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10+ Best Gifts For Vegetarians

If you have a vegetarian on your shopping list, grab one of these Top 10+ Gifts For Vegetarians. There are shirts, tea towels, and more!

We like vegetables here. We don’t follow a vegan or vegetarian diet though. Pete makes amazing meatballs, so it’s impossible for me to be complete meat-free, and bacon exists. But, if you have a friend who is a vegetarian or follows a vegan lifestyle, you’ll love this list of the 10+ best gifts for vegetarians.

My original intention was to stop at ten, but there were just too many good ones. So I narrowed it down to the top ten(-ish) gifts for vegetarians.

I was thinking about putting cooking tools on this list, things like a spiralizer, but most vegetarians already have all the cooking equipment they want and need. So none of those things made this best gifts for vegetarian eaters list.

10+ Best Gifts For Vegetarians

As with most of our lists, this vegetarian gifts list isn’t in any specific order.

Every Day I’m Brusselin’ T-Shirt

I love Brussels sprouts. They get a bad rap, and I don’t know why because if you pan fry them with onions and bacon they’re amazing. (Side note: Try our Bacon & Brussel sprouts recipe).

So between my love of Brussel sprouts, and the fact that I work my booty off every day at Drugstore Divas — the hustle is real, guys — I absolutely love this Every Day I’m Brusselin’ t-shirt. Your vegetarian will love it too. It comes in sizes small to XXL.

Vegetarian Problems Coloring Book

Dinner with strangers can definitely be a vegetarian problem. Fielding questions about getting enough protein is another. This Vegetarian Problems Coloring Book is filled with 20 vegetarian problems.

I can’t see the pages inside, so I’m not exactly sure what problems fill the book. But I’m sure they’re funny. I’m also sure they’re not swear-y or inappropriate because there actually is a NSFW Sweary Vegetarian Problems Coloring Book available too.

Herbs In The Burbs Indoor Herb Garden

The Christmas before Pete and I moved into this house (we were under contract and it was being built, but we were still apartment living), I bought him an indoor herb garden for Christmas.

When we moved to the house, we started the herbs on the windowsill and then moved them to the raised garden bed he built me. The herbs lasted for years, surprisingly.

So if you’re look for gifts for vegetarians who like to cook, and who live in an apartment, this Herbs In The Burbs Indoor Herb Garden is the perfect choice.

Gift for a Vegetarian Ham Pig Vegan Pullover Hoodie

Homie Not Ham Sweatshirt

There’s going to be a “friends not food” item next on this list because that’s such a popular vegetarian phrase. But really, homie not ham is so much catchier.

So this Homie Not Ham sweatshirt had to come on this list first. You can get this Homie Not Ham sweatshirt in four different colors and unisex sizes small to 2XL.

I’m a size small. Just saying.

Friends Not Food Mug

You didn’t have to wait too long to get to that aforementioned “friends not food” item. Here it is. A Friends Not Food mug.

I really like the design of the animals of the mug. And, don’t look past the basket of eggs under the cow. Eggs are okay for vegetarians, but not for vegans, so this Friends Not Food mug is definitely vegan gift approved as well.

Funny "Eat Figs Not Pigs" Vegan Herbivore Pun Quote Gift Sweatshirt

Eat Figs Not Pigs Sweatshirt

I love puns and plays on words, so I don’t feel bad about adding this Eat Figs Not Pigs sweatshirt even though I already put the Everyday I’m Brusselin’ t-shirt on the list. If you don’t like it, well, you better stop reading this before you get to the upcoming tea towel.

I love how cute the graphic is on this Eat Figs Not Pigs sweatshirt, and I love the colors of it too. It comes in black, blue, or gray and sizes small to 2 XL.

We Are Not Ingredients Vegetarian Vegan Support Women's Cotton T-Shirt

We Are Not Ingredients T-Shirt

How cute are the animals on this We Are Not Ingredients t-shirt? Cute enough to remember that they’re not ingredients?

Well, not for me. Because bacon. And fried chicken. And pork fried rice.

But, for your vegetarian friends, these animals are — let me remind you — friends not food. So these are not ingredients. So this shirt is perfect.

But. I mean. Bacon.

All Out Of (Vegetarian) Shopping List

How much easier would grocery shopping be if you didn’t have to make a shopping list every week, if you could just check off boxes as you ran out of things?

If you’re a vegetarian, it’s super easy with this All Out Of (Vegetarian) Shopping List. Just check the boxes, write in the blanks, tear off a page, and bring your list to the store. This pad includes sixty pages, so your vegetarian friend should be able to use this from Christmas until next Christmas. Then, next year, just grab another pad for a gift.

Peace Love Veggies T-Shirt

I didn’t intend for there to be so many clothing items on this list, but look at the cute pumpkins on this Peace Love Veggies t-shirt. There was no way I could leave them off this gifts for vegetarians gift guide.

That’s it. That’s the description. The pumpkins are cute. Blame them.

Yes I Get Enough Protein Mug

One of those vegetarian problems I mentioned above is people incessantly asking if you get enough protein. People forget that protein comes from more than just meat.

So instead of the vegetarian on your shopping list needing to repeat this over and over, just pick up this Yes I Get Enough Protein mug for them. The same shop sells a NSFW version of this as well.

Let That Shitake Go Tea Towel

And, if you made it this far, you made it to the aforementioned tea towel. This Let That Shitake Go tea towel makes me laugh so hard.

I actually saw one in the store a few months ago and almost bought it for my aunt. Instead I just sent a photo of it to my cousin. But really, it’s so funny, such a good play on words, and such a good reminder that we really need to let go of stress and be more of a “fun-gi.” Oh, you see what I did there? I’ll see myself out now.

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Which of these gifts for vegetarians was your favorite? Be sure to let us know in the comments.