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Halloween DIY: Easy Halloween Door Hang

door1Last year, I went all out on our Halloween decorations. I made sure every room was decorated. This year, I kept the majority of things in our living room and kitchen. Our bedroom is a Halloween-free zone.

Our guest bedroom won’t have any guests this holiday season, so I didn’t decorate it either. But, I did decorate the door of the guest bathroom because that one is accessible from the living room, and that’s the one we ask company to use when they’re here for dinner.

I didn’t want to go all out buying things to decorate it, so when I got a chance to pick a review product from Oriental Trading, I knew I was picking the ghost door hanger craft kit. The kit I got is a pack of three, which is perfect for our apartment. You can purchase a larger set of 12 in case you want to do this with a class or a party … or if you just want one hanging on every door in the neighborhood.

Your neighbors might like that.


What I loved about the kit is that is was so easy. Each individually wrapped kit came with all the cut outs you need (one ghost, four pumpkins, three bats, three stars, one loop, three ribbons, and letters to spell out BOO). There were accompanying instructions too, but you can really assemble it however you want).

Just open the kit, peel the small strip on the back of each form cut out, and affix it to another foam piece.

I really liked that you didn’t have to cut anything. Also, there was no glue. Both really helped reduce the mess.

My only real issue is that the strip of adhesive is so small. The majority of the door hang stayed together but the bats keep falling off. I keep finding them on the bathroom floor and sticking them back on in vein.

Other than that, I absolutely love the doorhang. Plus, at $2.50 for three, you can’t go wrong.

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