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How To Throw A Chalkboard Birthday Party

Chalkboard themes are so popular for weddings and restaurants. But I always think of chalkboard and young kids, so a chalkboard themed birthday party is perfect.

To help you plan the perfect chalkboard birthday party, I put together this post. It has everything you need to make this party a success.

How To Throw A Chalkboard Birthday Party

Throwing a chalkboard birthday party can be really easy. To start, you probably have a chalkboard at home. Use it to write “Happy Birthday” or “The Party’s Here” on it and leave it where you guests will immediately see it. Then, pick up Birthday Express’ Birthday Girl Sweets Value Party Pack. It comes with everything from polka-dot invitations and candy stripe candles, to pink crepe paper.

As far as decor, check out the David Tutera Chalkboard Party Design Kit. It comes with 326 pieces, so your decor is basically all inside that kit. For the few hings that aren’t there, check out Chalkboard Drink Labels, Birthday Sweets flag banner, and colorful balloons. Definitely grab a few black balloons too, to match everything that’s chalkboard-like. And you’ll definitely want a photo booth. You can make one with cute streamers in the back. Then, use this Chalkboard Photo Booth Props set for fun too.

Don’t forget favors. You can paint mini frames with chalkboard paint and give out chalk. That’s easy.

What would you add to this party?

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