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All-Natural Sore Throat Remedy

Do you have a sore throat, but don't want to take aspirin and flu medicine? Instead, make this all-natural sore throat remedy.

If you’ve heard, I got a terrible sore throat yesterday. I woke up and my only daily desire was to pull my throat out through my neck in hopes that it would be less painful than this sore throat. And, maybe a little TMI, but my throat is filled with mucus.

It’s horrible.

I could take aspirin for the pain and flu medicine for the phlegm and a nap to escape from the annoyance. But I wasn’t in the mood to hop myself up on drugs and blogging makes it difficult to spend all day in bed. So I decided to go with an all-natural sore throat remedy that’s super easy. But, even more than that, it’s super soothing.

All-Natural Sore Throat Remedy

What You’ll Need:

  • Water
  • Lemon juice
  • Honey

What You’ll Do:

Make a cup of hot water in the Keurig. You might have to toss the first cycle if you get coffee grounds in it. It depends on how clean your Keurig is.

Add two teaspoons of lemon juice (can be from a fresh lemon or a bottle). Add one teaspoon of honey (I use organic, local honey). Stir well. Drink warm.

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