me.

Iron Meowden Shirt

This Iron Meowden shirt is equal parts creative and terrifying, and just out of sheer coincidence it ended up as shirt 13. Which feels fitting. And this shirt will definitely fit someone you know. Because you definitely know a metalhead who has a soft spot for cats. Expose him. (At least, that’s what this cat looks like he’s trying to say to you.)

Kawaii Japanese Ramen Noodles Shirt Anime Cat Lover Gift T-Shirt

Cat And Ramen Shirt

My birthday is in November, but I’m lowkey thinking about getting myself this Cat And Ramen Shirt as an early birthday present. It’s so kawaii (which basically translates to cute in Japanese). The cat looks cute and skeptical, which is basically the normal state of cats.

Mens Womens Kids Dont Stress Me Funny Cat Lovers T-Shirt

Don’t Stress MeOwt Shirt

I hate being stressed out. I am very often stressed, but that’s the way it goes when you’re running two small businesses solo. So when I’m relaxing and off the clock, I just want to relax. I don’t want to stress. You too, I bet. So this Don’t Stress MeOwt shirt is just the perfect way to tell people you are not to be bothered with any BS today — unless that BS is burritos and salsa. Then, bring it on.

Cat Heartbeat Crazy Lady Love Rescue Cat Love Kitten graphic T-Shirt

Cat Heartbeat Shirt

Do cats make your heart beat? Then you’ll need this Cat Heartbeat Shirt. There are actually a few versions of this shirt out there, but what I actually really love about this one in particular is that it has two cats just chilling on the heartbeat. I love the shirts that try to incorporate the cat into the beat, but they do look a little silly for some reason. This one is so much better.

Retro Black Cat Shirt

I love love love this Retro Black Cat Shirt. I know, I love a lot of these shirts, but there’s something about this one. Maybe it’s the retro rainbow or maybe the cat’s huge eyes. But this shirt is fantastic and I would honestly wear it every day.

Mens Im Only Talking to My Cat Today T Shirt Funny Sarcastic Pet Kitty Lover Dad

I’m Only Talking To My Cat Today shirt

Sometimes, you just want people to leave you alone. People don’t always listen, but you can hope that this I’m Only Talking To My Cat Today shirt might give them a hint.

Caturday - Best Days are Caturdays T Shirt

Best Days Are Caturdays Shirt

That cute cat from the ramen shirt is back, making an appearance in this Best Days Are Caturdays shirt. That saying is right. The best days are the ones spent with cats. And Saturdays. And caturdays.

Meowica Cat Lover Kitty US Flag Sunglasses Independence Day T-Shirt

Meowica Shirt

July 4th has come and gone, but you don’t have to wait for July 4th to profess your love for ‘Merica when you have this Meowica shirt. There are a lot of versions of this shirt, but this one is the one I feel best has that ‘Merica feel while also looking like a shirt you would wear in public.

Men's Space Cat Cheeseburger T-Shirt The Greatest Things image 1

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