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An iRestore Laser Hair Growth System Review

iRestore sponsored this An iRestore Laser Hair Growth System Review.

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I’ve been using and blogging about the iRestore Hair Growth System for seven months now, and I haven’t talked about the actual helmet yet. Well, we call it the helmet. It’s technically called the  iRestore Hair Growth System, and sometimes the laser hair growth device. But since you wear it like a helmet — and helmet is less words — we call it the helmet.

So that’s what we’ll be calling it in this post.

When I received the helmet, I also received the rechargeable battery pack. That allows me to roam freely when I’m wearing the helmet. Without it, you have to make sure the adapter is plugged into the wall, which really limits the things you can do. You can sit and watch TV, but that’s about it.

I usually do sit and watch TV while I use this, but I can also walk around the house, help cook dinner, fold my laundry … pretty much anything I want.

That’s now, anyway.

When I originally started using the helmet, you may have remembered that I had trouble with it sliding around. So all I could actually do was sit and use it. Thankfully, iRestore sent me larger pads for the inside of the helmet. That has helped tremendously, and I can move freely now when I wear the helmet.

Which I do, every other day for 25 minutes at a time.

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In the rare occasion that I’m wearing it and I have to pause it, the timer will pick up right where it was paused and I can finish the treatment later.

What I do is I shower and use the Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo. When my hair is completely dry, I put the helmet on. Now, I make sure to comb my hair with my fingers before I do so that the maximum amount of my bald spot is exposed to the helmet. Then, I turn it on.

The lasers illuminate red. The low level laser therapy (LLLT) enhances the results of other hair loss treatments, which is why I use the Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo, Anti-Hair Loss Serum, and the 3-in-1 Hair Growth Formula as well.

I’ve been doing this consistently for seven months, and Lisa has been taking photos of my progress ever since. In the beginning, it seemed like it was working right away. That happens. But what I may have experienced growth and then the old hair was shedding from the system. That’s common for some users. Depending on where you are in your hair growth cycle, you may experience growth and then shedding from the system. That’s common for some users and what happened to me. For more about that, please check out this link from the American Hair Loss Association.

So, if you start using the helmet and see results right away, don’t stop. In order to maintain or continue to see results, it is recommended to continue to use the device.

Many users will see results after six months, but some may not see results until nine or 12 months. Don’t get discouraged. Keep using the helmet in your routine. That’s what I’ve been doing.

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