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Simple Travel Skin Care Tips #SoakItIn #Walgreens

This Simple Travel Skin Care Tips post is sponsored by Mirum, but opinions expressed are my own.

#ad Get ready for your out of town trips with these Simple Travel Skin Care Tips from #SoakItIn #Walgreens


When I go away on vacation, I pack way too much. I’m never really sure what the weather will be and I would rather be overprepared than needing to run into the closest souvenir shop for a sweatshirt. I’ll make sure to pack the obvious — cute dresses, fun shoes — and then I’ll pack shorts, sweatshirts, and every item for every weather situation in-between.

Since clothes take up the majority of my suitcase, I squeeze my toiletries and skin care items into a large, but maybe not large enough, cosmetics bag. Having limited room means having to really reconsider my skin care needs when I’m on vacation. I still need to take care of my face, but I need to pack products that really pack a punch.

Simple Travel Skin Care Tips

Pack A Travel-Sized Sunscreen.

Sunscreen is so important to pack if you’re going on vacation and plan on doing any walking outside. If I’m only going away for a weekend and don’t expect any beach time, I pack a very small travel sunscreen. It’s an “emergencies only” size that I reserve for my face and neck. I use a small amount and it makes it through the trip, then I can just toss the bottle before I head home. It takes up a lot less room than if I was to pack a full-size bottle.

Don’t Forget The BB Cream.

This one is easy. Instead of packing a lotion, primer, and foundation, I pack a BB Cream. It will keep my face fresh and won’t weigh it down with a heavy foundation. It also won’t melt off my face while we’re sightseeing all day. Plus, if I do get sunburn, BB Cream will even my skin out so I don’t have to pack a light and dark foundation or a concealer in case of a burn.

Limit Your Makeup.

I have a limited amount of makeup that I allow myself to take on vacation: one blush and brush, one eyeliner, one eyeshadow palette, one set of mini brushes, one mascara, one lip product. That’s it. At home I have a variety of palettes and colors to choose from. Plus, more lip products that I could use in a month. It’s fun to be able to pick and choose, creating a different look every day. But on vacation, I limit myself to the same makeup every day. It takes up a lot less room, and that’s more important than being able to pull out a brown eyeliner instead of black if I’m in the mood for a lighter look.

Always, always, always pack a lip balm though. Pick a thin one that you can squeeze into your travel bag if need be. Regardless of the season, lip balm is always a necessity. Dry, chapped lips are never what you want in your vacation photos.

Bring Your Face Wash.

It’s so important to wash your face. The dirt that can build up on your face and get into your pores is just gross. I don’t wash my face with hotel soap though. I’d rather bring along Simple Water Boost Micellar Cleansing Water. It’s infused with minerals and plant extract and cleans off dirt and makeup. That’s great. It means you don’t have to pack a separate bottle of makeup remover or any makeup remover pads. Being able to just pack this product instead of two gives you more room for everything else.

If your skin gets dry on vacation (maybe you get crispy from too much time in the sun), you could also pack the all-new Simple Water Boost Hydrating Booster. It instantly hydrates your skin and lasts for 24 hours. You can put it on after you shower when you get back from the hotel pool, sleep in it, and your skin will still get hydrated when you wake up in the morning.

#ad Get ready for your out of town trips with these Simple Travel Skin Care Tips from #SoakItIn #Walgreens

Speaking of Simple, head down to Walgreens for a great deal on Simple products. Now through September 30, 2017, you can get $1.50 off one Simple Water Boost product when you load this coupon to your Balance Rewards card. You don’t even need to print the coupon, which is great. It’s a digital coupon that attaches to your Balance Rewards card (which is free at the register at Walgreens, if you don’t have one yet). When you check out, the register will automatically apply your coupon so you don’t have to do anything.

Even better, when you buy one Simple product, you’ll get the second 50% off. Definitely head down to Walgreens as soon as you load your coupon so you can pick up your products before the long Labor Day weekend.

Have you tried Simple products before? Be sure to let us know your experience in the comments.

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Jan Wild

Monday 4th of September 2017

Great advice, I agree that skin care and cosmetics are the hardest things to cut down on and they weigh heaps too.

Sandra L Garth

Wednesday 30th of August 2017

My mature skin (LOL!) could really benefit from these products and I will look for them. Thank you for sharing with us this week at Celebrate Your Story and we hope you will join us again next week.

Desiree Lopez

Monday 28th of August 2017

I love to use BB cream to simplify my routine. I'm not a huge makeup person anyway so the more simple the routine the happier I am. I've never tried the Simple line from Walgreens before but the 50% off deal sounds awesome!


Monday 28th of August 2017

Oh gosh these are super great travel skin care tips for anyone. I love that you simplified it with these products, I am going to give them a try!

Diane Hoffmaster

Monday 28th of August 2017

I am a huge Walgreens fan and love their rewards program. I don't think I have seen this product there yet but with a buy one get one at 50% off plan I will have to check it out!