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10 Build Your Own Fort Toys On Amazon

fort toysWhen I was growing up, building forts meant we would pile up all the couch pillows and build a fort. We didn’t have fort toys. I’m actually kind of surprised that there are build your own fort toys. I mean, I guess not. It seems like kids have everything now.

I have a list of the ten build your own fort toys on Amazon. My favorite is the sno-brick maker, which actually will build you an igloo, which is a frozen fort. At least, let’s go with that.

Ten Build Your Own Fort Toys on Amazon

  1. Poof-Slinky sno-brick maker
  2. EZ-Fort BlinGkeeZ
  3. Sno-Castle kit
  4. EZ-Fort Bunker
  5. EZ-Fort Starter Kit
  6. Crazy Forts building set
  7. EZ-Fort Fairy Tale Castle
  8. Toobeez life size building set for $123.41.
  9. Fort Magic for $149 (also make things like a ship, submarine, and a castle)
  10. Fort Magic: Fort Building & Construction Toy Kit for $149.99

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