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1 Night Movie Review

Drugstore Divas received a link to stream this movie for this 1 Night Movie Review. All thoughts and opinions belong to Drugstore Divas.

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Today is Valentine’s Day, one of my favorite days of the year. It’s just a day where it’s okay to let your heart fill and bubble over with love and hope and happily ever after. Plus, it’s also a really good excuse to binge watch sappy romantic movies. And sure, maybe you choose the classics, but this year, I watched an advanced copy of Level 33’s new film “1 Night.”

It’s cute.

It’s also really predictable, but let’s be honest: all the best romantic comedies are.


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See, I’m the kind of person who reads enough of a book to find out who the main characters are, then reads the end to find out what happens, and then goes back to finish the middle. I don’t like surprises, I don’t like not knowing what is going to happen, and I don’t like not being in charge.

So a suspense, a cliffhanger, a show on a streaming network that still has a few seasons to go … not for me. But a romantic comedy and it’s predictability and its happily ever after, I will sit through every one. And throw in a line like, “(Women) don’t want nice. They want extraordinary. They don’t want a hug. They want a punch in the gut.” Yup, you’ve got me hooked.

Justin Chatwin’s Drew says it to Kyle Allen’s Andy, two of only seven speaking characters in the just-over-one-hour movie. It’s one of the better lines in the movie, although there are a couple that jump out at you. What really stand out, though, is just how adorable Andy and Bea (Isabelle Fuhrman) are together. It’s their prom night, and they’re high school seniors. It’s a time when it seems there’s a world of opportunity in front of them. Except, if we’re all being honest, when you’re almost-graduated teenagers, there’s less possibility than notion of possibility. They’re kids. What’s there to do besides find the gravity in working a boring summer job. But being so young puts such monumental significance on everything and that includes falling in love.

Oh how we fall when we are babies.

And how we fall when we see that young love. It’s just something so pure, and that’s exactly what we — and Drew and Elizabeth (Anna Camp) — witness.

The movie actually ends with a twist, as far as romantic comedies are concerned, but not as the viewers are concerned. You’ll put it together right away. It doesn’t take away from the movie. It actually makes you like the characters more because, for me, if not for that revelation, I wouldn’t have cared for Elizabeth. Pitch Perfect’s Anna Camp is the highest billed on this, but I think she’s the weakest actor of the four leads.

Trisha McKee

Tuesday 21st of February 2017

I did go to prom...alone. Unfortunately, my date joined the arm and left town a week before prom.

Vikki Billings

Tuesday 21st of February 2017

I did not go to my prom, I did not have anyone ask me so I did not go.

Candie L

Tuesday 21st of February 2017

I did. I went with a good friend. Thank you

Marty C

Tuesday 21st of February 2017

I didn't. I didn't have the money for a dress, etc. Too bad we can't have grownup prom.

Erika Cisneros

Tuesday 21st of February 2017

i went to prom after only being out of surgery for a week and a half. i had missed out on so much school because of my health and didnt really get the whole prom thing right since my prom was a co worker that ditched me for the rest of my class and i couldnt really move around much after having my gallbladder taken out.. not too memorable of a night but all in all still Memories were made