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How To Save On Diapers

This How To Save On Diapers post is sponsored by ShopHer Media.

Baby on the way? Learn How To Save On Diapers from friend has a baby on the way, so she asked me recently if I knew how to save on diapers. Pete and I don’t have kids, so I’ve never had to stockpile diapers, but I’ve often gotten them for gifts for my friends who have had babies. So I’ve gotten pretty good at knowing how to save on them.

I have a few tips to share with you. This is good for new moms, but it’s also good if you have a friend who is pregnant. You can stock up for them and have a great gift for when the baby is here.

If you have any others tips to share, be sure to leave them in the comments and I’ll add them to the post.

How To Save On Diapers

Start early.
The sooner you can start stocking up, the easier it will be. So as soon as you find out you’re pregnant, start looking at the ads to see if you find any great deals. Diapers don’t expire, so you can start grabbing them in various sizes once you get that positive pregnancy test.

Look for clearance.
When companies change packaging, stores put packs with the old packaging on clearance in order to make room for the new designs. Every time you’re in a store, just take a quick stroll down the diaper aisle. If you see any clearance packs, grab them.

Pay with “free” money.
If you use an activity tracker, Walgreens will award you Balance Rewards points for walking or running. Pair those points with Walgreens Coupons and you can save even more. Even better, if there’s a Register Rewards deal, now you can triple dip and really save.

Don’t be brand loyal.
If you don’t stick to a specific brand, you’ll be able to save more. Different brands will be on sale during different weeks, so if you vary what your baby wears, you will be able to save more.

Get samples.
Samples do take a while to get to you, but it’s worth it to request them. Have a sample sent to your parents’ house and your in-laws’ too. Every diaper you can get for free is a diaper you don’t have to pay for.