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Savory Recipes Using A Stand Mixer

Red stand mixer with metal bowl and the words "5+ Savory Recipes Using A Stand Mixer" digitally written on top.

I absolutely love our stand mixer. We got is as a Christmas gift from my brothers and sisters-in-law a couple years ago, and we use it all the time. Most of the time it’s for desserts, but very often, we make savory recipes using a stand mixer.

People usually associate stand mixers with baked goods. And yes, we have a ton of sweet recipes using a stand mixer. But, you can do so much with your stand mixer that has nothing to do with cookies. You can shred chicken, mix potatoes to make mashed potatoes, mix dough, and more.

Our favorite savory stand mixer recipes are below. As we add more to the blog, we’ll add them to this list. So be sure to pin it or bookmark this list so you can come back to it in the future.

Before we get to those, let’s talk about stand mixers for a little.

Stand Mixers: Frequently Asked Questions

Is a stand mixer worth it?

Stand mixers are pricy, so a stand mixer is a big investment. But I’m telling you, a stand mixer is worth all the money.

A stand mixer makes so many recipes so much easier. You can mix doughs for cookies and bread. You can use it to make foamy eggs for meringues. And you can purchase a ton of attachments to make things like homemade pasta and ice cream.

A hand mixer can do a few of these tasks, but it can’t do as much as a stand mixer can.

Plus, they generally last a long time. I know of stand mixers that have been passed down generations, so it’s definitely a solid investment.

Is there a KitchenAid recipe book?

Yes. KitchenAid has a few cookbooks that you might be interested in:
KitchenAid Recipe Collection Binder
KitchenAid Stand Mixer Cookbook
The Complete KitchenAid Stand Mixer Cookbook
KitchenAid Best-Loved Recipes

Savory Recipes Using A Stand Mixer

This list is currently in three categories. There are recipes that use a stand mixer to shred, recipes that use a stand mixer to grind, and finally recipes that use a stand mixer to mix.

Three pieces of Barbecue Chicken Flatbread pizza on a white plate with a blue trim.

Barbecue Chicken Flatbread

This Barbecue Chicken Flatbread is such an easy weeknight dinner. Yes, you can have a homemade flatbread on a weeknight. That’s because there are a few hacks that make this recipe super simple.

First, the crust is made from 2 Ingredient Dough. It’s my favorite dough because it doesn’t need to rest or rise. It’s ready to use as soon as you make it.

The second hack is that the chicken is shredded using the stand mixer. It makes your life so much easier.

Fingers holding a piece of Shredded Chicken And Arugula Flatbread pizza above other pieces on a white plate with a blue trim.

Shredded Chicken And Arugula Flatbread

Just like the flatbread recipe above this one, this Shredded Chicken And Arugula Flatbread uses 2 Ingredient Dough for the crust and uses the stand mixer to shred the chicken.

The rest of the toppings for the flatbreads are different. But, since the process is the same, you can actually make a few servings of the dough, bake them, shred chicken for both, and then top them so you can serve your family options for dinner.

A Burger with avocado mash and a tomato slice on a paper plate.

Bacon-Infused Beef Burgers With Fresh Ground Beef

Believe it or not, you can make fresh ground burgers using a stand mixer. That does require an extra meat grinder attachment that comes separately. I bought it for Pete a few years ago for Christmas and he loves it. He uses it all the time to make burgers, sausage, and more.

For this recipe, it’s so much easier to use a stand mixer to grind the meat than to try and grind it by hand. You could do that, of course, but chances are you won’t. And that means you’d never make these Bacon-Infused Beef Burgers With Fresh Ground Beef. And that would be a shame because these are delicious.

A loaf of Irish Soda Bread.

Irish Soda Bread

Irish Soda Bread is a must have for St. Patrick’s Day. Even for the years before I made Shepherd’s Pie, I still made Irish Soda Bread.

But, in the years before I had a stand mixer, it was a real pain. See, Irish Soda Bread dough is really dense. And I’m really weak. So kneading the dough is so much easier in the stand mixer because the stand mixer does all the work.

And you get all the reward.

Ring of prosciutto bread on a wooden cutting board.

Prosciutto Bread (aka Lard Bread)

Prosciutto Bread, traditionally known as Lard Bread, is so good. If you’ve never had it, trust me, you want it. It’s a crispy, flaky bread with pieces of cured, salty meat in every bite. Pete and I can devour an entire bread ring between the two of us … in a single sitting.

The pain about Prosciutto Bread is that you really need to put a lot of work into it. You have to babysit it, turn it often, cover it in lard often, and just make sure it’s doing what it should.

You can make it a little easier by at least mixing the dough with a stand mixer. Too bad the stand mixer can’t keep brushing the lard on for you too.

Loaf of zucchini bread, with some pieces sliced.

Zucchini Bread

Zucchini Bread is a really tasty breakfast bread. Our version isn’t sweet, which is why it’s good for breakfast. I’ve seen versions that add chocolate chips and a thick layer of icing on it. Which is good if that’s what you like, but I honestly think this bread is better when you lean towards savory and away from sweet.

You do need a few kitchen products for this recipe, like a food processor to break up the zucchini and a stand mixer to beat the eggs and mix the rest of the dough. It’s so much easier to do this with those tools than trying to do it all with hand tools.

Three ravioli in a bowl with oil and pesto on top.

Homemade Kale Pesto Ravioli

Many homemade pasta recipes use the pasta attachment to roll out the pasta. We don’t have that. Instead, we use the stand mixer to mix together the pasta dough. It’s so much easier than doing it by hand (trust us, we’ve done it both ways).

If you use the stand mixer to mix the dough, you’ll still have enough energy to use a hand crank pasta roller to roll out the pasta.

A loaf of beer bread on a green trivet.

Beer Bread

A whole entire bottle of beer goes into a loaf of Beer Bread (don’t worry, it cooks out so that you’re not getting drunk off bread). The dough is pretty watery because of the beer, and it’s pretty messy to mix with your hands.

Instead, use the stand mixer to mix the bread dough. It’ll save you some soap.

These Bacon-Infused Beef Burgers are the perfect grilled burger. Find out how to make them, with fresh ground beef, on

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Which of these Savory Recipes Using A Stand Mixer will you try first? Let us know in the comments.