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McDonald’s Southern Chicken Select Tenders Review

Before you run out to try McDonald’s Southern Chicken Select Tenders, check out this McDonald’s Southern Chicken Select Tenders review. You might change your mind.

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A box of McDonald's Southern Chicken Tenders.

McDonald’s Southern Chicken Select Tenders Review

This post was originally written in March 2015.

All week, I’ve been seeing commercials for McDonald’s Southern Chicken Select Tenders. I was so curious about them. What exactly made them Southern?

Pete and I drove to Virginia this weekend for his nephew’s first birthday, and we saw billboards for these Southern Chicken Select Tenders. So, for lack of anything more interesting to talk about, I guess, I asked Pete what he thought made them Southern. He assumed it was some sort of thicker fried chicken-like batter. I was sure it was spices.

When we got to Virginia, we saw a commercial for McDonald’s. But instead of showing Southern Chicken Select Tenders, it was just an ad for Chicken Select Tenders. No mention of Southern anywhere. But those tenders in the commercial, they looked just like the ones on our commercials, so I was even more confused. Confused enough that on the car ride home, we stopped at the McDonald’s down the block from our apartment to order a three piece of McDonald’s Southern Chicken Select Tenders.

A box of McDonald's Southern Chicken Tenders.

We got home and I opened the box. I’ll be honest: They looked delicious, although a bit confusing. Two of the pieces were a golden brown color  … and one looked like it had gone missing in the fryer for a little while longer than expected. Or they were all supposed to be dark and the other two were removed early. I’m not sure. But I am sure that they were probably all supposed to match.

Nevertheless, I broke a piece in half. Well, broke is being a little generous. I tore it in half. There was no “crunch” like Pete had expected. There were no crunchy batter crumbles that fell (you know, the ones you expect on a good piece of Southern fried chicken).

It looked like a good, not dry, piece of white meat waited for us inside. I took half and Pete took the other.

We were both wrong.

A box of McDonald's Southern Chicken Tenders.

It didn’t have a crunch and it didn’t have a spice. It was actually really bland. Southern Chicken Select Tenders? No. Maybe I’d call them Chicken Select Tenders and McDonald’s could air the same commercials up North and down South. There’s no Southerner who is going to eat these and feel like they’re back in mom’s kitchen. Heck, there’s not even a Northerner who is going to think her tastebuds took a trip down South.

They’re okay. That’s the best I can give them. The chicken was cooked and tender … but bland and spiceless. Honestly, if you’re looking for a piece of grab and go Southern chicken, head across the street to the closest Bojangles and spend your money there.

A slider and tender combo meal at Al's Hot Chicken.

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Wednesday 1st of April 2015

McDonalds has really been revamping their menu lately.

Aria H.

Sunday 15th of March 2015

Lol, it's McDonald's, your expectations were too high.

drugstore diva lisa

Sunday 15th of March 2015

Hahaha, yes Aria, I think that was my first problem.