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10+ Fun Bath Toys For Kids

Do your kids give you a hard time at bath time? Toys might help. Pick a few off this list of 10+ Fun Bath Toys For Kids to make their baths more fun.

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Kids can dread bath time and they’ll want to fight you on it. Unless it’s fun. If kids have toys to play with in the bath tub, it’s a lot easier to get them in there (it’s just harder to get them out of there).

But bath toys can get gross, and you want to replace them from time to time. Plus, your kids might be bored with their current bath toys, so buying them new ones is a good idea too.

If you don’t know what to buy, we can help. We put together this list of fun bath toys for kids.

Also, quick note: This list is geared towards kids. If you ended up on this list because you’re looking for items for adults, check out our list of 10+ Great Gifts For Bath Lovers instead.

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10+ Fun Bath Toys For Kids

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Bath Suction Toys.

Bath Suction Toys

This 40 pack of Bath Suction Toys is perfect for your kids to play with in the bathtub.

What’s really smart is if you give your child two at a time. Then, if they get gross from the bath, just throw them out and you have 38 left.

Munchkin Ocean Squirts Bath Toys .

Munchkin Ocean Squirts Bath Toys

This pack of Munchkin Ocean Squirts Bath Toys comes with four different bath squirts: a turtle, a fish, a crab, and a whale.

You can give them to your kid all at once or you can play with one until it gets grimy, but play with the next one.

Little Tikes Bathketball Toy.

Little Tikes Bathketball Bath Toy

This Little Tikes Bathketball Bath Toy is a lot of fun for kids.

It comes with a hoop that suctions to the wall (that’s closed at the bottom) and three ball squirters that kids can use to either squirt or to toss into the hoop.

Flow N’ Fill Spout Bath Toy

This Flow N’ Fill Spout Bath Toy has really high ratings, so it’s definitely a good one to pick.

It needs batteries (which I’ve read last up to four months, even when this toy is submerged daily) to make the water flow. Kids love it so much, so you will too.

Sesame Street Bath Squirters.

Sesame Street Bath Squirters

If you’re looking for an Elmo bath toy for your Sesame Street loving child, here’s one. He’s part of this three pack of Sesame Street Bath Squirters.

Monkey/Caterpillar Bath Toy For Toddlers.

Monkey/Caterpillar Bath Toy For Toddlers

This Monkey/Caterpillar Bath Toy For Toddlers is adorable. Water squirts out from everywhere and your child will just love trying to figure out which part of the toy will squirt water next.

Shark Grabber Bath Toy.

Shark Grabber Bath Toy

Part bath toy part pool toy, this Shark Grabber Bath Toy is really fun.

It comes with a shark, which your child will use to snatch up the four fish (that also come with the toy) and float on the surface of the water.

A package of Little Tikes Foam Letters and Numbers.

36 Bath Letters & Numbers

These 36 Bath Letters & Numbers stick to the wall when they’re wet, which is a lot of fun for kids.

They’re bright and bold, so kids will want to play with them. And you’ll be able to teach them how to spell some words (as long as those words don’t have double letters) and number recognition. So it’s a toy, but it’s very educational.

 Slide Bath Tub Toy.

Suction Slide Bath Tub Toy

If you want a way to get your kids to stay in the tub, this Suction Slide Bath Tub Toy is it.

Your kids will create a track out of the pieces for the marbles to fall down. This one has really great reviews and parents talked about how kids worked together on it, so this is a great bath toy.

Beep Beep Stickers in The Tub Bath Toy.

Beep Beep Stickers in The Tub Bath Toy

I love this Beep Beep Stickers in The Tub Bath Toy from Alex Toys.

It has 38 pieces of vehicles, roads, signs and more. It’s a great way for your kids to play, plus learn about different vehicles. And, even better, it comes with a storage bag.

Melissa & Doug Float-Alongs: Tiny Tugboats Bath Book.

Melissa & Doug Float-Alongs: Tiny Tugboats Bath Book

This a & Doug Float-Alongs: Tiny Tugboats Bath Book is so fun for bath time. It tells a story about the three tugboats (which are included), and, of course, the book is waterproof.

What’s really nice is the tugboats can go back into the pouch on the side for easy storage.

If tugboats aren’t your child’s thing, there are a few other Melissa & Doug Float-Along bath books, so you’re bound to find a good one.

Stacking Bath Toys Wheat Straw Eco-Friendly Ocean Friends.

Purchase Bath Toys Online:

These aren’t all the bath toys that you can buy online. We had to leave some off, like the eco-friendly Stackable Ocean Bath Toys above. For more bath toys for kids, check out the online stores below:

Be sure to check a store’s minimum cart total to qualify for free shipping. Also, consider instore or curbside pickup to avoid shipping charges.

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Cleaning the bathroom:

If you’re giving your kids regular baths (as you should be, even though that was a bit of a discussion with celebrities last year), your bathtub and bathroom might need some regular cleaning. No one wants to clean all the time, but I do have two really helpful bathroom cleaning posts for you: Power Clean Your Bathroom In Only 10 Minutes and Ten Things You Forget To Clean In The Bathroom.

Both of those are definitely things you should read, especially if these bath toys have your kids spending extended time in the bathroom.

Which of these 10+ Fun Bath Toys For Kids is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.