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How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Clothes Without Ironing

How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Clothes Without Ironing

Did you forget to take your clothes out of the dryer and now they're wrinkled? No worries. Find out how to get wrinkles out of clothes without ironing here.

We’ve all done it. You wash a load of laundry, put it in the dryer … and then something happens. A friend calls to see if you can run an errand with her. Or you run to the grocery store for the thing you forgot for dinner, come home, start cooking, and completely forget about the laundry. Next thing you know, it’s bedtime so you lay down, and then remember the laundry that has been sitting in the dryer for hours. You don’t want to get up to fold it and, even if you do, it’ll be wrinkled.

And then that leaves the dreaded iron. You have to pull out the ironing board, find the iron, fill it with water (or empty it, depending on what the tags say), and spend more time ironing than you would rewashing it all. 

But you don’t really want to rewash and start over. So where does that leave you? It leaves you at this post. I have a secret. Come closer. Closer.  Closer. I know how to get wrinkles out of clothes without ironing.

Toss a few ice cubes into the dryer with your dry clothes. Run the dryer on a normal cycle. You’ll hear a little clunking of the ice against the dryer walls, but that’s nothing to worry about. The heat in the dryer will melt the ice, creating a steam that will de-wrinkle the clothes. When the cycle is over, take out the clothes and fold them (unless you forget again).

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How To Keep Your Laundry Room From Smelling Like A Locker Room

How To Keep Your Laundry Room From Smelling Like A Locker Room

Organizing Your Laundry Room Done Easy

Organizing Your Laundry Room

How To Keep Your Laundry Room From Smelling Like A Locker Room

How To Keep Your Laundry Room From Smelling Like A Locker Room

This post is sponsored.

How To Keep Your Laundry Room From Smelling Like A Locker RoomI love having a laundry room in our house. When we lived in the apartment, we actually didn’t have a washer and dryer. So our laundry room was basically just a place for me to store dirty laundry.

And, when we lived at the apartment, doing laundry was such a pain. We had to pack it in baskets, cart it and our laundry supplies to the laundry room in the complex, and then wait. It was not really the best way to spend a couple hours of free time. Plus, I have a lot of clothes, so I can go a long time without doing laundry. I’m probably more proud about that than I should be.

If you’re similar, you run the risk of your laundry room smelling like a locker room. Which is gross. Really gross … especially if you have company over. Imagine if your company is looking for a bathroom, opens your laundry room door by accident, and gets a whiff of gym socks. Gross.

Don’t worry. Follow our tips and your laundry room will smell great.

Do Your Laundry.
This is a no brainer. If you don’t want your laundry room to smell like laundry, don’t leave laundry sitting. The sooner you can do it, the less time smells have to get into your clothes.

Air It Out.
After you do your laundry, keep the washer door ajar. Any leftover water will dry quicker, reducing your risk of mold. And mold smells. A lot. Also, if you have a window in your laundry room, open that up and air out the room from time to time.

Use The Right Detergent.
High-efficiency washers need high-efficiency detergents. Because of all the magic that makes them HE, they can’t really “process” normal detergent properly. So residue gets left behind. Eventually, that adds up and turns into gross smells. So even if you are doing your laundry in a timely manner, the room will still smell.

Plug In An Air Freshener.
A small air freshener can fill the whole room and give a sweet kick to your nose every time you open the door.

What are your tips to keep your home smelling fresh?

Power Clean Your Bathroom In Only 10 Minutes

Power Clean Your Bathroom In Only 10 Minutes

Learn how to power clean your bathroom in only ten minutes at don’t mind cleaning. I like having a clean home and I know little magic cleaning fairies aren’t going to come into our home while we’re sleeping and make it sparkle. So it falls on us to sweep and scrub and all those other tasks that just seem like you don’t do anything until you skip them and really don’t do anything. Like wiping the counter. No one notices if you wipe the kitchen counter and it sure seems like it doesn’t make a difference, but skip wiping it for two days and see just how gross it becomes.

So you have to clean, and you have to clean the bathrooms. That’s a task that no one wants to spend too much time on because it’s kind of gross. I remember when I moved into my first apartment, my grandma asked me who was going to clean my toilets. Because surely it was something I had never done before. “I’ll hire someone,” I told her. I had my first, real full-time job and full-time income and thought I was a baller. She laughed and told everyone that I was going to hire someone to scrub my toilets. She was right. The toilet leaning fell on me, just as I’m sure it falls on you.

No worries. I’m a pro now. I figured I would share my secrets with you so you can power clean your bathroom.

Power Clean Your Bathroom In Only 10 Minutes

Minute 1:

  • Pour in the toilet bowl cleaner. Shut the bowl.
  • Use a cleaning wipe (or spray on a paper towel) to wipe down the basin of the toilet and the top of the lid.

Minute 2:

  • Remove everything from the counter/sink (anything below the mirror)
  • Clean the mirror.

Minute 3:

  • Use a cleaning wipe (or spray on a paper towel) to wipe down the counter.

Minute 4:

  • Wash the sink.
  • Wipe the hardware.
  • Put back everything on the counter/sink.

Minutes 5 and 6:

  • Quick scrub the tub.*
  • Wipe the hardware.

Minutes 7 and 8:

  • Sweep the bathroom floor.
  • Vacuum up any dust.

Minute 9:

  • Open the toilet.
  • Use a cleaning wipe (or spray on a paper towel) to wipe down the toilet bowl’s seat (both sides), the base, and the inside of the lid.

Minute 10:

  • Use a toilet brush to scrub the inside of the toilet.
  • Flush.
  • Use a cleaning wipe (or spray on a paper towel) to wipe down the inside of the bowl (cleaning any areas where water flows).

*This is mostly the method I use in our guest bathroom because that shower only gets used when we have guests. Before and after they come, I give it a full cleaning. In between, though, I just give it a quick weekly two minute job.

Done in ten minutes. Seriously. It took me longer to type this post than it takes me to clean the bathrooms.

If you maintain them and do this every week (I do it every Monday), you won’t have to worry about a deep clean that takes forever.

This method works pretty well in our master bathroom as well, although we have a separate tub and shower in there. So I wipe down the tub (which we don’t use regularly) during my weekly clean and we clean the shower and curtain separately.

What quick cleaning tips do you have?

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Tips For Stocking Your Guest Bathroom


Tips For Stocking Your Guest Bathroom

Tips For Stocking Your Guest Bathroom

This tips for stocking your guest bathroom post is sponsored by Suave. All thoughts and opinions belong to Drugstore Divas.

tips-for-stocking-your-guest-bathroomWe have a lot of company come and visit this time of year. I can’t blame them. Our friends and family want to escape the winter cold and come visit our North Carolina sunshine. How much company have we had recently, you ask? Oh, just three couples in October, two this past weekend, one coming this weekend, another next weekend, and then both my brothers and their ladies for Thanksgiving.

Thank goodness our new house has a separate guest bathroom. It’s a full bathroom, located right next to our guest bedroom. Our guests have their own space to shower, brush their teeth, and spread out all their toiletries.

This time of year, though, we go through a lot of bathroom necessities in that bathroom. It’s really important for me stock our guest bathroom. The last thing a guest wants is to find out we ran out of toilet paper! Don’t be the house without necessities. Check out our tips for stocking your guest bathroom below.

Tips For Stocking Your Guest Bathroom

Have Toilet Paper Ready
Just imagine the horror, for a moment, of being at someone’s home, you pull the toilet paper — and it falls off to reveal only an empty roll remaining. That’s not exactly a moment where you can get up and start looking through someone’s cabinets! So I put a brand new roll of toilet paper in a clear, plastic box directly across from the toilet. Our guests notice it and grab it if it’s needed. I always check to see if a new roll is needed whenever new guests are arriving.

Set Out New Towels
Our guest bathroom has a towel rack that will hold two towels. So, the night before our company comes, I do a load of laundry specifically for them. I wash two bath towels (usually one pink and one blue because that just makes my life easier), a hand towel, a bath mat, and sheets for the guest bedroom. When the load is done, I set everything out and I know it’s freshly washed.

Make Sure Your Bathtub Is Ready
My aunt was sleeping here last month and asked my mom if I would be providing body wash, shampoo, and conditioner for her. If you’re stocking your guest bathroom, be sure to stock it with these items. They can be really heavy and take up a lot of room in suitcases and overnight bags, so you will be a hero if you have these for your guests.

That doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot on them. In fact, this Sunday (November 6), newspapers nationwide will have a coupon for buy any one (1) Suave Essentials┬« Body Wash (12 oz. or 18 oz.) product and get any one (1) Suave Essentials┬« Body Wash of equal or lesser value FREE (excludes 28 oz., trial and travel sizes). The coupon will be valid until November 20, giving you plenty of time to buy body wash to stock your guest bathroom before Thanksgiving guests arrive! Stock up on the Suave Essentials Amethyst Sunset Body WashSuave Essentials Cucumber Agave Smash Body Wash, Suave Essentials Creamy Cocoa Butter & Shea Body Wash, or whatever variant you think your guests will enjoy. 

Fill Your Soap
When you’re cleaning down your sink and counter top, look over at the hand soap. Is it full? If not, fill it up for your guests or, if need be, swap it for a brand new one. Hand soap is something I keep stocked at all times since I always change it with the season.

Get Garbage Bags Ready
When we go grocery shopping, I take plastic bags because I use them as a garbage bag in our small garbage cans in the bathrooms. I have an origami fold that I do with them to make them small. I’ll throw three or so in the bottom of the garbage pail, then set an empty garbage bag in the pail itself. That way, if guests fill the bag and tie it up, there’s another bag waiting for them in the can. I don’t ever expect my guests to take out the trash, but some do.

Put Sprays In Sight
No one wants a stinky bathroom. And no one wants to be the reason behind a stinky bathroom. So, to make everyone happy, put a room spray on the back of the toilet. Your guests will be able to grab it if need be, and not have to look through your cabinets to try and find one.

What are your tips for stocking your guest bathroom? Be sure to leave them in the comments!

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What You Need For When Guests Visit


5 Essentials For Overnight Guests

5 Essentials For When You Have Overnight Guests

What You Need For When Guests Visit #AvoidTheOops #spon

What You Need For When Guests Visit #AvoidTheOops #spon

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Walmart.

what-you-need-for-guestsWhen we were having our house built, my grandma warned me about light colored carpets. See, my cousin had an almost one-year-old daughter, but she was pregnant with a boy. And my grandma was so concerned about the havoc this boy could bring to my light colored carpets. Luckily for everyone involved, the carpets we picked weren’t that light. But, even luckier, you can order everything you need to Avoid The Oops at Walmart.

You really can be prepared for any potential oops. And if you’re ready before any young guests come to visit, you won’t have to stress out in case there is an oops.

What You Need For When Guests Visit

Avoid The Oops … in the backyard
It rains a lot here in our part of North Carolina. I always say that’s great for our plants because they get watered for free, but it might not be as great for little kids who want to play outside. That’s fine. You can let them go outside, make mudpies, and jump in puddles without any worries. Why? At Walmart, you can stock up on Tide PODS Plus Febreze Botanical Rain HE Turbo Laundry Detergent Pacs. Just take the muddy clothes and throw them in the washing machine with one of the Tide PODS. You won’t even have to measure detergent . Instead, the clothes can be washed right away and the child can go back to playing (although maybe indoors in pajamas for the rest of the night).

Avoid The Oops … on the counter
Kids love to do things themselves. They might be used to doing this at home, so they’ll try at your house. And maybe that means overflowing a cereal bowl with milk that ends up all over the counter. Or maybe a jar of pasta sauce just happens to spill. Don’t worry. Your counters can take a beating as long as you have Mr. Clean MultiSurfaces Liquid Cleaner With Febreze Freshness Meadows And Rain Scent on hand. Just pull it out from under the sink (that’s where we keep all our kitchen cleaning products) and clean up the mess. You can get the counters … and anything that trickled down the cabinets too.

Avoid The Oops … on the floor
My grandma got us a Swiffer WetJet before we moved in and what a blessing that has been. You just add a couple batteries and it will spray cleaner on the floor for you. Then, you just sweep it up. It’s great. If you are like me and already have the Swiffer, just stock up on the Swiffer WetJet Pad Refills and Swiffer WetJet MultiPurpose Cleaner Solution Refills. You’ll have both of those for when you need to use the Swiffer. What you won’t have is any stress about how to clean the floor.

 I usually wipe the floor with a towel after because I’m impatient while it’s drying. And little kids might be too. So it’s a good reason to have Bounty Basic Big Roll Select-a-Size Print Paper Towels on hand. Select-a-Size means that you don’t need to waste a huge sheet for a little spill or you can grab a bigger sheet if you’re drying the floor. I love that!

Avoid The Oops … in the bathroom
Young guests could mean an “oops” in the bathroom … or maybe on the way to the bathroom. Stock up on Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper Double Rolls and Charmin Freshmates Flushable Wipes and have them in a spot that your guests can see. That way, they don’t have to ask you for them when they’re dealing with a bathroom situation.

Avoid The Oops … on little hands
We have white cabinets. Our kitchen is really trendy, but it’s not exactly kid-friendly. That’s why we have Bounty Quilted Napkins on hand. If a little hand is sticky, you can wipe them down quick before they start leaving fingerprints behind. Oh, they can leave them on my heart … just not on my white cabinets.

Avoid The Oops … in your pantry
The last thing you want to do, as the host, is run out of something. Imagine one of your guests in the bathroom, yelling that the toilet paper ran out, and asking if you can bring in another roll. You open your pantry and there aren’t any rolls. How embarrassing! 

Avoid that oops. Head over to and you can order online at Walmart’s website and have the items delivered to your home, just in time for company. Trust me, it was nice to have all those bulk items delivered straight to my door. I can’t imagine trying to figure out how to fit all those essentials into our small backseat. 

Have you ever experienced an oops in your pantry?

Getting ready for guests?

Tips For Stocking Your Guest Bathroom


5 Essentials For Overnight Guests

5 Essentials For When You Have Overnight Guests

Six Tips To Keep Your Kitchen Running Efficiently @hefty #HeftyUltraStrong #ad

Six Tips To Keep Your Kitchen Running Efficiently @hefty #HeftyUltraStrong #ad

Get Six Tip To Keep Your Kitchen Running Efficiently from moved into a brand new house in March. Not just brand new to us, but completely brand new. We picked out every aspect of this house — from the colors of the roof to the types of doors, from the flooring to the exact slab of granite for the kitchen. Part of my favorite thing about a brand new house was being the first one to sit on the toilet. It’s the small things.

Pete’s favorite part was getting all the warrantees and instruction books for the appliances. We have a huge binder, separated by tabs, and anything we need to know (pretty much, anyway) is covered in that book. During our first week here, Pete was on Spring Break and our Internet wasn’t set up, so all he did was sit on the porch and read the books.

He learned so much about our home and how to use it efficiently. “Lucky for you I’m a nerd,” he told me that day. But now, lucky for you he’s a nerd because I’m passing on a few of the things he learned to you.

Six Tips To Keep Your Kitchen Running Efficiently

1. Reduce smells in your kitchen by using Hefty Ultra Strong bags.
Homes can get pretty smelly, especially with so many smells in the kitchen. But you’re not going to walk every individual item out to the dumpster, and you’ll go broke constantly lighting candles because your kitchen smells.

Hefty Ultra Strong bags are scented, so you’ll be smelling lavender or citrus rather than last night’s dinner.  The Arm & Hammer odor neutralizers help keep odors in check. There’s also a scent-free option, if you prefer. Plus, they have active tear resistant technology for better puncture resistance so you won’t worry about any holes in your bag allowing liquids to spill all over your garbage pail causing more smells. 

With these bags, you can get top-quality performance with a new, lower retail price. Save $1 via Ibotta when you purchase one box of Hefty Ultra Strong bags. You can stack that with this $1 off printable coupon for more savings.

Get Six Tip To Keep Your Kitchen Running Efficiently from

2. Run the dishwasher at night.
Our dishwasher actually came with a diagram of how to load it. You face the bowls towards the spout, you don’t rinse the plates clean, and you use the little slots for the utensils (that I hated in my parents’ dishwasher and refused to use until this book told us it cleans your utensils better).

It also said run the dishwasher at night. Your home is using less energy then, so there aren’t other appliances to take away from the dishwasher’s needs, making it more effective and efficient. Also, if you skip the heated drying, you’ll save energy since, well, nothing will need to heat up. Sure, you might open the dishwasher and see a little moisture on your items, but you can easily wipe those down. It’s worth the money you’re saving by using less energy.

Plus, load the plates and bowls facing where the water enters your dishwasher. That will help clean the dishes more effectively. And clean your dishes first too so no food builds up in your drain, causing more work for your machine.

3. Leave your oven ajar in the winter.
Are you cooking when it’s a little chilly out? Instead of turning on the heat, get heat from what you’re already doing. After you take dinner out, leave the oven ajar. The heat will escape and heat your kitchen … and you won’t have to touch the thermostat.

Our builder actually told us that turning the thermostat on and off uses a considerable amount of electricity. So if you can skip turning it on, you’re doing yourself a favor.

Get Six Tip To Keep Your Kitchen Running Efficiently from

4. Don’t use foil in the oven.
I’ll be honest: I’m not quite sure of all the science behind this one, but if you use foil in your oven, it will block something so the oven doesn’t run as well. It’s similar to what happens when you don’t clean out the lint trap in the dryer. More force needs to be used, which means more electricity — and higher bills for you. So skip the foil.

5. Cook in large batches.
If you are cooking meals, cook a couple at a time. I love making soups. They freeze and reheat really well, and I can make a bunch at once. Same with something like baked ziti. I can make a huge tray and it will last for a few meals. That reduces the time my oven is on. It means less electricity used and, in the summer, less heat in the home. Because, let’s be honest, when it’s 90-degrees out, the last thing you want is to use the oven every day. It would just make your home unbearable. So if you can cook two nights of dinner at once, then heat leftovers in the microwave, that’s the way to go.

If you don’t want the same meal two night in a row, cook something that can be made into something else. Roast a whole chicken one day, then use leftovers to make chicken salad the next. A little creativity can go a long way. Plus, no oven on day two, which is what we’re going for.

6. Don’t overfill the freezer.
I stockpile, which is hard to do in a small freezer like we had in the apartment. I did it anyway, though, and the items ended up blocking the ducts in the freezer so the entire fridge stopped working. Maintenance was able to fix it quickly, but I was so worried that we’d not only lose all the food but the fridge itself. Everything worked out well, thank goodness, but it was a good lesson. Don’t overfill the freezer and don’t block any vents where air might be coming in.

What are your tips for kitchen efficiency? 

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.