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How Do You Style A Swing Dress? (And a deal on dresses!) #cybermonday

Drugstore Divas received this dress and necklace for this style a swing dress post. Additional items were purchased by Drugstore Divas.

How do you style a swing dress? Find out four ways from’s late-November and it’s still so warm here. We can wear shorts and tank tops all day, no problem. And suntans haven’t completely faded away yet. But I know, fall weather is right around the corner. And that means it’s time to think about things like scarves, hats, and ways to style a swing dress.

I decided I’m going to live in this swing dress from Cents of Style, once the weather decides it’s going to cool down enough for me to wear long sleeves. What’s great about this dress is even though it’s made for cooler weather, it’s not heavy. I love sweater dresses, but they’re so out of place here in the south until that one week in February when it’s cold. A swing dress made of knit jersey whatever whatever is perfect for our southern winters.

How do you style a swing dress?

Fashion is so subjective. You can dress however feels comfortable to you, no matter what. That’s the most important. But, if you’re looking to this post for ideas, my years of working retail, putting together fun outfits for people, are here to help.


A dress like this is a lot of material. It’s can wear you, if you’re not careful. So you need to pick out a statement piece to take some of the focus away from the large amount of solid color of this dress. I paired the dress with the Rylie Multi-Strand Necklace. All the strands really give eyes a focal point that’s not the dress. You want to give people a way to bounce around and take in every aspect of your outfit. If you’re just plain, there’s nothing for the eye to look at, and your outfit may fall short.

Short boots with heels go perfectly too. They scream fall, which is a great season for this dress. They also give the dress a little bit of an edge.

How do you style a swing dress? Find out four ways from

With A Scarf.

Until April, I never wore a fashion scarf. I lived in ones for the winter when my neck was cold, even knit a few myself, but I never wore a fashion scarf. But when we were going to a family wedding, my brother’s fiance lent me one and I loved it. She let me take it home and I’ve worn it numerous times since, every time with a solid-colored dress that needed a little pop. This swing dress is exactly that.


With A Hat.

Pete is a hat person. He wore one to my friend’s wedding once and that hat made its rounds to everyone — even the bride. Yup, hats can be great on women with dresses too. Plus, the majority of your body heat leaves through your head, so if you’re wearing this dress in winter, a hat will help keep you warm. And if you’re wearing it when it’s warm, just roll up the sleeves a little and pair the dress with a fun pair of flip flops. You’ll be able to dress it down a little bit that way too, in case you’re wearing it somewhere that’s casual.

With A Belt.

I love chunky belts and a swing dress is exactly the way to make one happen. It keeps the top of the dress form fitting while the bottom half stays flowing. It’s a really great way to get the best of everything out of this dress.

Speaking of, you can get a long-sleeve swing dress — and 20 other dresses — starting at $19.95 shipped from Cents Of Style with the code CYBERDRESS. The code will take $15 off any of the dresses in they Cyber Monday category. Put that savings towards a chunky necklace, blanket scarf, or a hat!

How would you style a swing dress?