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Netflix’s Maya And The Three Review

Maya and the Three is Netflix’s newest animated series, out October 2021. Find out if you should watch it in this Maya and the Three review.

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Three boys watching television.

Maya And The Three, Netflix’s new animated series, is out today, October 22, 2021. Michelle and her boys got a chance to preview the first two of the series’ nine episodes. All nine episodes of the series will be released on the streaming platform at once, but only two were available for previewing.

Chapter 1: Quinceañera and Chapter 2: The Prophecy were available for streaming beforehand. All nine episodes — those two, plus Chapter 3: The Rooster, Chapter 4: The Skull, Chapter 5: The Puma, Chapter 6: Maya and the Three, Chapter 7: The Divine Gate, Chapter 8: The Bat and the Owl, and Chapter 9: The Sun and the Moon — are currently available on Netflix.

Michelle and her three (oh, you see what I did there?) sat down to write this Maya and the Three review for Drugstore Divas after watching the first two episodes to help you decide if you want to stream the show with your family.

Take it away, Michelle.

Maya And The Three Review

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We got to get an early preview of the new Netflix show Maya and the Three. My boys (12, 4, and 2) and I settled into the couch at 12:15 pm to get ready to log in for the preview. We struggled to get into the show, but thankfully it worked just in time for the 1 pm viewing.

The first thing my 12 year old said was, “Wow the characters look really cool.”

The show started off with a little introductory story and then — boom — immediately into the action!

We learned it was the morning of Maya’s quinceañera, which, in Hispanic culture, is a celebration of someone’s 15th birthday. Maya’s three brothers had each brought her special gifts from adventures they had been on.

We soon learn Maya is not in her room, but she is secretly on her own adventure. Her dream is to be a Mesoamerican warrior like her mother and not a princess.

At this point my three sons were hooked. The adventure, the warriors, the humor and visuals were amazing.

One of our favorite movies is Book of Life (which is directed by Jorge R. Gutiérrez, who also directs Maya and the Three). My 12 year old said he liked what he saw from the first two episodes of Maya and the Three because it reminded him of Book of Life.

I was impressed with the action and the all star cast.

My 4 year old and 2 year old loved the warriors and their swords. Hopefully some Maya and the Three toys will be available by Christmas!

Honestly, by the beginning of the second chapter/episode, the storyline started to get deeper and more intense.

The recommended age is Y7, but at this point, my 12 year old was not keeping up with the story and the littles were only interested in the fighting scenes.

When I used to teach at a high school, my students would tell me about Netflix shows similar to this one all the time and how good they were, so I think the recommended age should be a little older.

Maya and the Three officially comes out on October 22. I am interested in how the story plays out, so I am looking forward to watching on Friday.

Maya And The Three Info:

What is Maya And The Three rated?


What is the run time of Maya And The Three?

Each episode is between 26 and 44 minutes long for a total of just under 5 hours for the entire limited series.

Who stars in Maya And The Three?

Zoe Saldana (Maya).

There are also voice appearances from Isabela Merced, Danny Trejo, Queen Latifah, Rosie Perez, Gabriel Iglesias, and more.

Where can I watch Maya And The Three?


What genre(s) is Maya And The Three?

Family-friendly, Action, Fantasy

What age group is Maya And The Three best for?

Netflix rates it Y7, but we definitely think it’s more for young teens.

When was Maya And The Three released?

October 22, 2021

Will there be a Maya And The Three: Season 2?

Netflix called Maya and the Three a limited animated series. All the plotlines are resolved in the 44-minute Maya and the Three finale. Because of those two things, it would seem that there won’t be a season 2 of Maya and the Three.

Of course, that’s just speculation and it hasn’t been formally announced yet, but we’re pretty sure nine chapters is the full book on this series.

Maya And The Three Trailer

If you want to watch the trailer before committing to the show, you can watch the official Maya and the Three trailer below.

Animated Movies Similar To Maya And The Three

The Book of Life

The Book of Life has the same director as Maya and the Three, so there are definitely similarities between the two. Zoe Saldana is in both Book of Life and Maya and the Three.

The Book of Life takes place in a Mexican town, plus three fantastical worlds, where the main character must decide between fulfilling his family’s expectations of his or following his own heart and desires.

Stream The Book of Life here.


Coco is rich in Hispanic culture, just as Maya and the Three and The Book of Life are.

The plot of Coco follows Miguel, an aspiring musician, who enters the Land of the Dead to find his great-great-grandfather. The visuals and music of Coco are incredible. Viewers are introduced to the Hispanic celebration of Dia de los Muertes (Day of the Dead), which is similar to how viewers are introduced to the Hispanic tradition of a quinceañera in Maya and the Three.

Stream Coco here.

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